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1 Any announcements or special business (including the submission of any urgent business) introduced by the Chair.
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4 Freedom of City of Salford - Benjamin Wallsworth MBE MM
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[Seat 38 - 0:00:41]
please be seated
thank you to every day for attending today and any apologies

1 Any announcements or special business (including the submission of any urgent business) introduced by the Chair.

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councillor has box and correctly
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any others
any declarations of instead of interest
thank you then we can move back a long tube item number 4 on the agenda the reason we're here is to accept the nomination for
the office of
fence was worth seeing
given the Freedom of the City and as we with Directors lines you can move which are linked to
[Seat 30 - 0:02:19]
thank you Chair
well tell us saying that two
of the cluster to five and a half years of made many speeches in this Chamber some might say too many but nevertheless let's not gold
erm bookless this one is the most I hope the most pleasurable one I've ever made
with all due respect to early recipients of Wortley gift this honour to
as far as I'm concerned

4 Freedom of City of Salford - Benjamin Wallsworth MBE MM

then is the wall that really topped them all as far as I'm concerned he topped them all because he's one of us
he's one of us
all the years that he was on the Council is a man of wisdom a great sage a man of intellect you could say a man before his time although are rephrase that a little bit because there was a reputation that where time was concerned that was always Les
but nevertheless it was a month before his time he was a man before his time when I first got on the Council 35 years ago he was a man that I will talk to respected sought advice from it because he'd been around a long long time and he knew the ins and outs of it he was a man that was steeped earth probably because of his experiences remember he grew up as a child in the 20th or after the horrors of the First World War in all the problems that came from that he then saw the depressions of the parties that were there when he was starting to leave school and seek seek employment and then of course or at the war and of course we all know that Sir during the war and let us not underestimate it he was a hero many worry arose book been was one and therefore the Convener the military battle for what he did enough to secure war now again because of his experiences and or through the twenties and thirties lease growing up he was a man of course with many others have that their generation Sue said we will never ever after again
we will seek a society that where cooperative as a collective unfortunately I might say probably not the right time to pay that may be not as where we were at when Ben because because of then and people like then I as Paul knows of always been the same that reworded golden generation and there was no doubt about that we live like people like any grown-up had never left before a worker experienced it before so in that sense he was really really Amanda fought a member of the trade Union Branch secretary for many many years really worked her about the half of Book of the work in the library class absolutely first class mouth but when we look at tea when we talk about his wisdom with be the stage all at wish to he was the Mamas course that just before
I got on the Council
offers will know David Lancaster Garrick David Jolley oherwydd on the Council at that time a pen was instrumental in what we were doing on the keys he had the foresight to go to less offer at that time and talk about what we could develop on that case that wasn't
one that everybody
was beyond employment or then because it was a very very risky business at that time but then at the college and the Leader at that side of the College to do it and we can see what we've got now he was also of course a bin man before his time on environmental issues he was always looking at the environment he was always planning as well as Chairman of Planning for the environment and of course earned characters no equ partly as his deputy before he moved on and he wanted to call them
that it could give you chapter and verse on bench and either men from what he did but as Chairman of Planning of course and talking about the big issues but what
then also
excelled up was the east relationships with ordinary people people remember I was taught many years ago and said it you can only planning you could not set 50 percent of the people and rewarding and an Excel with PIP 50 percent of the people but I used to go as leader we used to have in those days are planning visit every ball for the coach
