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  1. Cllr C McIntyre
  2. Chaplain
  3. Cllr C McIntyre
  4. Cllr C McIntyre
1 Any announcements or special business (including the submission of any urgent business) introduced by the Chair.
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2 Apologies for absence
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  1. Cllr C McIntyre
  2. Cllr P Boshell
  3. Cllr C McIntyre
  4. Cllr C McIntyre
  5. Cllr C McIntyre
  6. Cllr C McIntyre
3 Declaration of Interests
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  1. Cllr A Saunders
  2. Cllr C McIntyre
  3. Cllr C McIntyre
  4. Cllr C McIntyre
  5. Cllr R Critchley
5 Receipt of Petitions/Communications
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  1. Cllr C McIntyre
  2. Cllr R Wilson
  3. Cllr C McIntyre
6 Membership of Committees and Panel for the Municipal Year 2019/20
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  1. Cllr C McIntyre
7 Salford City Council Constitution - Amendments
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  1. M Carruthers-Watt
  2. Cllr C McIntyre
  3. Cllr A Saunders
  4. M Carruthers-Watt
  5. Cllr K Garrido
  6. Cllr C McIntyre
  7. Cllr C McIntyre
8 Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places 2019
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  1. Jim Taylor
  2. Cllr C McIntyre
  3. Cllr R Garrido
  4. Cllr C McIntyre
  5. Cllr A Saunders
  6. Cllr C McIntyre
  7. Cllr D Lancaster MBE
  8. Jim Taylor
  9. Cllr C McIntyre
9 Treasury Management Annual Report 2018/19
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  1. Cllr B Hinds
  2. Jim Taylor
  3. Cllr C McIntyre
  4. Cllr C McIntyre
10 Treasury Management Strategy Mid Year Review 2019/20
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  1. Cllr B Hinds
  2. Cllr C McIntyre
  3. Cllr R Garrido
  4. Cllr C McIntyre
11 a) Doing Buses Differently: Proposed Franchising Scheme for Greater Manchester - Consultation
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  1. City Mayor P Dennett
  2. Jim Taylor
  3. Cllr C McIntyre
  4. Cllr R Jones
  5. Cllr C McIntyre
  6. Cllr L Turner
  7. Cllr H Fletcher
  8. Cllr C McIntyre
  9. Cllr A Leitner
  10. Cllr C McIntyre
  11. Cllr R Garrido
  12. City Mayor P Dennett
  13. Cllr R Garrido
  14. Cllr C McIntyre
  15. Cllr J Merry CBE
  16. Cllr C McIntyre
  17. Cllr D Jolley
  18. Cllr C McIntyre
  19. Cllr K Garrido
  20. Cllr C McIntyre
  21. Cllr C McIntyre
  22. Cllr L Nelson
  23. Cllr C McIntyre
  24. Cllr D Antrobus
  25. Jim Taylor
  26. Cllr L Edwards
  27. Cllr C McIntyre
  28. City Mayor P Dennett
  29. Cllr C McIntyre
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  31. Cllr C McIntyre
  32. Cllr C McIntyre
  33. City Mayor P Dennett
12 Statement of the Elected City Mayor
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13 General Questions or Comments to the Elected City Mayor
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  1. Cllr C McIntyre
  2. Cllr C McIntyre
  3. Cllr L Turner
  4. Cllr C McIntyre
  5. Cllr T Kelly
  6. Cllr C McIntyre
  7. Cllr B Hinds
  8. Cllr C McIntyre
