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  1. Cllr J Mullen
  2. Cllr C McIntyre
  3. Cllr C McIntyre
2 Apologies for absence
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  1. Cllr C McIntyre
  2. Cllr C McIntyre
6 Membership of Committees and Panels 2019/20
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  1. City Mayor P Dennett
  2. Cllr C McIntyre
  3. Cllr L Edwards
7 a) Rail Services to Southport
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  1. Cllr C McIntyre
  2. Cllr S Dickman
  3. Cllr C McIntyre
  4. Cllr M Pevitt
  5. Jim Taylor
  6. Cllr R Critchley
  7. Cllr C McIntyre
  8. Cllr H Fletcher
  9. Cllr C McIntyre
  10. Cllr J Brooks
  11. Cllr C McIntyre
  12. Cllr A Saunders
  13. Cllr C McIntyre
  14. City Mayor P Dennett
  15. Cllr C McIntyre
  16. Cllr J King
  17. Cllr C McIntyre
  18. Cllr L Edwards
  19. Cllr C McIntyre
7 b) A Fully Funded, Proper Pay Rise for Local Government Workers
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  1. City Mayor P Dennett
  2. Cllr C McIntyre
  3. Cllr B Hinds
  4. Jim Taylor
  5. Cllr C McIntyre
  6. Cllr J Merry CBE
  7. Cllr C McIntyre
  8. Cllr R Walker
  9. Jim Taylor
  10. Cllr M Wade
  11. Cllr C McIntyre
  12. Cllr C McIntyre
  13. Cllr J King
  14. Cllr C McIntyre
  15. City Mayor P Dennett
  16. Cllr A Saunders
  17. Cllr C McIntyre
7 b) A Fully Funded, Proper Pay Rise for Local Government Workers
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7 b) A Fully Funded, Proper Pay Rise for Local Government Workers
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  1. Cllr C McIntyre
8 Statement of the Elected City Mayor
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  1. City Mayor P Dennett
9 General Questions or Comments to the Elected City Mayor
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  1. Cllr D Goulden
  2. Jim Taylor
  3. Cllr S Dickman
  4. Cllr C McIntyre
  5. Cllr M Pevitt
  6. Cllr C McIntyre
  7. Cllr A Saunders
  8. Cllr C McIntyre
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  11. Cllr G Reynolds
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  17. Cllr L Turner
  18. Cllr C McIntyre
  19. Cllr J Merry CBE
  20. Seat 40
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  22. Cllr M Morris
  23. Cllr C McIntyre
  24. Cllr L Edwards
  25. Jim Taylor
  26. Cllr A Leitner
  27. Cllr C McIntyre
  28. City Mayor P Dennett
  29. Cllr D Antrobus
  30. City Mayor P Dennett
  31. Cllr C McIntyre
10 General Questions or Comments to Cabinet Members on the discharge of responsibilities within their portfolios
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  1. Cllr R Sharpe
  2. Cllr D Antrobus
  3. Cllr C McIntyre
  4. Cllr J Warmisham
  5. Cllr G Reynolds
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  7. Cllr J Cammell
  8. Cllr G Reynolds
  9. Cllr C McIntyre
11 General Questions or Comments to Chairs of Scrutiny Panels
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  2. Cllr C McIntyre
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  4. Cllr C McIntyre
  5. Cllr C McIntyre
  6. Cllr C McIntyre
  7. Cllr A Saunders
  8. Cllr C McIntyre
  9. Cllr C McIntyre

[Cllr J Mullen - 0:01:08]

the pair concurred saying incorporates several verses from the book of psalms some of which are red at the season of the Jewish year when we were about to commence our high holy days
My God grant you the wisdom and discernment
as gather here today to deliver it deliberate and decide
how to consider
with wisdom and equity and justice
they got grant that you ensure the well being of all the citizens of our city of Salford and to care for those in need of support and protection and to provide continuity and stability in such turbulent and unstable times
may not be enlightened salvation and supports sport you and grant new courage and conviction to resolve all the issues before you we pray for the welfare of our city and we pray
that a state and spirit of unity and common purpose shall prevail in your deliberations
we pray for the personal welfare of all the councillors officers and employees of City of Salford and their families we conclude with the words of King David near the pleasantness of Godbeer panels and upon the work of our hands naked establish the work of our hands upon us I keep

[Cllr C McIntyre - 0:02:28]

I haven't been informed of any important announcements
i'm so can we go straight on to any declarations of interest pecuniary or personal
and minutes of last meeting held in
could we see that there are proper and true account of her last meeting

[Cllr C McIntyre - 0:03:15]

do we have any apologies for absence for today's meeting

2 Apologies for absence

[Cllr C McIntyre - 0:03:37]

can we ever receive any petitions
or any communications that councils have had from their communities
no petitions

[Cllr C McIntyre - 0:03:54]

Scaleby equipment

6 Membership of Committees and Panels 2019/20

I believe we are going to have a lesson to two
motions today before that we've got
Item 6 mention
Counties and others are right
these are colour-coded and colour blind
so I believe we have are
people worked their tails informs us of the different committees for this year
it is

[City Mayor P Dennett - 0:04:52]

so I am happy to move the report I think it some a minor amendment in terms of replacing one member on the Licensing and Safety regulatory panel as per the reports are happy to move the recommendations
thank you

[Cllr C McIntyre - 0:05:13]

thank you
as I said earlier we have to motion today the first motion
relating to the real services to support and is going to be moved by you Councillor Edwards

7 a) Rail Services to Southport

[Cllr L Edwards - 0:05:39]

the microphone lackey yes in 18 88 the English Football League was founded the first Local government Act was passed and most importantly on the 2nd of July 18 88 what and station was opened shortly after on the 3rd of August 18 88 at 6 20 am the first ever train from what into Southport departed we've had a service from what into South Ward for 131 years in the corn timetable we have to services
per hour that God to Southport and one of those stops at Swinton on the way however the new timetable moves both of those services to the Bolton line meaning while we have to and will lose in 2 shall Council you can do the maths with the link between watch in Southport so deep rooted in our history trips to Southport simply car of our towns culture ask anyone who's grown up in walked in words lintels and abuse town about trips to southpaw you'll be greeted with a warm smile and flooded with happy memories day trips to Southport were organised by Wotton Labour Club Little Hulton Labour Club Little Hulton Conservatives club St Paul's Church and worked in British Legion to name just a few
I'm about to tweet a picture of children of local Labour members from the 15th of August 19 41 on their annual outing to southpaw at Warton station happy young faces at Walton station waiting for the train to southpaw it's a picture Attwood of recreated as a young girl with my mom and her friends and their children waiting to go to Southport this picture could have been recreated thousands of times over the past origin 31 years
upholstered the news about the rebooting of this service to the Bolton line in a group on Facebook about memories for our area I was absolutely inundated with memories of days out these date back from those of the organised day trips to some as recent as only last week one that really stuck with me was the story of a daughter of a miner or daffynition shift on the local pit he ran home he got changed and every single Saturday for a whole childhood that capture 12 30 trained to Southport it resonated with me because when it wasn't cricket season in which case I was at a cricket club with my dad for the packet graves in a fruit shoe we spent Saturdays finding cheap things to do as a day out as a family going to Southport on what in Station be in one that store is still continues said ad young families use a train to get to South Court because it's cheaper they told us some don't have a car so it's their only option it's far easier to control excited children when you are on a train as opposed to a stable me all and for many families go into Southport on the train simply adds to the experience the decision to remove both of our changes Alport and hand them to another line without any consultation is not just about losing desperately needed transport links it's more than that it's a decision that terminates our cultural decisions a trip to the seaside really isn't too much to ask
what is the nearest station to the Irish has Bridgewater and Leicestershire means cutting off an entire line of stations and therefore people from getting the train to visit it is in the interests of all of our local economy and our air quality to maintain and improve rail and bus links to the gardens this Council as part millions of pounds into the NHS and we have to make it as easy as possible for people to get their similarly key cultural event in Southpaw is a Southport Flower Show losing this service means we can't fully capitalise on having RHS gardens in such close proximity to that far Michelle
the service we've had at Wotton station in the past two years has been frankly diabolical due to strike action in which I want to say on record that I fully support our empty workers because no Saturday service on top of this due to the electrification of the Bolton line which was extremely delayed and are aligned didn't benefit at all from him we had no Sunday service either be switched on no we can't service for almost a year not only has the ball online benefit from electrification at our expense but the now benefit from our services to
I don't need to remind this Council the what and was ignored to Accessability funding it really does feel like we're being forced into managed decline
in an ideal world I'd like as much frequency as outline can handle but all I'm asking in this motion is that you support that one of those services that be moved to Bolton is moved back to the Wigan line our lie to conclude I don't retailer buckets and spades yet in the nineteen sixtys what did station came under threat of closure and the people of our town did not let it happen the importance of this stations are community is something that cannot and will not be underestimated and only a fool would think that they can crosses again september 2 20 19 should only mark the end of the 20 19 school holidays not the end of 131 year history of happy holidays for the people of the town's I'm so proud to be from and so humble to represent please Council support this motion thank you

[Cllr C McIntyre - 0:10:26]

Rickman oblivious seconding this motion

[Cllr S Dickman - 0:10:38]

thank you Chair area I am happy to second this motion and as Councillor Edwards a stated that Manchester South Barnsley going for a walk and Swinton stations opened in 18 x 7 18 88 respectively giving ready residency availability of having an easy guy Road route through to sixth form
when he informed residents of these changes recently there was a flood of comments from people both sharing their memories of trips to Southport and expressing their disappointment as possible at its loss
while we can still be found from sulphur Crescent by Bolton this creates a substantial increase in journey time in a number of changes
some of the comments mentioned are of grandparents taking their grandchildren for South vojta how easy relaxing it was to go on the train especially with children
but that the lack of a direct train might make this trip much less appealing
one person called them or the taking them on a trip to Southport when they were younger as it was a safe safe for them to get the train from outside their home and go straight for Southbourne back again at the end of the day and not have to worry about getting stranded air station if there was a delay
I also be remiss in not recall my personal favourite comment which
stated that the sooner we renationalise the whole railway system the better
the customer services again another example of how Swinson wardens been overworked and residence NI needs ignored without any consultation with the people
railway services should not be a luxury they are an essential form of transport for many people and more services that we can offer the people of after
the people is offered this lamplighter direct routes are Salfordian Hotel in South for set up to provide affordable home holidays for people over 50 improving wellbeing and combating loneliness
loneliness is the in the elderly is a major concern with many people relying on railway services like this to get out meet people and enjoy our lives cutting the services very concerning and could seriously affect the welfare of people in Salford
let me be clear this motion is not saying we won't say the route away from Bolton and those who will be far instead as the motion states we want to reinstate a minimum rail service to southpaw of one train per hour on the other is in line to be a for Inner fat from the mates went to its timetable changes giving the people of Swinson and widen the much-loved needed and direct route to Southport just in time for summer and you