and I used to go off on the Planning Committee by use the goal I used to go to see her understand training system what was happening in the city and of also to see out Ben Hur used to talk to people of when people over and nine times our child he won them over hurts all that Texel that's how his ability was a fantastic man and he deserves nothing Cawley family the earlier today should really very very proud of this man it is nigh in his 100th year now and he obviously he was for a Member nineteen fifty seven or eight became a Councillor and a brief spell at the end of the 6 feet when the opposition were in power and length of course this was in the all Salford and that for 19 74
8 was the year early last at that time the majority of that time he was Chair of the Planning Panel
tall you know he was really really well then an absolute first class I'm proud to Do you really am are and I think everybody else should be told without Mr. Mayor of sit down now but you
[Seat 37 - 0:08:16]
[Seat 38 - 0:08:18]
thank you tend to answer Councillor Barry Warner believe you are going to second
the motion
[Seat 9* - 0:08:26]
thank you Mr. Mayor
well and
is working on an oval
I got your Deputy
in 19 84 she or staring reserve deputy then moved over to finance a natural Jersey's parts of your deputation
stock with you until you finish altogether on the first
chapter of Planning
forwarded from Grant things together and avoid just on the tome out there who said what with Dhoni took me all over the place yet so why have you had with your family so we did the best we can but when you think about the keys one is today and what it was when we first went there when nothing they won't arrive much new set House can you imagine what we could make this line and note its culture fruition in only got people to move in that but we never thought possible as Davina shall we film because every film very well mind set on the phone for your whole life did you do things on plumbing lies can become the voice Virasami to Virginia severe chucks his shovel about his AGMA not all the Greater Manchester authorities and the meniscus trying to get money for our Highways Department and I remember Bensaïd hand on the neck were made to the two grey montage of what would it be why he forgot to the Northwich because we ain't going anywhere in his Greater Manchester justice should allow regions if I could ask the Minister not
real hope in turn to whenever go anywhere anyway Rubens's off work that and things started to move from their new urban design issues up the news from the first part is here and all the thing to remember as well
the women through the Regional Forest he was on the member of Red Rose Forest by the time he went he always took me ruined comparator at Gorse forest and used to go with it said it regretted now to work in Salford and all when it is introduced before any common air on all the camera they shall be planted really roots of trees all the Salford yet we get and dumped seizure Stilian what figures you things don't just happen in all I admire bend the law today this award then got to there he really really deserved
and I'm proud of what ensures avoiders and I'm proud today to see yet this warm he really George Jersey but you know when I was his deputy First he never spoke about his war years in the army in of all enough to vote some years he shed to make those occupied he said to make them have you ever been in the army figure was then he says I did you go a chondrite trees just pick a 15 month because it into sexual activity in year 2 of choices over Charter NI suffer could not all be for 15 months ushered ragged Hugo van he shall overcome to curb Asher don't Kerr Fisher yes or Siobhan I shall he was a big day
the Shadwell assurances often travel to even swamped the crocodiles roam in order to deliver the continued on the beach to shut it will fully shared trips
Ó Ríordáin love for Gordon Lyons E Newman Velvet about for the report on the best form of my own and others at a time when we got shines non son
her there's a lot of things I could say today you can always too many things FOI stolen and storage to sell but really just deserves this award and a cheque Place to the issue saying it
thank you for all you so thank God of emerging justice to throw on yours if most of intrallect T4 to gone to those in charge are a bit too long stints as his Deputy Chair both the gongs right thank you
[Seat 37 - 0:12:53]
[Seat 38 - 0:12:55]
thank you Councillor Golton
I'd like to
pass to Mr. Paul Dennett City mirror deleted captivity ones
[Seat 40 - 0:13:07]
while How do I am fully Councillor Hinds and Councillor Warner I'm sure I Khan and I have learned something catchily and I always used to think it was Councillor Antrobus that was responsible for the fact that 60 per cent of Salford is green but actually it's been Walsworth who's responsible for the greenness of the City of Salford so
so seriously they what a pleasure it is to be here today speaking in favour of the motion before this Council Chamber that BEM was worth is admitted as Honorary Freeman of the great city of Salford then is a living legend in Salford and as we've already heard he's very soon to reach his 100th birthday