  9. Cllr C McIntyre
  10. Cllr L Edwards
  11. Cllr C McIntyre
  12. Cllr S Bellamy
  13. Cllr C McIntyre
  14. Cllr J Hamilton
  15. Cllr C McIntyre
  16. Cllr H Fletcher
  17. Cllr C McIntyre
  18. Cllr L Nelson
  19. Cllr C McIntyre
  20. Cllr R Garrido
  21. Cllr J Merry CBE
  22. Jim Taylor
  23. Cllr C McIntyre
  24. Cllr R Garrido
  25. Cllr K Garrido
  26. Cllr C McIntyre
  27. Cllr S August
  28. Cllr C McIntyre
  29. Cllr C McIntyre
  30. City Mayor P Dennett
  31. Cllr C McIntyre
14 General Questions or Comments to Cabinet Members on the discharge of responsibilities within their portfolios
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  1. Cllr R Walker
  2. Cllr C McIntyre
  3. Cllr P Boshell
  4. Cllr C McIntyre
  5. Jim Taylor
  6. Cllr R Garrido
  7. Cllr C McIntyre
  8. Cllr R Mashiter
  9. Cllr J Warmisham
  10. Cllr C McIntyre
  11. Cllr C McIntyre
  12. Cllr R Mashiter
  13. Cllr C McIntyre
  14. Cllr C McIntyre
  15. Cllr J Merry CBE
  16. Jim Taylor
  17. Cllr C McIntyre
  18. Cllr P Boshell
  19. Cllr C McIntyre
  20. Cllr L Turner
  21. Cllr C McIntyre
  22. Cllr C McIntyre
  23. Cllr A Leitner
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  26. Cllr S Hesling
  27. Cllr C McIntyre
  28. Cllr B Hinds
  29. Cllr C McIntyre
  30. Cllr B Hinds
  31. Jim Taylor
  32. Cllr D Lancaster MBE
  33. Cllr C McIntyre
  34. Cllr R Garrido
  35. Cllr D Antrobus
  36. Cllr C McIntyre
  37. Cllr A Saunders
  38. Cllr C McIntyre
  39. Cllr A Saunders
  40. Cllr G Reynolds
  41. Cllr C McIntyre
  42. Cllr C McIntyre
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Cllr C McIntyre - 0:00:45
Good morning Committee
and will give a press on fire chief
Chaplain - 0:01:02
I put this city
and for all when various ways serve our community
that fulfilling their duties with singleness of purpose
they may wisely and faithfully exercise the authority commits to them and promote the common good so Jesus Christ stalwart
on Roman almighty God for whom comes every good and Perkins gifts clung to those who hold office in this city of Salford the spirit of justice and
o wisdom and charity
but mindful of their responsibility
and of the needs of those they serve
they may promote the true welfare
of all those who live in this place
and advance your kingdom honour
through Jesus Christ on
and we pray for wisdom at this time for electors and candidates in the forthcoming general election
almighty God direct the hearts and minds of all the people of this nation
may cause to uphold justice and peace
honour and tree
to restrain evil and oppression
and to seek the truth prosperity of all are
on the welfare of the hall and
in the name of Jesus profits although
May calls peace be with huge die in your deliberations on
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:02:55
to reduce from him to stand and trees to show some respect for her to colleagues who sadly died in October this year that Councillor Cheetham and consumer focus on prevention
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:04:08
thank you please be seated
no I haven't been informed of any special note and instruments or a special fitness