[Cllr C McIntyre - 0:13:02]

thank you we've heard the motion being proposed in the motion being secondary so can we put forward ourselves to a debate on the motion
councillor Pavord

[Cllr M Pevitt - 0:13:23]

I am speaking on for this motion
I live just crossovers Mossad station which are often forgotten about him between Swindon and walk
and this summer has been a lot of money spent their
premium thereof or works be there all summer working on its make exactly the same as it was not going on there but the train to South bars as a Southport much to come back
now then chains of a mourner already crowded turf wicket in this service is going to make this more trains in accessible to more people because you only have to carriages anyway so I would think no one service an hour
is grey but still trounced retain both them because we've got to get more people off the roads got more people using public transport our roads currently can't cope
at surgeries my e-mails are full of people in Clermont expressing anger about the traffic snarl-ups or gridlocks around Morley time even time I'm looking get rid of this with a proper public transport network if we're caught in trains we may get worse you don't hear it in the South to buy more and more trains and in the South that work pays for it the North the poorly wrong
out-of-date Service trains 35 years old the bringing new trains on mine so let's use these trains properly is of more services running between Southport in Manchester on all our routes
are finished by saying that
we need to complement the this as well without bus services or transport grants should have runs properly in the future not just as an alternative to supporting the Mayor Metrolink were all proper transport links within Greater Manchester

[Jim Taylor - 0:15:17]

okay thank you Chair I just want to be very brief in favour of this

[Cllr R Critchley - 0:15:23]

because this is an important railing but what really frustrating is that these changes to the Service have taken place without any consultation has been no consultation with the local users no consultation with communities in Salford none with ward councillors and none were the friends group who worked tirelessly giving up their time to support the rail services and raise funds to or to benefit the station and the people of this city so I think it is disappointing situation I just very briefly wants to read them a comment from the friends of Ward and station in relation to this matter that says the friends of Woking Station strongly believe that an hourly direct service should be reinstated from May 20 20 and they fully support this motion in our opinion is hourly service by water and along with an hourly service by Bolton will be fair and equitable and allow as many communities as possible to access this important leisure destination so as they are fully supports motion thank you

[Cllr C McIntyre - 0:16:18]

[Cllr H Fletcher - 0:16:20]

thank you Chair
appoximately I fully support this motion approximately a year ago myself and Councillor Birch had the pleasure of visiting the Salfordian Hotel in Southport we were very impressed with the newly refurbished building and its picturesque surroundings in Southport
since becoming a councillor in 2 thousand 16 I know that many Swinton residents who attend Critchley House Community Hub have enjoyed holidays at the Salfordian in Southport
furthermore as a group the Swinton Pendlebury Councillors have received several worthy applications for stays at the Salfordian from our residents these are residents who have been in Port Health or require respite after looking after loved ones or just simply in need of a break away
most of these revered residents travelled to the Salfordian Hotel on the train directly from Swinton
it would therefore be a total injustice if these people many were elderly and infirm or deprive the pleasure of staying at the lovely Salfordian Hotel and breathing healthy sea air in the future because their routes to Southport is made much less accessible from Swinton by a train company who is clearly not taken their needs into consideration thank you

[Cllr C McIntyre - 0:18:00]

councillor Brooks

[Cllr J Brooks - 0:18:06]

thank you Chair I just like to publicly give much support this motion brought forward by my fellow Councillor at follow Ward Councillor Edwards
I would also like to just pay tribute to the fantastic friends of Walkden
Station for not just bringing this to our attention but stabbed them for all they do all year round

[Cllr C McIntyre - 0:18:30]

councillor Saunders

[Cllr A Saunders - 0:18:34]

thank you Chair
can I am personally
some of the position we will be supporting the motion although we are supporting the motion not necessarily all the words of the people who have spoken such assume full nationalisation of the railways but we will bespoke
surprise no or very will be supporting the motion can I say firstly
that was the message it was an excellent speech well researched and assuming it was research Councillor Edwards rather than you your speaking from memory that actually 41 or 18 18
well wow
can I say that I have used that service and members of my family do I go to Southport frequently usually on business
as it were and unusually dry by car it is a dreadful journey unlike from sample Blackfriars no motorway that last bit you either have to go through the Ormskirk or surely depending on which way you go to is a bit of a nightmare
and the train does provide a very very useful services has been mentioned and so we fully support as of said the motion on the Peter
sit very authentic

[Cllr C McIntyre - 0:20:05]

[City Mayor P Dennett - 0:20:08]

yet and I'm speaking as you probably imagine in favour of the motion and Southpaw is is quite a special place in terms of my upbringing my family life it somewhere I think quite nostalgically about I remember my dad taking me there the flower show and my nana and my grandad used to love going there and going to Lord Street and obviously riding donkeys on the beach and things like this so you actually accessing Southport is really really important to places like Salford and places like Warrington were where I came from and improving our access from a public transport point of view is absolutely critical because I know you know those experiences of holidaying if you like over the summer holidays in Southport had a profound impact on family life and you know in the city of Salford colleagues in the room may not know this but this year we had nearly 3 thousand children who were reliant on food bank vouchers or food vouchers to tackle holiday hunger you know Southport might be the only option for them to actually enjoy some of their summer break so improving transport connectivity and affordable transport connectivity to places like Southport from Salford is really really important so I wholeheartedly support this motion Southpaw is a very special place I feel in the north west of England and you know for me it's really important we do our utmost to make sure that the transport services genuinely serve all of our communities in the city of Salford we know what's been happening of late in the performance of Northern has been shocking it's been very well documented at Combined Authority meetings I've been attending how Holly
operationally speaking our train services are running at the moment and then to add further insult to injuries we find that the railway operators are acting unilaterally in terms of removing services from places like Salford this is absolutely scandalous and it demonstrates how in many respects the whole transport system isn't accountable to the people that use it members of the public how do we actually interface with driving what services we need within Salford but also within Greater Manchester I mean I heard Councillor Turner say he is not in favour of nationalisation while it was only the other day at the convention of the North the prime Minister told us that we'll be having our railways and given back to us so potentially your own prime Minister is in favour of nationalisation if we're going to be getting our railways back quite what that means the devil's in the detail and we we await clarity from the Department for Transport and clarity from the prime Minister as to exactly what that means for Salford for Greater Manchester and for the North but I am very supportive of this motion I think it's absolutely scandalous how this has been handled and for the communities of warped and Little Hulton in that part of the city this is a real lifeline to some of our young people and also some of our older people who love going to Southport tackling issues of social isolation going along to Southport with their friends you really important stuff and we mustn't underestimate the importance of being able to access the seaside so fully support the motion thank you
councillor King

[Cllr C McIntyre - 0:23:49]

[Cllr J King - 0:23:51]

very briefly I haven't Chair obviously at supporting this motion and to commend of Council Councillor Edwards and taken for the excellent term
representation of the local people and I think the other important issues that might add Southport was so I was a parliamentary candidate and sampled many years ago it didn't favour me then I used to go by plane of 80 from from the
a permit from the city centre
we need greater connectivity among communities and by cutting off these local rail services then you cut off at the top of negativity and adaptive serious
a serious impact on people in our local communities but I think the other strong point is I am
perhaps somebody like myself for some people living in other parts of the city wouldn't have much connection with Warkton stationery but other small train stations and this is the power of local democracy and I think that by raising back through awful councillors are able to raise a place like this which means there will be given not a lot of extra publicity whereas I don't like the idea of criticising bureaucrats but of course people will take decisions very distant from local communities and if there was local representatives there to raise this kind of issue in the property would be lost people might write to the local
transport organisations are making these cuts and they would simply ignore it whereas we have local Democrats who are able to raise the Chamber like this and it would make publicity about it then that length strength into the idea about local democracy and I think that's a very important point to make here because if that wasn't raised here today but probably would have been forgotten and hopefully because of its race here today by Councillor graduates hopefully about decision loudly changing us the power of local democracy that very important point thank you

[Cllr C McIntyre - 0:25:40]

thank you very much as no details indicated it like the sweet chilli back to Councillor Edwards is relevant averted like to respond to

[Cllr L Edwards - 0:25:53]

nothing in particular but I'd like to support the comments of Councillor Critchley in Council books about some fantastic friends of Walton station are if this enables you to come into fourth into force in December and it would have been really easy for us to miss that so I really want to thank them for raising this issue and making sure holding us to account as local representatives as well

[Cllr C McIntyre - 0:26:15]

thank you can only write them that we move on to vote on the motion has been placed before us all those in favour say AYE
those against
any abstentions
can we then move on to the second motion before us the relates to fully funded pay a proper pay rise for local government or workers on his being proposed by EU citizens' data

7 b) A Fully Funded, Proper Pay Rise for Local Government Workers

[City Mayor P Dennett - 0:26:44]

okay thank you Mr. Mayor
this Local Authority has a long track record in terms of protecting Green Book terms and conditions of and prioritising employment standards not only within the City Council but also within the City of Salford
what I want to draw attention to is the context within which this sits at the moment we have a significant challenge with our low pay economy and what I'm talking about there is 17 point one per cent of workers aged 25 and over are paid less than two thirds of median hourly pay that's for point 2 million people
24 percent of employees are paid less than the real living wage that six point 5 million people in work and you'll be familiar with the Real living Wage because at the moment Salford City Council as far as I understand it is the only local authority within Greater Manchester to be an accredited living wage Local Authority
also seven-point three per cent of the workforce 2 million employees are paid at or below the minimum wage yes we do have a labour market where illegal employment practices are happening yes we do have employers within the city region and within the country not actually paying the Government's minimum wage and in 2 thousand and 18 weekly pay fell due to a fall in the average hours worked at us under employment that's where people are wanting full time hours but their employer is not giving them the hours they want
through unemployment
it is currently at 4 percent
number of zero hour contracts and an unwanted kind of part time jobs is higher than it was in 2 thousand and 8 and underemployment is still higher than it was in 2 thousand and 8 as the context within which this motion sits now looking to Local government we know 60 p in every pound as being cut from local authority budgets since 2 thousand and 10 the LGA are telling us that one in three councils fear that they will run out of funding to provide statutory and legal duties by 20 22 23
and councils face a funding gap of eight billion pounds by 20 25 because we have a government committed to austerity and austerity as we know disproportionately plays out in Local government
local government workers have seen years of pay restraint and the majority of PayPoints have lost 22 percent of their actual value since 2 thousand and 9 10 what does this lead to lead to a significant reduction of public sector workers within local government it is increased workloads it has led to work intensification stress and anxiety because of potential job insecurity this is Local government in 21st century Britain and across the UK an estimated 800 76 thousand jobs have been lost since June 2 thousand and 10
those job losses have disproportionately impacted women why because women make up three quarters of the local government workforce this is the context within this within which this motion sits today
we've been at the vanguard of really pushing the boundaries of employment standards in the City of Salford we have aspirations to become a living Wage City not just looking at the local authority but thinking beyond our organisational boundaries and this also comes at a time when I find out that civil servants working for the Department for exiting the European Union are likely to see a seven point 6 per cent pay increase because of the really important work they are doing for the United Kingdom whilst at the same time we know in this Chamber
that paying pay increases to local government workers has absolutely no relationship with local government financing
every year we go through pay consultation at a regional level and we make the case for paying are workers a decent wage for paying the real living wage what are we told time and time again it is a local decision it is a matter for the Local Authority the Chancellor's spending round recently there was no announcement on a financial contribution for local government workers nothing came out of the 2 thousand 19 spending round to say we will give local government workers a pay increase because we know they are working really hard and they have suffered years of pay restraint it's scandalous what's going on in local government
without going on I think the data corroborates why I'm extremely supportive of this motion today and why I'm standing to propose it
you've seen the motion and are now hand over to Councillor Hinds to second the motion thank you very much