are born and bred Salfordian are decorated servicemen and a pioneer in the creation and protection of green spaces for the people of Salford
as a former councillor for Blackfriars been traditionally represented the side of the city I first called home when I moved to the City of Salford only a few miles from his birthplace in Odsal which Benn was as we have already heard instrumental in the early nineteen eightys after visiting Canada to persuade the then Leader less huff and the City Council to purchase Salford Keys this was in many respects the first critical step which has led to the transformation of Salford's derelict Docklands and the realisation of what we commonly referred to today as media City UK
as a former city kids his chief passion was to ensure that the future generations of Salfordians could enjoy more open green spaces and he himself had been able to enjoy as a boy
and in that regard I hope that we have continued to do your legacy proud then Salford Council and our partners have invested in leveraged 100 27 million pounds of direct investment into green spaces over the last 10 years from blackleach Country Park to the new cycle routes connecting our city the restoration of the peat bogs in Irlam and Cadishead the wetlands and the second flood Basin in Broughton the restoration of Peel Park the first public park in the country and soon to be the fifth national Royal Horticultural Society garden in Wordsley opening next year all of this has built on Benn's passion and legacy in this city our great city of Salford
and as many of you know in this Council Chamber even to this day were continuing that battle against Peel Holdings over Ben's vision for worseley Greenway a green lung providing a vital patch of green space for residents to enjoy
so thanks to Ben our planning policies still contains extensive stipulations for developers to had hitherto including provisions around the public realm the huge levels of development we have seen in the city over the past decade could have lunch look much different and potentially must much worse were it not for things legacy
as we know he's a local lad a war hero a man completely dedicated to improving the lives of fellow Salfordians for me been embodies everything which we could ever hope to see from someone bestowed with the honour of Freedom of the City and for that is an absolute honour for Salford that he has accepted this award
so Ben thank you for everything you have done
everything you have achieved and everything you have given an inspired us with in our city you represent the spirit of Salford it is truly my honour and my pleasure to speak in support of this motion for your admittance as Honorary Freeman of the great city of Salford thank you very much
[Seat 38 - 0:18:12]
pillar 2 lost any Councillors who want to make any remarks to make themselves known they undress Councillor Andrew this
[Seat 32* - 0:18:22]
it quite you Mr. Mayor
I would like to were so big thankyou span
of personally and on behalf of the people of the City of Salford
and all the
officers and Members that banners works with over the years and it's really nice to see air today Mr. Roger Rees the former Chief Executive who worked so closely with then I on many of these achievements
the City Mayor
mentioned there and responsibility for all the green spaces and I fully endorse or what's there the City Mayor has sat on that
I think one of the great achievements of van is not the individual projects but it is the idea that we must cherish those green spaces and take every opportunity to protect them
I come with the green space is I'm afraid that I've taken some credit for the flood Basin but actually it was then whose idea it was not only to secure a first but Basin and he did that but also to make sure that land was allocated so that when money became available we could have the second flood Basin and that has been one of the great green benefits to this city in every sense of the word so Ben what you did in the past is still resonating today and the same is true of are the trees
Red Rose Forest was something that you were instrumental in founding you are a great champion of that over so many years so much so that Salford City Council hosted the Red Rose Forest Partnership and still today we host but the staff were involved in the City of Trees which is the successor organisation to the Red Rose partnership so what Ben did in the past still resonates today
anyone who has been a member of the City Council and heard them walls will speak well I've heard about Bala buses and now what we used that many councils to hear the long description of his experiences in Canada with these their buses which were carbon neutral buses way back in the inclusion of the nineties and I think it shows the foresight of ban that he was advocating that there is something that we are just getting round to now so again his vision then resonates with what we are doing today so I say thank you to on the present generation at you everything that you did
can I just add some personal thanks as well a Bill Hinds for rightly referred to your wisdom and you may not remember this ban but there was an afternoon in the Weavers arms when a viewer