1 Any announcements or special business (including the submission of any urgent business) introduced by the Chair.

and so we go on to Item number 2 in the agenda any apologies

2 Apologies for absence

Cllr C McIntyre - 0:04:51
Prince De Wolf
Cllr P Boshell - 0:04:56
councillor Morris
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:05:02
councillor Reynolds
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:05:08
councillor Burns
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:05:14
councillor Hamilton
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:05:23
any declarations of interest
Councillor Saunders

3 Declaration of Interests

Cllr A Saunders - 0:05:31
thank you Chair errm show there's no one who's not allow that are carried out to declare that I am candidate in the general election after the word clinical South constituency which of course comes under the jurisdiction of Salford Council I can't say that our group has agreed that as a result I will not be making any statements
all the political nature whatsoever as a pub
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:05:57
get here
okay many felt last week helping HE
of me
any issues 50 to be reached from this minute
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:06:24
can have somebody else to propose them please
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:06:35
any receipt of
petitions to be offered a central
truth that

5 Receipt of Petitions/Communications

Cllr R Critchley - 0:06:48
set comprising signed by 440 people and Walton opposed the disposal of public land and Foyle Road
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:06:58
councillor Wilson
Cllr R Wilson - 0:07:01
thank you Chair educational games 80 percent HMOs
so five bedrooms and not built to plan to yet 5 pm
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:07:31
now believe that everybody was the poverty than updated version of this minute
and that as a are
members of committees
of the Council

6 Membership of Committees and Panel for the Municipal Year 2019/20

can we pass them

7 Salford City Council Constitution - Amendments

Cllr C McIntyre - 0:07:57
the next item number seven amendments to the Salford City Council Constitution and I'll hand over to the City Solicitor will be able to talk to it
M Carruthers-Watt - 0:08:22
as Chair
full Council is asked to approve the proposed changes to the Council's Constitution as set out in the report
the proposed amendments are in red on the attached copy of the Constitution
and the revised changes to the Constitution were submitted to the Standards Committee for comment and also had come in through other
Members and
if the Council would like me to go through all of the changes I will happily do so but there are set out in the report
article 6 makes clear that non-key decisions of officers aren't subject to be called in
an article 9 I'm
in the Constitution has been updated to reflect changes to the Standards Committee in respect to an independent chair and also co-opted independent members
article 12 of the functions of the Monitoring Officer of being updated
and in Section B there is a summary of executive functions to be discharged by Chief officers as well as revised terms of reference for the protean Regeneration Panel
in section C or responsibility for non-executive functions and has been updated
Section F covers delegation of non-executive functions to chief officers
there's been a change to Section A the Council Procedure rules
and the initial proposal was amended to reflect agreement said the Council Council agenda group
section C are updates the Procedure rules with regard to the Budget and Policy Framework
of Part 4 Section E there pending changes to the procedure rules and unfortunately and these will now be submitted to Full Council in January and we need to ensure that the
new Chair of the workforce Panel is fully sighted and that we've gone through all of those
the Guide to the procurement contract rules has been revised to reflect legislative another change
the Member Code of Conduct apart 6 Section A has been
updated to include provisions relating to attendance arrears of Council Tax payments and non participation in case the prejudicial interest
part 6 Section B the Planning Protocol for Members and officers has been updated and did receive a query about the planning protocol doesn't just apply for planning and it applies to all members so the the changes
all circumstances in which matters of a planning or being discussed
part 6 Section D A includes the City Mayor in the Members
the City Mayor officers relations Protocol
part 7 has been updated to reflect changes to members' travel guidelines the actual indemnity policy has been included in the Constitution and the revised officer structure has been included I'm happy to take questions and it might take a minute or two to get to the contact page as were on a paper copy of the document
hence the funders
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:12:01
Cllr A Saunders - 0:12:03
thank you Chair
I presume I can
make a comment
on the entire constitution not just the what have been changed
that focus
firstly there are just looking for it to come across a couple of days ago there is actually a typo where the City Mayor is referred to as the directly City Mayor
we could call our City Mayor lots of things that we don't call him directly I assumed should say directly that I will give you the exact chapter and verse that Eliza those I am just a couple of other brief points
this seems to me some slight confusion there are a number of references to the Deputy City Mayor on some occasions it just simply says Deputy City Mayor on other occasions it says statutory Deputy City Mayor and Deputy City Mayor had just ask if that can be
clarified at was also reference to the rights of all
citizens to contact their councillors
Mitre Spanish suggests I know you later on you talk about
the right Knox B Harris but perhaps we could say the right of all citizens to contact councillors out her the websites of some people don't be contacted by phone and none of us want to be contacted at three in the morning let it is a genuine emergency had a slender something could be put in about that there's also some committees that are in the early the constitution that I have to say I've never heard of such as the Greater Manchester bus lane Committee am swathe m away was never been asked to approve a delicate to that am I right in saying the city mayor
you're the chairman
are you satisfied
so could could we have
some clarification on a map and finally
out we are of course in the season of goodwill to all men as we know and doesn't ensure children come
i'm later this year
and I note that
it says that there is no
requirement cabinet members are to be members of the ruling party so much in the spirit of birth in a spirit of cooperation harmony I look forward to the time when the members of the opposition Group path are invited to join the cabinet
M Carruthers-Watt - 0:15:00
and members of the cabinet are appointed by the City Mayor so I'll leave that one with him
it says lack of clarity with regard to statutory deputy and deputies or I'll make those amendments hurt accordingly
and again to reflect the Committee's yourself up for that in so far as the contacting members is concerned I think the Constitution covers the fact that citizens can contact their councillors
we don't put in the constitution the details of how that is done and people's preferences but there is a a a a protocol for that and then we do advise constituents about that and we have also advised members when they are being
contacted in a way that is perhaps in temperate and when that goes as far as harassment and we would actively continue to work with Members in those circumstances
councillor Karen Garrido
Cllr K Garrido - 0:16:08
I am it's just an a couple of observations and I actually think I lost the will to live with his online 8 am just looking for the Redbacks I think I could have done with her thing that took me straight to the Red bits like it was just on planning can I just ask for clarification because it says at the bottom of this long list of injured by 29 points and it says that this and everything composed will be delegated to the Director or all traces
o accounting officers nor is it something supporting one anyhow you don't have Johnson may now because it you know if you could just let me know sounds a little bit and I wanted clarification on that and it is my fault I should read it before but I just wondered if some time and could you give us that
a information
right that looks to me that we actually take for more power way by just want to make sure and the other thing I'd like to say is I don't know I will have as Councillors for everything seems to be going to offer his her
delegated to officers
there were questions problems
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:17:24
the Council is asked to approve the amendments made to the sofa City Council's Constitution
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:17:38
thank you
I still embrace the review of polling districts and polling places and until we pass to a