[Cllr C McIntyre - 0:33:02]

[Cllr B Hinds - 0:33:06]

it outlines I'm only too pleased to to second motion
city Mayor has gone into great detail
giving all the facts and figures that I don't want to turn to repeat
I have always felt we talk here about what we believe in
from each political party
but at the end of the day
for our however much we speak doesn't matter if we haven't got the workers dedicated to provide the services as at the people of this city need
and I have got up on their feet many many times and defended our workers are certainly over the last nine years as they see their numbers diminished
time and time again which has meant more than was stressed as the bearers illustrated
and dedication of our workers at the times as being beyond yonder anybody able to really come and say you're the city council workers are not Morley their weight there is no question at all we have seen that pay restraint over the years and when they have other rise is generally below inflation saw their pay packets at the end of the month are far far worse than they were eight or nine years ago
in real terms
so I've got no problem at all
in supporting the motion against the City Mayor of said
a government
how does the that concerned is the local authority's decision whether it pays its workers unless the matters had to do that is often men if we were to increased olds the salaries it could meet service courts elsewhere because of the money is there Edna we ourselves cannot or will she wrong of me to say that we are if the unions came forward in the next week and asked for seven eight nine whatever percentage was being real world we could
not afford
that its central government that has got to fund this without doubt the Mayor has gone unsold that late we are a low paid economy received zero hours which seemed low pay is already illustrated that and the Times enough to make a stand and I am fully behind the City Mayor and I hope that this Council is fully behind us in going forward to government and say Look enough sign-off come forward Penny the people that this could through this Authority and other authorities in the country a right and proper way and I'm proud as a marriage said we are the only Authority the I know that pays the real living wage and I am proud of that a lot of the low pay in this authority and we have low pay are now much better off than they ever were before so I support our second this motion that Cuba

[Jim Taylor - 0:36:12]


[Cllr C McIntyre - 0:36:18]

can we now
councillor Mary wants to speak

[Cllr J Merry CBE - 0:36:27]

i'm astonished quite frankly that would not having a Speaker from what are now called a Dominic Cummings supporters Club
on the left-hand side
I would have thought that they would want to say something about this
and particularly unimpressed with the fact that the Brexit civil servants are getting a seven point 6 percent pay rise I can hardly see that this is payment by results judging by the chaos that we find ourselves in at the moment
and the fact is that people who have been widely praised by the Conservative party in the past the former chancellor
or chancellor who I remember Kenneth Clarke who I suspect was supported by a number a significant number of Conservative For people erm I'll no longer in the Conservative party and I wonder if the people here are considering their position as to whether they can be part of this new style model Conservative party this motion is incredibly important and if some of you saw the demonstrators outside protesting about the actions of some of our staff and during the week you will know that our staff are being put under incredible pressure to make currently very difficult decisions and the making those difficult decisions
being conscientious about making those difficult despite decisions despite the fact that they have had their pay unfairly constrained over the years and I want to place on record my tribute to the staff that work and for the not just the Children's Services Directorate but other parts of the Council in terms of day after day they have actually kept the services in Salford going and up and down the country local authority workers are the key workers who are going to be delivering future services for the people of this country and dare I say it will be local authority workers who will catch the Bronte Bob a no deal Brexit as well and they will be expected to deliver in terms of all the measures that will be required at the ports in terms of all of inspection regimes of will be or be expected of us and all of that will be
for the most part delivered by local authority workers and we need to be supporting them and I am proud yes arts also straightaway I am a member of the GMP as one of the unions who are supporting this motion and I have heard from them all accounts of Dave had of Members of of their union struggling over the time period concerns so we've been told by the chancellor that this is an end to austerity there were seen an entire austerity I seem to remember Tories and raise said something similar i'm previously as well that the harmony end to austerity or can actually be announced by the government but the fact remains that what we've happy is a spending spree erm by Johnson in an attempt to buy the election that's basically what we've had and unfortunately local government workers or don't seem to be part
of his concerns about the future of this country I think it's time that we stood up for the people we employ to say no are entitled to a decent wage that they are entitled to support and central government who in the end decides a large chunk of the money that we have and if the chancellor promised to fund this in full I'm sure that Councillor Hinds and others up and down the country would promise to pass that on to the workforce and that's what we need we need a decent paid workforce so that they can continue to do the vital job for this country and Cuban

[Cllr C McIntyre - 0:40:41]

thank you Councillor Mary I'd like to say other Councillors into literary and started Councillor Walker
first time sorry

[Cllr R Walker - 0:40:53]

thank you Chair and then I say this is my first time speaking as a councillor to this Council
and I'm very proud and honoured to have been elected by the people of Riverside and opt to serve them for years to come
and can I just say that in respect of the my experiences I worked for 29 years I worked for this Local Authority before taking voluntary severance in 20 15 so I have seen the changes over the three decades and the changes have been stock quite stark when Thatcher came to power in 19 79 the first thing she said to do was attack public services and local authorities funding and she did it in a number of ways pay freezes pay cuts Balsall trying to encourage outsourcing
throughout the nineteen eightys and nineteen ninetys until she
was was removed from office and then that was a very difficult time for local authorities and local government workers who saw their pay dropped substantially of that period of time so although the figures talk about no more recent history you go back to the nineteen eightys it really started there in in in in significant proportions and thanked him for improved that much in the nineties and there was some impact doors pay awards given through local authority negotiations with the national level but we were always below the rate of inflation
and never met the needs of the workers in public services so again the nineteen ninetys weren't that great either and since austerity in 2 thousand 15 and the current shambles of a government trying to dismantle
funding for local authorities and that has caused increased in hardship for the people who work in public services and as a knock-on effects on the local economies in the local communities because people when they get pay rises will spend their money more often not pictured Muslim Council to save and it will spend on local on local services and local products to local shops so effects as an impact in and impact on the local economy as a whole
and what is also noticeable is or how many local government workers and public service workers across the country required benefits as top-ups well with child tax credit working tax credits live attached Kreutzer can get available to them and how many are going to food banks increasingly going to food banks this is how difficult life has been made for the four dedicated hard work in a loyal public sector workers and I was a Unison activist as well and now go national local government officers substation and then Unison activist throughout these years so I was sat in negotiations we heard and discussions at local level what about pay and we knew how difficult it was for local authorities find the monarch because they are being starved of cash starved of cash by Tory governments and the Con-Dem government more recently
so it's hypocritical for central governments of point the finger at local authorities and say it's their fault the Local government and public sector workers are not getting a pay they deserve so I have felt me warmly ink congratulate the Mayor and Councillor Hinds for bringing this to this meeting and I hope that every Councillor who can should be a member of a trade union

[Jim Taylor - 0:44:22]

[Cllr M Wade - 0:44:24]

thank you Chair and I'd like to fully support this motion
and I proudly
that the people of Weaste and Seedley and that is a very deprived area and area where residents depend very much on the services provided by this Council
we all know that it's the courts that prevent the pay rise
we all know how much the Council has lost we know how that has played out in terms of
the pressures on
the workers
efficiencies have been made people have worked hard to work within the Budget and and so much so that
some dedicated workers actually work over time in order to get the work done so we have a really good workforce who are struggling and and struggling to bring up their own families they've got the pressure of work and got the pressure of making ends meet because they haven't had a pay rise for so long and I take the point that Councillor Walker made that there was pressure on pay
before the courts
a pay hasn't gone off very much with the local authority workers for a long time
I think we're very lucky to have the workforce that we have and I think it's time central government rewarded all of their hard work
and they agreed to fund
a well-deserved pay rise for local authority workers

[Cllr C McIntyre - 0:46:11]

Dursley Brooks

[Cllr C McIntyre - 0:46:18]

does the king

[Cllr J King - 0:46:23]

very briefly chairman has wanted to touch on the point that Councillor Walker on Aids Herm which is the wider economic impact on local authorities obviously on our support this motion obviously and we've always believed in a fair day's pay for a fair day's work and I think that generally are officers provide a very good services across the city and also need I wouldn't wear noticing as local Councillors and the decline of service in our local areas and for the wider economic issue is that Councils very often of the largest employers in the particular area and the result of that is this that this spend from that goes into the local economy as Councillor Walker has rightly said and is called the velocity of money as economists referred to and the more money circulating economy more often than it does at in the greater economic activity and therefore more or who are able to sustain the livelihoods of local local economy by reducing that and then it means that there's less economic activity and the economy's slow down and you end up with higher
unemployment levels and a great term great rightwing economic rural Milton Friedman has now come out and said that when President Hoover of the United States are withdraw support from the American economy in the nineteen thirtys it caused the Great crash of the nineteen twenty nine nineteen thirtys and this government is doing must on the same things as 2 thousand and 10 for reducing or in the provision of support for the economy has resulted in significant decline of local services and more stress on local people and we get enacting our inboxes on the Sunday David basis he will constantly
contacting us if any would prove far more services so I see very much and where to turn that round the high wage economy very often loop means that this
greater for a successful economy and I think the government needs to move on this if they don't then we are going to become a low-wage economy which is the place for any economy in the western world to be and I hope that
this Council support this motion
catered to they would like to

[Cllr C McIntyre - 0:48:25]

speak so
in that case Councillor
or sorry
Mr. Jenner
the city where would you like to respond

[City Mayor P Dennett - 0:48:36]