what went well what I was and I can't remember exactly what it is that I done but the Chief Whip are my I'm up my back and I was being threatened with all sorts of things including expulsion from the Labour Group and the Labour party
I think for opposing year are publicly opposing some cuts in services
but it was Ben who defended me then so perhaps save mine career but also imparted
some great wisdom because what he said to me then are stuck with me all the time and I hope it's informed my attitudes he said Look
leave the let alone
if he doesn't want to change the world today what will he want to change when he 60
and so I always say when I hear
people worried about the over ambitions of younger members of the Council House remember what been said to me and I hope that when I'm 99 I can still want to change the world in the same way that then has and still wants to do thank you
[Seat 37 - 0:23:09]
[Seat 38 - 0:23:13]
thank you friends later with Councillor Mrs. Greider
[Seat 34* - 0:23:18]
thank you and
then was on the Council when I first got on the Council and he was the very first Chairman I had a flattening and then made my life to love planning actually made me think how great planning was I sat on all the Committees on all planning committees unlike some of the Vice-Chairman's or somewhere OK
somewhere got very personal with me but some were very good indeed but Ben was always there to stick up for me and if I wanted to say something he allowed me to say it am and if I didn't agree with them he would always support me in this I am and I remember we used to go out has been sad once a month on these trips and did not have what the weather was like we still went out and I remember one of the occasions there was a very sensitive planning application which was being dealt with within Salford and we're all a bit apprehensive about going but then said will be fine you know will easily placement think in those days you just went in here and we went and I have to say this was the first time I'd ever had paid thrown at me are but we all had Green paints row matters and if I say that I was looking through of a bag of stuff that I was taken to the charity shop and I found the raincoat that I had done and it is still got the green paint for the obviously anthem of so I don't know how the guys went on with their trousers because we have green paint all over us are for Ben very calm they spoke to the people and then they apologise for throwing the green paint and usually it ends up in a big round book them was absolutely fantastic and also I remember when I was having trouble with a certain gentleman and then was very perceptive about what was going on and at that time we used to meet in Committee Room 4 because that was the biggest room we had but they all sat behind us
so you are like you felt as if you were like the gladiators right because they were all behind us chuntering away answers and I'm not a shrinking violet I have to say but then I say looked at me and realise that I was having a bit of a problem and he said
are robbing a break closer me saying he closed the meeting and he said to me what is the problem and when I told him he said right and he got the Chief Executive but I am and he said he got the guy banned from the committee room I am and ended up in court and defend hadn't have been at that time so understanding the way that we are dealt with some times in Committee that we do feel quite threatened am and then you instantly that there was a problem and that was then then knew all the mothers everybody in the council he knew he knew my mother and when he was the Mayor got a bit worried really because he kept coming and sitting next to my mom I am amongst now 100 and one so where we could have been quite like my mom I think my mom liked him as well which was a bit God you really considering he was a socialist Labour and that we were all Conservatives so again a little bit worried about it but and he actually gave them on some flowers which was very very nice on her on her birthday and that I just want to save them without you we wouldn't have that beautiful green along which goes from Little Hulton Ruby's agreed into worseley through to monitor that wouldn't be there then without you so that we have to give you the biggest biggest banks we can On behalf of the Council in the Conservative Group I just like to thank you and I would also like to thank you for the people in Wesleyan Boothstown who now understand how far you fought to actually get that green belt at green lungs within our city and had just sacked thank you very much and is such an honour than to actually see today and I hope that will see more of you and hopefully you will enjoy being having the freedom of the city I don't know what you're going to do I think somebody brought some shape or something but I don't know what you're going to do what it might be something a bit more interesting than sheep so thank you very much indeed for all that you've done for the city and this is a great honour and I'm sure all your family and everybody on the sounds why we all love you so much thank you