Shaw and can I thank colleagues for your comments and support for the motion
and also mindful that are opposition colleagues haven't spoke on the the debate on local government pay which potentially is quite insightful and be interesting to see what happens at the vote but can I just thank the role of our trade unions within the local authority but also within the labour market in society more generally because they are doing a fantastic job in what are exceptionally difficult times and can I also place on record my thanks and appreciation to the staff within the City Council who I know are motivated by the public sector ethos they go beyond the call of duty to serve the people of our city
colleagues in this Chamber know what our financial pressures are since 2 thousand and 10 we've lost 200 and 11 million pounds 53 percent of the grant we get from government as been taken away from this Local Authority government tell us time and time again every single year that pay increases is a local decision and this absolutely no relationship between what we get from government through the Revenue support Grant and what we want to pay our staff
the case for the whole of the state and government are clearly interested in pitting different parts of the state against each other when it comes to pay equity in terms of pay increases
Councillor King made reference to the wider economic impact and I am cognisant that a lot of the people within our Local Authority live locally and work for this City Council
so absolutely paying our workers a decent Schumann wage that enables them to actually make ends meet is good for the City of Salford it is good for society and it's certainly good for our local economy
but I'll finish on this and it's an important point
on the day of the Chancellor's spending announcement it was also the 80th birthday of the citizens advice service within the United Kingdom
the citizens advice service was born out of post-World War II to support people in understanding what their rights and responsibilities were but also to support people who were struggling to make ends meet
and on the same day of their 80th birthday
the Chancellor's spending announcement made absolutely no promise whatsoever for lifting the cap on benefits
so make no bones about it this next year is going to be very difficult for some of the poorer members of society why because universal credit will not be increasing by inflation working tax credits will not be increasing by inflation but the cost of living as we all know in this Chamber continues to increase this will push more and more people into poverty and that includes those that work as the statistics I shared at the start about the state of our national labour market corroborate scandalous when the government point to the official unemployment statistics because they know behind all of their people even in-work are really struggling to make ends meet and that is why this motion is so important because this is about lifting people out relying on benefits paying them a decent wage giving them economic independence to live a normal life that many of us take for granted in being able to make ends meet so I wholly hearted support this motion are recommended to Members of Council and I hope everyone will vote in favour of this motion today including our Conservative colleagues thank you
hence the summons

[Cllr A Saunders - 0:53:16]

Chadin not a speech as the point of order erm pounces Marian Walkmill does enough to mention their union affiliations in their speeches would it not be appropriate given the nature of the motion for all members at least the three unions to declare the very least of non pecuniary interests

[Cllr C McIntyre - 0:53:45]

councillor Saunders all Members have already declared their interests and submitted to the Member's offers
can we then move to the vote on emotions and ask all those and favourite's failure
always against
any abstentions
I take the motion is moved
and accepted
thank you
would like to do no airs go forward to have a 10 minute break and be back here in the Chamber for
22 11 thank you

7 b) A Fully Funded, Proper Pay Rise for Local Government Workers

7 b) A Fully Funded, Proper Pay Rise for Local Government Workers

[Webcast Finished - 0:54:39]

[Cllr C McIntyre - 0:55:47]

we're going to move straight on now then to Item Number 8 which is the statement from the City Mayor

8 Statement of the Elected City Mayor

[City Mayor P Dennett - 0:56:08]

the K and good morning Members of the Council and is a pleasure for me to address Council today so a pleasure and a privilege really in many respects and alike are parliamentary colleagues
this Council Chamber is certainly not a
for many of us watching on at Westminster
and the spectacle of stretching and distorting parliamentary rules and procedures to achieve no deal is fascinating it's also deeply
the former chancellor Phillip Hammond has stated that the Conservative party
has been infiltrated in a bid to turn the party into an extreme
with the former Tory MP Nick Boles also stating that Boris Johnson's new cabinet is proof that the Conservative party has been fully taken over by the hard
alongside these comments Conservative MPs who have now had the wit removed include party stalwarts like Ken Clarke
Oliver Letwin
and even Churchill's
Nicholas Soames
it seems that the current leadership under Boris Johnson will stop at nothing to maintain its existence with total contempt for every convention and tradition which has historically
held this country
we have seen lies to the monarchy
attacks against the judiciary
and a prime Minister who chooses to rule by decree
parliamentary mandate threatening and undermining parliamentary democracy
opportunity it would sing
the plan no-deal Brexit could likely see the end of the Union and the final fragmentation of the United Kingdom
what many observers in this room will find most astonishing is that the Conservative party the party of Disraeli Balfour and Eden
the oldest political
party in the world and purportedly the natural party of government is propagating these attacks on
British institutions
all the while
the real brains
behind Boris is not even a Conservative party
Dominic Cummings the architect of Johnson's personal survival strategy
it is not surprising that many commentators are claiming that the Conservative party as we know
it is dead
whilst the drama of Whitehall continues and Tory leadership twists and turns putting its own survival above the needs of our country here in Salford we must carry on with the day-to-day running of services that people
desperately need
and our collective endeavours to ultimately realise what is a better and
fairer Salford
we've recently received news of the Chancellor's 20 19 spending round and its implications for the next financial year
and I have to say at first glance
it looks like
good news
something I guess we'd expect from the incumbent government in the run-up to war is looking like a potential general election
it seems likely that Salford will receive
more money more resources than we'd been anticipating and I say lightly
because we still have not been given the formula by which the government will be distributing and allocating many of the announcements made in the spending round
this obviously follows moves on the part of the government and also hard fought debates within the Local government Association to diminish the role of deprivation and poverty in its importance within the Revenue support Grant methodology
in favour of what we knew at the time of rurality which would inevitably benefit already wealthy Tory shires
but for now it seems to me that common sense has prevailed despite the Fair funding Review being kicked into the long grass for another year but ultimately the implications of all of this for local government are still uncertain and we probably won't know until the end of next financial year as we enter that new spending round
we also know that government funding formulas are designed to benefit wealthy areas often at the expense of the poor and we know from the work we've been doing within Greater Manchester through the Combined Authority and the work that Councillor Mary has been doing with key cities that 80 per cent of 7 billion pounds worth of funding for housing and housing infrastructure is being spent in the south of England over the last few years
we know that where appeals are made Tory chancellors will reach out to do backroom deals with Tory authorities like Surrey County Council who in two thousand seven colleagues will remember received a whole 1 point 6 6 percent of the entire 2 billion pounds made available nationally for social care
the infamous sweetheart deal as it colloquially understood and on top of that we know prior to the sweetheart deal there was transitional grant funding going into exactly the same local authorities
so we know that if possible safe Labour Salford will once again be ignored or disproportionately impacted by the chancellor given half the chance as this city has actually always been
and in order to realise the Chancellor's spending announcements for local government
it's important that you understand this the Treasury has once again ashamed an overall increase in Council Tax of four per cent
colleagues I say to you this is not a spending round this is actually a taxation round their spending the people of Salford's money in their national headline grabbing data
and that includes obviously the 2 percent increase for adult social care the precept that the government introduced but also assumes that council tax bases up and down the country have actually risen by 2 percent so if you've not seen housing growth as a Local Authority you won't be realising that 2 per cent increase or of this rather than doing what is obvious which is putting money into the Revenue support Grant and allocating it according to need
and since 2 thousand 16 Treasury assumptions on council tax increases have led to a 36 point 3 percent Council Tax raises for local residents here in the City of Salford based on our own calculations the Tories who claim to be the party of low taxation are in fact passing the burden of taxation down the ladder to replace levels of income tax and corporation tax and I say that at a time that we know Amazon of triple triple their profits but corporation tax paid to the Treasury has actually Haft on the previous year I say this at a time when the chief executive of Persimmon pays himself 39 million pounds or pays themselves 39 million pounds which could have actually employed 1 thousand 561 construction workers on an average salary
so instead we see assumed increases on flat taxes like council tax and VAT we know in this Chamber that those are regressive taxes which hit the poorest residents and small businesses the hardest we also know that the Treasury is not done its sums in calculating if the new money is affordable or sustainable in line with their own fiscal rules the Office for Budget responsibility the government's own fiscal watchdog established by George Osborne as described the announces very strange lacking in fiscal forecasting and modelling required for it to do its job of monitoring the box
it is an unhypothecated increase in spending which is only guaranteed for a year
arguably it's nothing more than a pre general election splurge of reserves left in the bank by Philip Hammond's tenure
and once it's gone
who knows what the potential consequences of all of this are
unlike Labour this money is seemingly not to be invested in key infrastructure and the decarbonisation agenda or in long term projects beneficial to the Treasury
it is simply to be spent preferably in such a way as to by short term support for another Conservative government
meanwhile nine years of Tory austerity as we know in this Chamber has crippled the country violent crime has been steadily rising homelessness has spiralled out of control millions are using food banks including nurses and teachers hospitals are overcrowded and overflowing and the low paid low skilled jobs market created by the purported Tory recovery does not provide the stable decent terms of employment many millions desperately need and in Salford alone nearly 3 thousand children at the last count were given emergency food vouchers over the holidays to stave off hunger
this is shameful in 21st century Britain let alone in the fifth richest economy in the world and it is precisely for these reasons that we've endorsed the GMB Unison and Unite the Union motion earlier in this session of Council calling for fair funding settlement for local government workers have seen the majority of PayPoints losing 20 s two per cent since 2 thousand and 9 2 thousand and 10 regarding homelessness the huge spike in demand for services coupled with increased statutory responsibilities through the homelessness reduction Act or putting more pressure on Council coffers at a time when budgets are being slashed in 2 thousand and 10 only seven individuals were counted as sleeping rough on the streets of our city by 20 17 that has increased to 40 9
thanks in part to the introduction of Melbourne's bed every night initiative in addition to the amazing work of our housing options officers numbers of rough sleepers in the city of Salford have started to reduce to 26 the highest reduction within Greater Manchester but we need to do more now body should be sleeping rough on our streets in the 21st century
Salford has also just been notified that
just over one and a half million will be made available primarily from health colleagues so the CCG Health and social Care Partnership support Phase 2 of bed every night
running to the 30th of June 20 20 100 10 beds will be available from October the first 20 19
a huge amount
reflecting the success of this Council in supporting our homeless people but finding emergency accommodation for homeless is only one small part of the problem
without serious numbers of truly affordable housing council housing there is no hope of as actually solving the problems of homelessness once and for all
and that's why this Council has invested significantly in deRaeve are wholly owned housing company to build truly affordable housing for the people of our city to reverse taken on 20 properties recently in Charlestown with a further six induction hundreds more have been planned for in the near future is a truly affordable properties for the people of our city and will be building them without the slightest bit of help from the government who through the National Planning Policy Framework seem to favour development profits rather than truly affordable housing
housing is not only the area in which Salford Council must go its own way
Members will recall that last Council a climate change emergency was declared in this Chamber unanimously
as a result of that the City Council has established a new board aiming to develop a carbon budget
implementing a 20 30 target for carbon neutrality aligned with the policy pledges within Greater Manchester's plan the homes jobs and the environment this Council has a policy of not investing in fossil fuel companies we have incorporated a policy or treasury management strategy that all investments fully support the ethos of social responsibility and since 2 thousand 16 the Council has invested over one point 5 million in carbon reduction schemes with a further two point 5 million scheduled in 20 20 21
and none of this vital investment is accompanied by central government support once again we must find the way ourselves locally the climate crisis is one of the gravest threats faced by human civilisation today
it is genuinely an existential crisis for all humanity the international community has now given up on its initial target of 2 degrees of warming over the course of the next century which is seen as unrealistic we are now committed to between 2 and 3 degrees warming target in that time temperatures rises will produce between two or five amounts of annual droughts displace 200 and 75 million people through sea level rises with the additional loss of hundreds of thousands of species of animals
and on the 20th September between 12 noon and 12 30 the trade unions will be taking part in the global day of action on climate change and calling for people from all over the world to walk out in support
please join us on the Civic Centre lawns and let's keep up the fight to have our planet still habitable for that future generations carbon reduction is not the only issue facing humanity in terms of the environment were also facing a huge challenge around bio diversity
this Council continues to be proactive in the face of the government cuts and austerity
and those that are not interested in people suffering in 21st century Britain the strains placed on public service provision by the policies of austerity and the damage done for politics through its shameless electioneering
or capital investments in the City of Salford over the years have guaranteed economic growth where elsewhere in Greater Manchester we've actually seen stagnation increasing our council tax base increasing our business rate base helping us to protect jobs and services in this Local Authority and the growth that we've seen this city as protected or residents from the worst impacts of brutal Tory austerity and we continue to provide services for those most in need this Council has recently had the honour of being awarded the support to the armed forces Community award accepted on our behalf by our veterans champion who unfortunately can't be with us today Councillor Barry Warner
and in a previous speech of informed the Council of the introduction of new dedicated housing role to support our armed forces community in the city this is driving fantastic successes for the city
but as the Westminster drama continues to unfold in London in Salford we are still here putting the people of our city first whilst Westminster continues to provide local government with nothing but problems it is our job here in Salford to find solutions to the issues are residents face day in day out we will continue to fight on as a Labour authority to defend the interests of this city against the policies of a government that doesn't know and seemingly does not care
we will continue to put the interests of our residents first to build a better and fairer Salford
thank you very much
if there's any questions or comments will make to his interim everything every
hence the building

9 General Questions or Comments to the Elected City Mayor

I have often as best I was welcomed
picks up on their was decarbonisation
truly affordable

[Cllr D Goulden - 1:15:46]

homes biodiversity
i'm on the same week and that we see once again the announcement that the viability testing has been on Chat Moss
at this week on Monday
the Council continues on its plans to decimate the Salford longs
Salford City Council is calling on committees to support a climate change crisis but in the very same breath seems happy to hand over the very land that stores huge amounts of carbon and could help Salford avoid its very own climate crisis in future
Chat Moss is an incredibly special place it's home to vast numbers or wildlife whose habitats will be destroyed if these proposals go ahead
with no additional infrastructure and reliance upon already overcrowded railway station we will see upwards of 3 thousand additional vehicles
using a congested B road
to get in and out of the District
claims by Councillor Antrobus that this is only a tiny part of degrading Mosul and utterly contemptuous
the cost to remediate the site or 70 of the size
of the old Council officers is close to half a million pounds in remediation costs
this infers that the proposal could be in excess of 30 to 40 million pounds
I call upon this council and those supporting these proposals to remove chat mosque from the draft Local Plan and urge Mayor Dennett to do the same for the GMSF
Planning officers of promised the results of the land test will be made public can I ask also that the costs are made public by Urban vision
Chat Moss is truly especially environment this should not and must not be happening and as a Councillor for the ward of Earl and I will continue to do all I can to highlight his plight thank you

[Jim Taylor - 1:17:59]

[Cllr S Dickman - 1:18:05]

thank you Chair errm not long ago Swinton Lions celebrate the 350th anniversary
but just three years later rumours confirmed that Swinton board or looking to rename the Co-op's Manchester Lyons
this decision is received decidedly mixed reactions among spans
while somebody that was the right thing for the club to do to survive in years to come if central funding was lost
there are so many more fans who want to stop understandably upset that this change would be the end of the club and there has been a 50 year three history
following the board's announcement the City Mayor along with the Council of Swinton Pendlebury wrote to the board to relay the concerns of the many residents who have been in touch about the loss of the name and concerns about the lack of consultation with fans
additionally whilst the city mayor and councillors understand that this decision must have been made under very difficult circumstances it's unfortunate that put him did not approach the City man that local councils about the concerns for the future of the club
through discussion alternative options might have been found assisting the club in preserving its name and heritage
I'm sure the Mayor and other Swinton Pendlebury councillors share my feelings in praising the work the Board have been doing in recent years to steady the ship and this can be seen by the results on the field would best fit with a seamless yes or in their highest finish in over 20 years
I believe there has been further correspondence with the club so I ask the Mayor could you provide an update on the situation as well as provide reassurances to the club players and fans of the Council who will do what they can to support the club in these uncertain times
councillor Pavey

[Cllr C McIntyre - 1:19:39]


[Cllr M Pevitt - 1:19:47]

on the note from Councillor digman I want the Mayor will join me in offering his congratulations to Salford Red Devils who this week so excuse themselves third place in Super League despite being on the second lowest budget a community club fall community run by the community as a great advert for the game and hopefully one further success we know what it's like to be in a bad place and hope that we can regenerate the land around the ground as well a further success in the future QIPP

[Cllr C McIntyre - 1:20:21]

thank you Chair

[Cllr A Saunders - 1:20:26]

firstly calculated the ceremonial Mayor the half the local Jewish community for the honour given to us by asking rather than she to give the address this morning much appreciated
terms of climate change can I commend a observance of the Sabbath and which we don't drive or do other things for 25 hours wonderful way of fur contributing towards helping to prevent climate change anyway
parfum that can I just say at the Mayor mentioned the as City Mayor mentioned the armed services
or contract covenant I understand there will be an awards ceremony in October 2 which myself and my colleagues who are on the the the reserve forces Association have been invited to and I hope to attend subject to there being no general election on that day am
and finally it wanted to mention that I have had the honour of having been
sponsored by my Group are being appointed to the community well being Committee of National Committee of the Local government Association as a reserve member although believe it or not have already attended a briefing session for all members of committees and are being invited to the very first meeting because one of the members can't attend its I'm ready going to go down next Friday so regard that as an honour I thank the Council for agreeing to fund my expenses for that and
cows might also be interested to know that I have been invited to be a panellist the Conservative party conference with are convinced of that name and organisation called Turning Point which many of you may be familiar with
councillor McCusker

[Cllr C McIntyre - 1:22:28]

[Cllr M McCusker - 1:22:35]

and just wondering if the Mayor could join me in celebrating the fact that the announcement yesterday by Councillor Lancaster the Borden Lodge I am over 60 s club will be some further supported by the Council for another three years I am local Councillors have been working with the Committee I am with officers and with the Montyn Unitarian church in coming up with a plan which will try and work towards full sustainability and we've committed as local Councillors to continue working with the group even though we will be able to use the over 60 s club as eligible members for many many years
councillor Gina Reynolds

[Cllr C McIntyre - 1:23:12]

[Cllr G Reynolds - 1:23:15]

thank you Chair just like to comment on the spending round them while a welcome three-point 4 per cent in better Care Fund resources within the NHS settlement potentially benefiting our integrated funds and no cut in the public Health Grant and an uplift of 2 percent with inflation
I find it disappointing the additional 1 billion grants are funding for adults Children's social care for me this is still totally inadequate it's estimated that 10 billion more is required just to meet the care needs of older people and of over 1 million older people in this country one point 5 billion gap still in rehab services one point 3 billion gap still in local authority funded care home places one point 2 billions still needed for tackling social isolation nationally and 900 million shortfall in specialist housing and to add insult to injury giving local authorities obviously following consultation but Local authorities were facing the human cost of the care crisis potential to raise another 500 million by introducing a 2 percent social care precept making once again the public pay the price for our social care crisis in light of an ageing population we need bold changes to deliver a long term solution for adult social care and in the meantime we await the five times delayed green paper what a disappointment this government to

[Cllr C McIntyre - 1:24:58]

therefore Gilson

[Cllr C McIntyre - 1:25:01]

thank you Mr. Mayor I fynychu want to pay tribute to action against

[Cllr L Nelson - 1:25:07]

rural development which is a group within Irlam Cadishead for their scrutiny of the the location of the test
drilling that Councillor Golton referred to to ensure that test drilling undertaken by Urban vision on behalf of this city council shows a representative view peaked caps on Chat Moss which I I hope with probably the majority of residents in Irlam Cadishead that is unsuitable for building and I want to say and Keepmoat contribution to this Council meeting today positive and say thank you and give my
support and credit to the people in our community that go beyond above and beyond the call of being a good
member of our community whether that be friends of law D Parker working tirelessly to upgrade our park in caddies had on Lord Street whether that be residents of Caroline and Dixon Street which join who joined myself and Councillor Joan Walsh to improve the area and clean up the area and actually the children of the Kings Road Estate who came out last night to help tidy their community now
that the organisation's groups and the key individuals from these groups are in no means an exhaustive list of the people that our community depends on to keep doing the work that it dos and I think the work that community communitarian soon the people in our community deserve every recognition including the people made to James Hall who are really going above and beyond to tackle issues of loneliness and isolation and regularly holding voluntary events for all members of the community of all ages and that being the same of a lot of the groups of mentioned and finally I want to say and I'm sure the City Mayor will join with me as will the Council in supporting Councillor Patrick in wishing Salford well in the play-offs but also wishing Irlam town well in the second qualifying fixture against York in Irlam on Saturday and I am sure all of us will be I've tuned in on BBC iPlayer or on the sport's up to wish her well and to to bring the FA Cup home for Salford
councillor Fletcher

[Cllr H Fletcher - 1:27:41]

as to stay I want to say a quick word I am sure that the City Mayor will join me in congratulating all those involved in putting on Salford's Big Day last Saturday
is one of my favourite days of the year is one of the first days are put down in my calendar
I've attended that was the fourth time biggest and best yet so many wonderful initiatives going on in the settee and I believe 7 thousand people went through the Big Day on Saturday so well done to all those involved in the organisation and indeed all those who attended and give
councillor Turner

[Cllr C McIntyre - 1:28:22]