thank you
[Seat 38 - 0:28:28]
those literally
[Seat 26 - 0:28:37]
yes thank you Mr. Murphy like Councillor Antrobus I came on to the Council first in 19 79 anew symbol way been was one of those senior Councillors at the time who took me under his wing meant OJEU supported you shoulder the roles and showed you watch what to do and it was an also been was a partly party member in the what I represented at the time which was West Ward later Weaste and Seedley so I was I saw him a lot and and he was extremely helpful including on a couple of occasions in those early years are shielding me from the wrath of the then council leader less off and on any did that with your Members cause less well less hopes Rock was something that you really did need shielding against guilty took no prisoners but Les was very helpful and was very helpful that way but what was one thing I do remember a party thing which Ben by definition won't remember for reasons that will become apparent is
it was around about his 70th birthday might Vinnie 70th birthday and we went through it was in the election campaign and every
I write them
never changes
so anyway I picked up every night from what we have in our too young to go campaigning with a canvas in the weeks and one day I went down knocked on the door and I think it was Barry answered the door and I said I met a picket fence for the canvassing and he said I don't think you are and he pushed open the living room door and there was been dozing away peacefully on the cheap because it was his birthday and he spent the whole of that day in the lamp with his brother Frank under soul nor canvassing for Ben that night but as I said Ben was hugely helpful to all of us all be then young Councillors now those of us are left veteran Councillors in those early days he was also while the people most instrumental in creating what we then called the new Salford after 19 74 our Local government reorganisation I really can't think of anybody more deserving of this honour so well done them
[Seat 38 - 0:30:58]
thank you there is reveals indicators so could I please put the motion to the Council deeper and over to Mr. Taylor so the motion was that a
Benjamin Wadsworth should be admitted
the Honorary Freemen of the City of Salford all those in favour are
any against
any abstentions
I pass over to
Mr. Taylor
Castle thanking
[Seat 37 - 0:31:35]
ceremony last so I'm just going to explained so everybody wants to do now so now is the time to now that the Council has an has other given the honour as a state of the city to ban
it's where the bands going to access the Freedom of the City so I'm hoping you going to accept the Freedom of the City bankers so you are so this is a book
emigrated up this is a book which gives you the freedom of the city and if you can if you sign it there let me reassure you some of the people who were in via Nelson Mandela although he wasn't here in person but he did get the Ryan Giggs
Harold Riley artist
and yourself so there's not many people who've happy onerous or he would sign
yet my mother and no you can't because created an air of standard of Ahmad because he complained last time and the USA you sign their benefit young and say that yes police they derive
along the lines as Ryan Giggs that was his autographing
whose down that line now
so basically I'll just I'll just read it out so people can see
it says the Honorary Freedom of the City was conferred upon bensman walls with NBA a man at a meeting of Salford City Council held on the 30th October 29 tea and illuminated address recording the honour was presented to Benjamin walls were at the ceremony at Salford Civic Centre on the 30th October 20 19 Mrs. A Bartlett stays in the ceremony Mayor's Parlour and a few people have been given the Freedom of the City however that's fantastic and Cuba so that's the ongoing ask this city maths on it as well he wouldn't mind Paul just as I am there are good a member asked the ceremonial masks aside and then I'll sign it
and then there are a couple of other things that we need to do for them which I explain in a moment
why not replace
I watch
giving the Palme Buckley's ceremony my thinking
so perhaps if we just hold about their in between
and then we can produce a photograph of her book which will be good
the first
I'm this so that stays in the Mayor's Parlour but there is a frame scroll here but willing to give to ban
and as normal open
about which the string and there already eyes on their so close yet so he can take the string out and put it on the wall for those of you
so it sent an e-mail to see this book prop said this down to the Salford suites and this is for you to cake van and it basically the scroll and its goth pulsing each of the ceremonial Mayor and my signature Anne-Sophie to hang on your wall or home just to remind you that you are a Freeman of the City so I was wondering whether we turn this round would have a photograph
so not round
I can
assure you any phase shall be pulled up