[Cllr L Turner - 1:28:29]

thank you Chair and thank you Mr. Mayor for all the nice things you said about the government if in fact you said any nice things I think you may mention on the positive a couple of times
I've been sitting there patiently waiting for someone on the other side of the Chamber to mention what an important month this is
this is the month on the 12th September 2 thousand 15 a certain Jeremy Corbyn
was elected as Leader of the Labour party
isn't there and I honestly am are disappointed in you people for not bringing out that fact
I remind you all now ensure you know I am absolutely positive you know
I would like to associate myself the remarks from Councillor Gordon regarding Chat Moss
I'm with him on that
and basically
all the criticism the government has suffered under the time that Paul Dennett City Mayor has been in post and
it's been very repetitive at times but you do have to ask yourself what the alternative is and quite frankly if you're worried about this government and its and its actual policies for goodness sake the alternative is unthinkable you will be hit the working person will be hit so hard if he ever gets power but on this side we really do hope that Germany continues to be Leader of the opposition because that will ensure a Conservative government all the time he is in opposition because the paperless country will see that and for that I will finish times getting on
I must say that I do look forward to these meetings they are beautifully conducted
and the content is
theatrical at times thank you
councillor Mary

[Cllr C McIntyre - 1:30:41]

[Cllr J Merry CBE - 1:30:47]

well what an interesting contribution from the Leader of the dominant copied supporters associated
to Yeah we'll aren't going to merchant Dominic Cummings because we used to have a Conservative party that claimed it believed in the British constitution and believed in the role of law now we have a Conservative prime Minister and clearly doesn't believe in repechage constitution and has refused to say whether he will obey the law not as put forward by parliament and like question Mr. Minerva Mr. chips
so ammonia Mayor is a does the Conservative party still believe in parliamentary democracy or have they decided that dictatorship by a single person is the only answer and I've had some experience of dealing with Mr. Johnson some of you have long memories may remember that Salford was one of the many authorities that Mr. Johnson was forced to apologise to some years ago for Lyon about our particular

[Seat 40 - 1:31:53]

policies Herm he claimed in a Daily Telegraph column that Salford had banned the flying of the St George's flag join the your pain football championships in fact it was completely untrue and what we'd done is worn taxes about flying the flags with plastic or attachment to their windows which was formed by the police to be dangerous actually
and he was forced to withdraw that remark and to be fair to him he said that Salford had joined the growing list of northern authorities than it had to apologise this is a person who aspires to be the prime Minister of this country and one thing I have had a moan at but the metaphor is sending me to listen I had the misfortune to listen to his speech
at the convention of the North and I have to say
I have never heard a prime minister of any political party make a more incoherent and rambling speech than Boris did on this particular occasion in fact Jan Williams absolutely nailed him when he pointed out that it created this wonderful fond for regenerating towns and she pointed out that the vast majority of this money had been spent in marginal constituencies that the Conservative party were were trying to win and what was Mr. Johnson's response incudes a general terms of being too cynical in terms of the way in which she perceived his actions I have to say that we are in danger of becoming the laughing stock of the world actually cry honestly for the prime Minister we have which really I'm afraid he doesn't care about anybody else other than himself in terms obscene his way forward and I have to say I have never agreed with Nicholas Soames in the past but I for one you lot should be ashamed of your party at the moment you should be ashamed of the way in which you've expelled 28 members of your party who opt for the crime of voting once against the government you know this is absolutely appalling when you look at two chancellors and the grandson
of Winston Churchill actually been expelled from the Conservative party which clearly for some strange reason they happen to have an affection for I have to say that Nicholas Soames is speech delivered in the House of Commons was won a great dignity and one which I will afford the entire Conservative front bench
would have been extremely ashamed that a member should have to deliver that so Mr. Mr. Mayor we're going to have a very difficult period on our hands now in which we have a prime minister who doesn't care about software them afraid who is quite prepared
to abuse the Constitution
to to lie to the monarchy to destroy every single unwritten convention that we've had in this country and we are in severe danger of becoming a bit like a banana Republic in South America we've got to oppose this and the only alternative to that is a government led by Jeremy Corbyn which will govern in the interests of the people
Morris Councillor Morris

[Cllr C McIntyre - 1:35:43]

thank you Chairman

[Cllr M Morris - 1:35:46]

i'm surprised and shocked by Councillor Turner and the opposition Councillor Reynolds in hers when she gave her speech talked about the social Green paper it's been delayed five times elderly people disabled people vulnerable people are flowering to try and get services and support in the community and not one opposition Member has chosen to stand up and condemn the action of the government in delaying once again this social green paper that the
Green paper on social services I think it's an absolute disgrace

[Cllr C McIntyre - 1:36:29]

there is nobody else's indicated so can go Baxter's Surrey has rightly close way towards sorry

[Cllr L Edwards - 1:36:36]

thank you Chair in the spirit of support in a sporting celebrations in Salford it would be remiss of me not to mention cricket in Rawgreen first team of come third in the Greater Manchester cricket primarily whereas the critical first and second teams have been promoted at this season and what and critical path again won the Bolton League and the Haymarket him unsurely successes across the rest of the city as well and I hope next year councillors can support our local cricket clubs thank you

[Jim Taylor - 1:37:09]

foras Councillor Murray said about Boris Johnson aspiring to be prime

[Cllr A Leitner - 1:37:15]

Minister perhaps he missed the good news that he became prime minister and additional hours he refers to the government as a dictatorship
this surprise because Labour really thought they are not fit for government why don't they vote for general election

[Cllr C McIntyre - 1:37:35]

thank you very skilfully is indicated so go back to the city and asked him to respond

[City Mayor P Dennett - 1:37:44]

K erm so first of all I think I'll respond to Councillor Golton and the questions you raise around our commitment to carbon neutrality which is in the redraft of Greater Manchester's planned for homes jobs and the environment are commitment also to decarbonisation and our commitment to building truly affordable homes and colleagues will be aware in this Chamber that I issued a A letter to Peel Holdings over the Broadoak inquiry and as we've recently found out
he'll want to appeal that again
to date it has cost this city council in excess of 400 thousand
at a time when we've lost 200 11 million pounds because of this Tory government more cuts to come down the line but I want to highlight that because this Local Authority absolutely does value its green infrastructure is green assets in its green lungs and where appropriate we will continue to defy the
development community
but I have to be honest here all of this hangs in something called a National Planning Policy Framework and as you will know were now committed to building 200 and 1 thousand homes over the period of the plan we know the empty PF is good in a way to empower the development community in the AM when you think about that in line with austerity and cuts you quickly realise where this is going government want developers basically to be allowed to be built anywhere that's what government want they don't want us to fight the development community within the courts and that is why it is really really important we have a spatial framework is also wise really really important we have a Local Plan
because without there what is the alternative will tell you what the alternative is developers will come forward with proposals anywhere in the City of Salford and that includes our parks and our green spaces and those spaces that we derive the maximum public utility from we will then be forced to challenge them in the courts if we can't demonstrate a five year land supply that is the reality of the environment we find ourselves in and that is why we desperately need a plan both locally and at a city regional level to ensure we deliver local housing need now the government they're committed to an arbitrary housing target of 300 thousand homes per year by the mid 20 20 s that is what's happening the whole of the UK economy and society is working towards delivering the government's arbitrary target we have asked within Greater Manchester if government can tell us how they have arrived at that number I've still yet to receive any real responses to word the government of found this housing target from
but it's a real challenge at the moment because we know as a post industrial part of the country time and time again we have real challenges on viability costs to remediate land costs for infrastructure costs support to support more schools being built within the City of Salford and costs for that broader infrastructure peace
around the City region Infrastructure is probably one of the most challenging things we face within Greater Manchester at the moment we have already heard the motion on the importance of our railways and how timetabling now is leading to further social isolation and an inability to access some of our fantastic beaches
so all of this is the environment within which we find ourselves and I have to say having a plan that genuinely delivers the homes we need whilst also fighting for genuine investment in truly affordable housing setting up our own housing company injuries outside of the Housing Revenue account to build for social rent and affordable rent when the market isn't delivering their places Salford in a much better place I believe than other parts of the country
so for me is absolutely critical we do that because the alternative as I have already highlighted is planning by appeal that will cost this Local Authority an absolute fortune that will have an impact on social care that will have an impact on children Services so having a plan to deliver local housing need a number that is determined by Central government is absolutely the right space to being
that doesn't mean we don't care about our green infrastructure in fact quite the contrary
the battle on Broad Oak is because we are fighting to protect the green lung of the city the investment to date in some of our green spaces and parks Peel Park a good example millions of pounds' worth of investment in a green space engaging in tree planting on a significant sketch linking that with tackling flooding within the City region through sustainable drainage systems trying where possible to extract as much value as we possibly can from the development community to continue that agenda of greening the City of Salford Salford you might be interested to know is 60 percent green
I have an ambition to continue to grow that but we have to do it within the context of meeting our local housing need if we don't the alternative is catastrophic
I have told members of this Chamber time and time again about the alternatives of not having a robust evidence base plan
seriously this is not a joking matter this is serious we need to plan for future otherwise the alternative is catastrophic
specifically relation to chap Moss I understand the value of the land in that part of the city I also understand that Irlan station has received significant investment and you also probably know that Elland Station has got more capital investment to come to make it DDA compliant
so for me Irlam station is a real asset in the City of Salford is probably one of the most beautiful train stations have certainly ever seen and beaming and obviously we want to celebrate that we want more people to use Irlam train station we want more people to use public transport we want better infrastructure from Irlam Cadishead we want more buses and trains going to Irlam and Cadishead we want the tram to Port Salford and ideally onto Irlam and Cadishead we want all of this but there is a system out there we have to engage with at the moment we have a government that really doesn't care about the North it hasn't given us the investment to do exactly what we need to do and we're trying our best as a City Council to extract them from the development community will that meet all our infrastructure requirements no it will not why won't it quite simply because the North has been left out in the cold for many many years when it comes to infrastructure funding we are playing catch-up and we will continue to do what we need to do
just on this point I want to ask Councillor Antrobus if you have anything further to contribute to the question raises obviously the appropriate Lead Member and happy to let you speak on this