finally Senate Sir asked two things had us we have something else to presents a belt as well
2 comma 30
am and it is
about the anger
it didn't really get your hand into us say that outweigh the
so I am now so this is this is a medal
which has
of course councillor Watson methods as we know
what hopefully this will be a special one this spread of the city on it and it has your name on the back burner and so there we on behalf of the City Council and another one I don't have to worry about
onto the employed on
now we are
and there we go
so that's the mellow calm to get on with it
it is not yet
stopping off for yourself
could not locate
so I just wonder about divorce
[Seat 39 - 0:37:10]
so do what you want to say something that people would want to say some food safety warnings
Lord Morrow
members of the Council
for instance I am wrong and relations
was wondering what to say
I warehouse
are one of
actually Borough Council as the Council the made best
available today
because probably of my efforts in the past
I would say this
but I always a great fight
and my Council and I have always believed that they were all was on the RHI parcel A even some of the opposition
because at the end of the day
where and this job
to look after people and other words
I cannot put it this way I'm a racist
now some of you were McGough's that law from aside I'm arise says but I'm a human rights
in the world
I believe
I believe the way as representatives of the
papal Owler we are actually are doing our best to make the human race a proper human rights the accept or not accept
thanks and future I sometimes fail
they're not actually Luke or nature of the ES
i'm failed to be perfectly honest that it's not the sunshine
the gold
H x 8 The of some gives off that does the
as there is a thing among fail or possibly and physics they served by locating and the eighth that's gave no no 5 of soul and another was charged round slavery and took out a map power could re-use and the end of the words are law
and that a wipeout all fellows because you're could elect resulted from that I believe it is the eighth
but those are not the sunshine I was I'm probably I got a known event and I probably
site and some of the things that I thought for a lifetime The Ides I've now that the people of Salford R Gray painful and I believe that we are going in the right way yes
I was instrumental in the case
I am surely are got less growth L was then the Leader of the Council to agree
and you know I've never said this sort of at about a minute but we could report the whole of our holdings of the ship canal for 3 million violence
we haven't got 3 millions pounds with Omega Amalia not a slave show what we did wave or they owe events that were might mainly in Salford
I'm lets her well that I Costa's that monitor and the caves as an example the case I would think as more workers are now the odd one it was adults and I would think that we are on the right path
I believe
and I know for a certainty that the papal the a guide and that sets out
all good people I will say it right I believe that so far as
why would our delegation of site a panel
at the end of the Council are but I think the ear while an excellent council
involving said that the case will go forward and I hope that so Morley picks up the fact that I believe
I'll think it was the
Moray delayed Burnard lays wife hours died that said yet ahead of your time that
that was a long time ago law it of your time that I'm die
bill faint
I don't think because I that cholera
of Dragoman are
I play Manchester may Hostal dot transfer of Milan I started postal does fall Meinster pariah new environment and all the words I used the post office to transfer more light weight on the world while the government down or walk Cornwall so Brown your lad and that when it all by what was then not new thing are transfer
I will now or better a gentleman said No we are just called a boat I'm all for golf and that let's have a life
I enjoyed it was told by my Executive and they know not to do those two Deloitte the proper way post allowed us
but for me I know by loud that got on the Council I was ransacked rates either
a all the time that I've forgotten that M and
A was the
add a cyclists I like a sad Cabaye on balance I think that all is the by Belfast I am advised I be right but I am saying base
we must look
what has been ignored for
and the heat from the sun was should be on the same down so I am sure that we've got power
thank you and
God bless all of you
[Seat 38 - 0:46:08]
thank you then
I'm before requires me to say that there's refreshments didn't the sofa sweep cast the councillors to pay attention and lead members of the family and friends able to get access to the seat nearly a faster
and so on that I'd like to close the income that
firstly say a thank you to Ben who was my first famously in 19 90 when I lived in Blackfriars and Salford so thank you better
to enjoy the rest of the afternoon and Geoff please make your way when we finish this meeting to sofa sweep where you'll does so refreshments
[Seat 33* - 0:46:57]
Sarah and her mother