[Cllr D Antrobus - 1:45:55]

thank you very much City Murphy
there are two points that that I'd like to make
and the first relates and it's Council Turner's commend supporting the withdrawal of chat loss from the the spatial framework
during the Broadoak appeal the Inspector found that peels arguments were convincing
that the City Council did not have
not the quantity of supply but the right kind of supply in terms of family homes and what they call aspiration homes
but he dismissed appeals appeal
because he saw that in the Local Plan they were allocations that would provide that
so if Councillor Turner is saying that they will withdraw an applicator and allocation without putting another one in its place and without telling us
where he would develop instead of the caddies and allocation
the money is effectively doing is supporting peels case in the Broad Oak
the appeal
and that is a very dangerous position Peel must be rubbing their hands hoping that Councillor Turner will be elected as Leader of this Council at some stage because his policies would mean the development of the very land that this Labour Group assaults protect and preserve over many years since Ben walls were developed the policy of the
greenway and I think that that is shocking and I'm sure that Councillor Turner doesn't realise what he said and the implications of what he said but that's what it means and that is a further demonstration
of why the opposition just aren't good enough to have a role in the running of this city
I was very hurt by accounts are Goldin's comment that I was contemptuous of Chapman's
is it contemptuous two
move a rejection of a planning application
to extract peat from chap loss even though all the advice was it was a lawful activity in you should
approve it was it contemptuous too full that through to the appeal and the judicial review and to win a landmark case that meant for the first time local authorities could prevent the extraction I'm that and it was this City Council but stopped a peat extraction going on on Chapman's was contemptuous of me to the Chair of the Greater Manchester minerals and working Group and to get
included in that policy document a policy which effectively banned the extraction of peat on chat loss and the rest of the Marston's was that goods entrance was it contemptuous of me to sit on the Local nature Partnership and to support the introduction of the first nature Improvement Area in Greater Manchester which encompasses the 40 thousand hectares that the 69 hectares that Councillor A Golden is talked about but the 40 thousand hectares of wetlands around Greater Manchester was it contemptuous of me to support that and to ensure that we were working with organisations like the lakeshore wildlife live Trust for the first time in history
to start to restore the muslin because it is exactly what Councillor golden says it is a place which is full of wonderful wildlife and it is the most important ecological asset in Greater Manchester and it is a fantastic carbon I
think are very important to that and that's why we've done it so yes I am proud of what we did for the 40 thousand hectares
of wetland
in or around Greater Manchester I think that we pay played a pioneering role in that and we should be proud of it now Councillor golden says that the 69 hectares
isn't a little bit of that 40 thousand and and
people will make their own judgments about about numbers
what he says is withdrawn
withdrawn based on what
if speech was full of
If this Is now then it will cost this if this is that it will mean so much if full events
what we are doing in our work on the ground condition survey is to find out the facts we will find out the facts and then we will use those facts to inform a decision and that is the right way to do things is the reasonable way to do things and not to do things simply because referred some one ranting and raving about it in the Council Chamber

[City Mayor P Dennett - 1:51:51]

can I thank Councillor Antrobus rarely for reminding this Chamber of his commitment to the environment and the green agenda within the City of Salford and you know I am heartened by the work you've done over many years rarely working with people like the Lancashire Wildlife Trust to realise that vision for the wetlands the the actual peat extraction that took place historically in our city and how you found a way through the legal system to ensure that that does not continue because you understand that Pete is a natural carbon sink which is really important for Greater Manchester in working towards that carbon neutrality by 20 38 but also thank you for highlighting the intricacies of the National Planning Policy Framework and how you know as politicians we are happy to be and are required to be responsible in the decisions we make and how at times you have to constrain your emotions and even at times your your ideology because by exercising their it could potentially lead to chaos and a chaos that would empower the development community to do anything they want within our city thank you for reminding this Chamber of the reality of the National Planning Policy Framework and planning legislation in 21st century Britain upheld by what is a Conservative government
now on to the question raised by Councillor Dickman with regards to Swinton Lions
colleagues in this Chamber will know I issued a public letter
when I found out that there was a potential at Swinton Lions would be changing its name to Manchester Lyons and oversee this hit the press and the national media and there was a statement released by the club itself
I have actually received a response to that letter it came in on on Wednesday of this week and yesterday I formally reply to that letter offering to meet with the club to look at how we can continue to support them in terms of moving forward with some of the challenges they're facing
obviously it came as a surprise to me but I just want to reassure you as a ward Councillor in Swinton South that I am committed to working with the club to look at what we can possibly do to support them moving forward so hopefully we'll be meeting within the very near future to discuss the club's financial situation any issues and concerns they may have and how we as a Local Authority with our partners actually in the City of Salford can continue to support them as we have done to date
councillor Pepe thank you very much for drawing the chambers attention to how well Salford Red Devils are doing
they are absolutely fantastic and it's great to see I think there are third in the league at the moment and obviously they're going into two play-offs now with a potential of of still winning it so I absolutely do share your enthusiasm and I wholeheartedly would like to congratulate the club in their great success really putting the City of Salford on the map nationally and internationally and as we have done to date we will continue to support the club in terms of encouraging people to go to the game to market and brand that to share it with our partners in the city and to really celebrate the role and the historic importance of the club in the City of Salford and are annual sporting calendar so thank you for reminding us of that
councillor Saunders thank you very much for sharing with members of the Council your diary commitments
I don't really know how I can respond to that other than saying Well done on getting onto the Community Wellbeing Committee of the LGA hopefully you can be an advocate for the City of Salford the Salford City Council in those meetings in light of what you understand to be our challenges today many of them financial as I have already highlighted
also I wish you all the best of luck at the awards ceremony for the armed forces community I think what Salford are doing in the city with institutions like brought in house is absolutely fantastic and we will continue to build on all of those partnerships we have across the city councillor McCusker thank you very much for highlighting that since the last Council Meeting progress has indeed been made on the issue of bought and large and that funding has been secured for another three years and I understand the Church has also supported us in terms of moving forward on some of those financial challenges so I'd like to place on record my thanks and appreciation to all the Councillors of Eccles ward because I know you've collaborated on working with the lead member Councillor Lancaster in looking for a solution and working closely with the people who use the services of a Boddin Lodge so thank you for finding that resolution and absolutely I will continue to support the great work that Badenach does in the city
councillor Reynolds
thank you very much for further embellishing some of the financial challenges certainly you are facing as the Lead Member for adults public Health social Care in in the City of Salford
you know you do a sterling job and I really appreciate everything you do you are quite often in the Mayoral Team office until 10 o'clock gone at night so I am only acutely aware really of your commitment to the City of Salford and the people of this city
but you are right you know the one billion announcement for Adults' and Children's social Kurth only scratches the surface in terms of the 10 billion required and 1 million people requiring our help and support and you are also right to highlight the 500 million that the chancellor announced that is to be funded through local taxation is a 2 percent increase on the Adult social Care precept that will realise that 500 million it is not new money from government despite how it's been portrayed nationally to the people of this country and you know I join with you and Councillor Morris in saying it's absolutely shameful
that the Green paper on social care has been delayed five times it really gives you a sense doesn't it of what the government's priorities really are
there clearly not our ageing population there clearly not the people who desperately need help and support and we know since 2 thousand and 10 year the intermediate range of people requiring our services we can no longer provide those services to because we've lost 200 and 11 million pounds so you are absolutely right to call out this shocking further delay on the part of the government around the Green paper on social care and again I highlight time and time again the government favour regressive forms of taxation rather than actually using progressive forms of taxation to actually fund and finance what is an absolute national crisis
councillor Nelson sounds like you've been busy
fantastic is great to hear Members of the Council sharing what you've been doing in your wards here you reference friends of lordy Park and I have agreed with yourself to to come visit I think at the end of the week to to look at the Park and what the needs of the Park are and how we can collaborate and work together to to realise that so thank you for for highlighting that also residents of Caroline Dixon streets children of Kings Road Estate Lady Jane Hall you mentioned as well in terms all the great work that is going on in Cadishead an earl and so thank you for sharing that with us because I think it's important we take time out sometimes in this Council Chamber to really celebrate our community celebrate the real heroes of the City of Salford and you will be aware that that was one of the reasons or the driving forces behind why we now have a kind of by annual spirit of Salford Awards ceremony to celebrate the people who are doing great things within our communities also thanks for highlighting all the sporting achievements including urban town and obviously Salford Reds Hewitt who we've already talked about will be going into the play-off I think are supporting communities are really really important and only the other week I found out that Walkden
FC the the young football team over in Walkden North actually and had had their dug-outs and smashed and decimated and I have to say are development community in Salford came forward very quickly to try and find a solution so developers in the City will be fully funding those replacements and and building them for them which is an absolutely fantastic achievement so we need to continue to support them councillor Fletcher thanks for your kind comments on the Salford Big Day Out I is certainly the biggest Big Day Out I've been to
since we've had big day out
and you are absolutely right there were an estimated 7 thousand people attended and obviously we had the cycling as well to accompany what we were doing on the lawns but I felt for me the Big Day Out was just a celebration of all the great stuff that's going on in the City of Salford and it was great to see many Councillors in attendance talking with our organisations and partners in the city and celebrating together some of the great stuff that's going on
councillor Turner thanks for drawing our attention to
the fact that this is the month when Jeremy Corbyn was elected
i'm I found I think what was interested about what you had to say is what is the alternative and and Labour's alternative as far as I am aware is a fully costed alternative rather than you know a Tory alternative which is just promising things without any detail and seemingly not being challenged by the press and the media to fully costs some of your pledges which in and of itself is actually quite interesting but at a time when we have an economy where Amazon are making profits of 75 million in only Payne 1 million in taxation and the chief executive of Persimmon's is earning 35 million which could employ over 1 thousand 500 employees on an average wage within the construction industry dare I say to you councillor Turner that there is an alternative vision a vision where we prioritise infrastructure a vision where we prioritise some of our challenges around the green economy and the Paris Agreement a vision that genuinely creates a green industrial revolution
and what is interesting about Labour's alternative is also supported by hundreds of leading economists around the world
and increasingly it is supported by our own domestic business community
how interesting clearly Labour does have an alternative and Councillor Turner favours a prime Minister that goes around the country promising the earth and delivering nothing
councillor Mary thank you for siting history about Boris Johnson's comments with regards to the St George's flags and the how he got that wrong it was in in connection with taxis rather than the City Council and obviously you call them out and also thanks for sharing
your reflections on what you called an incoherent speech at the convention of the North and also you highlighted how Jennifer Williams Manchester evening News journalist known for investigative evidence base robust journalism called him out around his spend on regenerating town centres and as she rightly highlights because she's done her homework it is evidence base Mrs. spent in marginal constituencies to shore up the Conservative vote dare I say that is not too cynical that is where we find British politics in 21st century Britain highly politicised lack of rationality and a lack of what's good for the country and as you highlighted as well as an abuse of the constitution lying to the monarchy is this really what British politics has become
we have to be better
councillor Maurice thanks for sharing that no progress has been made on the Green paper we've already highlighted off the back of what Councillor Reynolds said that that is the case unfortunately we need to continue to keep the pressure on governments to come forward as quick as possible with a solution to what is a national crisis in social care thank you also to Councillor redwoods for sharing with us are cricket achievements over recent times again building on what Councillor Lewis said in terms of our sporting achievements predominate in football and rugby
I also thank you Council leichner for for your comments I don't think they Warren a response from me but thank you thank you very much

10 General Questions or Comments to Cabinet Members on the discharge of responsibilities within their portfolios

[Cllr C McIntyre - 2:05:57]

everyone to Item Number 10 it's questions or comments placed to the different cabinet members as they execute their portfolios are we haven't received Amy add to the post as requested so happy to take any from the floor please indicate a good through the different directorates one by one before swung being Councillor Boshell Bistrot as touched it air Deputy of St. of Salford
she's OK councillor Merry Deputy City Mayor
no crisis
councillor lyons
no questions
councillor lancaster
no questions this is gonna be quick
Ham tens landgrebe us
since the sharp

[Cllr R Sharpe - 2:07:07]

only a quick one at just like to place on record and thanked Sir both Councillor into this and the City Mayor and to submit that advice to developers in Salford
for the support given to northlight and and I just like to us
we would support still be available in the future however anything
that was similar support schemes in the future thank you

[Cllr D Antrobus - 2:07:38]

councillor Gina Reynolds

[Cllr C McIntyre - 2:07:44]

councillor Warmisham
I am sure
this is the value of any thoughts on behalf from

[Cllr J Warmisham - 2:08:02]

was for the only too well with the number of homeless charities and organisations that we've got
one of the biggest issues for the homeless within our city is accessing
medical assistance and medical help I was just wondering whether
Councillor Reynolds tells what is on offer in the city for the people are homeless that use these organisations

[Cllr G Reynolds - 2:08:28]

thank you Councillor Anderson for me and my fellow where colleague and yet I had the pleasure of visiting loaves and Fishes which you know is sat off Churchill Way and putting some clothes and offers some marvellous facilities and support for homeless population and so had the pleasure of visiting with Councillor Kelly and our lead on housing and am Andy Burnham to have a look round that facility and to meet some of the service users and that was a couple of weeks ago and they've actually introduced the Salford homeless and GP practice in as Dr Young I am along with the practice nurses and healthcare assistants and pick people from the homeless community can go in there and register with that practice using Paddington closes the address which also enables them to get benefits and other support which is fantastic and is an absolutely lovely gentleman Dr Young it was a real pleasure to actually talk to him to go up to the surgery and have a look round at the facilities am in that building
and also his is doing a mobile service where he goes out to the Narrowgate shelter and also in my ward and out to amaze us he also provides a service from Salford on employment and Resource Centre in ac calls
and the staff and volunteers in there which will also support people to take them out to dental practice currently the Dunker practices in Ancoats in Manchester and would like to see as used in practice in Salford so we're going to do some work around that but currently the can access dental services in Ancoats area and also and the homeless community can go into any of our gateways and use facilities that are health improvement service providing all the services that Health Improvement Service provide in this city they are able to to access in use
were also trying to extend mental health provision more to the homeless population and is currently some work being done on that to make more of a mental health service offer and to those people
thank you Councillor

[Cllr C McIntyre - 2:11:00]

Reynolds your quick for me to get a question councillor campbell
thank you Chair

[Cllr J Cammell - 2:11:11]

I was really moved by the procession of vigil to remember people from Salford lost as suicide and support those left behind which was held outside Salford Museum and Art Gallery last Tuesday 10th September which was World suicide Prevention Day
the event was organised by staff or antiseptic organisation who have used creativity wonderful people from all walks of life improve their skills and gain in confidence
the procession Fergana starts Wellbeing Centre on Broad Street
we carried 100 26 yellow flags along the route
each one representing a life lost to suicide in Salford over the last five years
as part of the video the list of people from Salford losses in the side over the last five years was read out
this includes Councillor Paul Longshaw who unfortunately I never got to know
why do know about him is he was very talented respected and loved member of this Council Chamber
next month is well mental Health Day on the 10th of October and that is also focusing on suicide prevention
I personally suffered with anxiety and depression
it was the main reason I left my previous job
it took me a few years to accept my condition and learn how to manage my thoughts and feelings
I wasn't suicidal by big understand how someone could become so from the place I was up
one of the main things that helped me get up my mental health was speaking to other people who have been through similar or worse experiences than myself
and that they had learned how to deal with it and get himself back on track
i'm still medication for anxiety and depression I still use CBT techniques and mindfulness to help control with doors and were moved
I still have to focus on looking after myself
I am still speak to people experiencing the thoughts and feelings
we listen to each other and we help each other
having been through this I know how difficult it is to ask for help when you're struggling
I heard me talking about my experience here might encourage someone who was feeling overwhelmed or feels like him enough to seek out and speak to someone
the question I would like to ask is what are we doing as a Council to support the prevention of suicide in the City of Salford and what are we doing to reach out to support employees of the Council including the elected members who might be struggling with their mental health thank you

[Cllr G Reynolds - 2:14:09]

thank you Councillor come out I am
it being very brave there to share your experiences and really funny for that and for standing up and doing that here today and to reach out and help all the people
who need help so so thank you would like to pay tribute to that also thank you for mentioning an Councillor Longshaw who will vary subtly mess and he's still here in our hearts I am
dash and
what are we doing
if he referenced first of all start or an absolutely fantastic mental health charity and am pleased to say that the CCG had committed to further forms and the work that they're doing
on my reach out to and suicide campaign so that is be it the funding for that is continuing and the work that they're doing will be continuing and long may it continue what had just like to our this there are also doing a lot of support round employment and the Dhoni 2 year pilot to deliver an employment and employment support course for people with secondary care mental health needs AM and and that is something really worthwhile so I am pleased that that that is being delivered by them we've also worked on a wider scale we've developed an all age mental health strategy which is the first time it's been all age that's been done collaboratively with a lot of partners and with people with lived experience of mental health Members of the mental Health Forum which a group who will meet monthly in the Pendleton gave way and everyone is welcome to join them and to see what they do and to current contributes
to what they're doing that meets on the first Wednesday of the month and at the gate way am I think had the time somewhere but I can acne male at out the times of that
group this also all the service group and users groups in the city and they have inputted into lots of our strategies with the currently doing never suicide Prevention Partnership
again this people on that with the lived experience as well as partners and showing that individuals don't feel that suicide is their only option and were trying to address with that the impact it has on families and communities identifying high risk groups and working closer with with our partners is an organisation course 6 degrees which are social enterprise and they support those bereaved by suicide and their elite grouping in GM will solve our own bereavement group in their lemon caddies head area which a lot of you will be familiar with and one of our former ceremonial mayor's Christine Hudson and is very much one of the founders of that group along with a sister
I am also Councillor Hamilton has done some counselling and work with with that group is a number of online cat online campaigns we have heard managing thoughts of suicide card which I think was putting your Pigeon House by Councillor Hamilton has special responsibilities for mental health has been leading recently on mental health and Councillor
Hamilton put into Members' pigeonholes a hard copy of the News Letter which is going to do on a quarterly basis for members which signpost people
for advice support and help that they can get and also highlight some of the work that is currently being done
I am
one of the things which I'm really proud of is the living where while marble that work with currently developing this has come from Lambeth who were on a 7 year journey to develop their living Well model we're doing it obviously different means Salford because it's not a one size fits all it has to be relevant to to our population and our needs so it's a hub and spoke model delivered by primary care and secondary care in the voluntary sector and again we've got a lot of
service users and people involved in the mental Health Forum who are helping to mould and shape that
there's going to be a living well hope that will be established and its for people it's it's for anyone who needs help experience a mental health problem to open the access that to help them recover and to stay well
so be combining social and clinical support and had been working with the Innovation Unit and they've got 300 thousand k to start that off from the Big Lottery and so as a site been designed by people with that lived experience
and we are also developing home-based treatment services more are adult mental health crisis service and Ali how a mental Health Liaison Service
is very well recognised an throughout GM and that's helping people who present at A&E and were achieving national targets with that and over and above and are early intervention in psychosis is currently achieving national targets Rolser developing a perinatal mental health service because we recognise that a lot of women who have given birth do suffer from mental health
so there's a programme not only as a local level to GM level and using a Community psychiatric units and helping to provide services in our midwife led unit locally
Ross on a journey with our emotional friendly accredited schools and a lot of our staff now in schools a chain mental health first aiders
and we're giving further training to people who currently haven't had that training
and we get were doing more mental health support in residential homes for our older population just to talk about what we're doing as a Council for our employees we have a
Health and Wellbeing Steering Group that out not only looks at their physical health but the mental health of our workforce and that's currently chaired by Councillor Ferguson and Councillor Hamilton sits on that group and I have previously sat on that group
there ensuring that all our managers are trained to recognise mental health issues with our workforce
there's an offer of mental health and suicide awareness training again are thinking the news the News Letter that Council Hammerson sent out to all
our elected Members
that signposted people to how they can get that training
as I say we've also when Councillor Shah was my deputy he am organised a cross party working group looking at the mental health of elected Members okay

[Cllr C McIntyre - 2:21:56]

thank you Councillor Reynolds that was a very good and thorough answer to a question
move people HMOs as other
lead Members or take the measures that were not here at this meeting can I just remind people that the City Mayor and the Cabinet and are very happy to meet and discuss any problems people would have with cream Council metres

11 General Questions or Comments to Chairs of Scrutiny Panels

if we go then snicks agenda item as to ask questions or make comments to the Chairs of the decking scrutiny committees any questions of Councillor Julie you is Chair of Overview scripting
councillor Saunders

[Cllr C McIntyre - 2:22:42]

[Cllr C McIntyre - 2:22:48]

councillor Brocklehurst he as Chair of the judges scrutiny panel

[Cllr C McIntyre - 2:22:59]

councillor Birch Communities and Neighbourhoods Scrutiny Panel Councillor Saunders

[Cllr C McIntyre - 2:23:14]

councillor Morris Chair of Health and social Care Scrutiny Panel
now Councillor Kate Lewis
she is not here today

[Cllr C McIntyre - 2:23:31]

some has asked the question will get a written reply Councillor Saunders if you want to ask question we will get a written response between an equaliser

[Cllr C McIntyre - 2:23:57]

you'll carefully perfectly right could you ask your question please
can I

[Cllr A Saunders - 2:24:10]

ask Councillor sharpen appreciate is only just taken over
On the 14th August the City Mayor issued
one of his
as he is entitled to do a
he published was
an edict as it were
bringing in landlords let landlord licensing for the Weaste and Seedley area so this was published on the 14th of August you can see this will got copies
on the this was
subject to call-in period which ended on the 21st of August it also said that they expect possible legal challenge but that's that that doesn't concern me on the 15th of August the very next day
the Manchester Weekly News published an advertisement by the Council
saying that this had been published it didn't mention it subject to call in and say that this had now been adopted in fact because the news comes out slightly earlier than the publishing data was actually out on the day even before the item had been published and I just want to councillors' chalk feels that this is a discourtesy at the very least of his Committee
because it's terms for Saunders we don't think can slash out is going

[Cllr C McIntyre - 2:25:53]

to be in a position where he can answer questions and it may be a question may ask one task the different officers in the Council so with will fall

[Cllr C McIntyre - 2:26:14]

if we then move on to ask him questions or making comments to anybody who served in the know say committees any questions or comments

13 Scheduled Reports from Board Members

item number 13 the schedule of reports we each got reports these reports so basically for information and irritation is any points raised from them can be directed directly to
different persons were responsibility you've got Mr. Liu minutes are
now being told of any matters of Any other business so declared this Council met closed