8 Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places 2019

Jim Taylor - 0:18:00
thank you Chair so this report Sir cast members will be familiar with this and would just like to draw your attention to the timetable which is on page whose 91 which talks about the consultation on the process that has been through since Sir July this year culminating in some recommendations to full Council today from the electoral matters Committee which has cross party representation overlapping and there is consultation events which again are detailed in the report consultation submission was also and there are indicated in referenced in Appendix One that and there is a full list of the outcomes of those consultations and discussions and meetings from pages 3 5 onwards which looks at the locations of polling stations in each of the wards I think it's an
Claire just to emphasise that the general election forthcoming general election will be used on the existing boundaries and the existing that polling stations and these are for at next year when the actual registered will be republished in the new year so I just want to refer this report to Full Council as stated on page 3 7 7 0 3 make recommendations on future
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:19:22
any question then comments people like total Councillor Robin Garrido
Cllr R Garrido - 0:19:30
I thank your child
it off and the options for the amount of work and has actually been done actually preparing
the Sir homelessness boundaries and polling stations as part of a mammoth task and as a political path from the China approval as is never easy task
I also thank the nurses taking account of suggestions at the rear bay articulation to expressly mushroom farm Fish sites have not been taken into account one comment I would make the fact is
that a Youth Hub is probably in the past where we have difficulty in society that a temporary polling stations
as not just in one place over several faiths in the city we have virtue in our area
and it strikes me that very often there are suitable places where they could be more suitable places where they could be sited but were held back because of schools now appreciate that we don't want to interrupt the school lessons learned in
that time
but there are no schools but many of them the have ample space opened in the car park schools Etrop subsides polling station it is sought so if I can cite the one on the corner that outside St Mark's Church in worseley which is on the corner of a busy
junction with motorway slip roads difficult for people to access etc and yet the local school says that car accommodate temporary cabin over the car park we publish all the schools in the past so I would urge you facts that Sir Obama lotteries are gathered and either of the constant every new each year
but we do look again at the sort of discussions that we have with schools
and other buildings
to encourage them to help the democratic process thereby assisting over the positioning of these conversations
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:21:23
thank you plays the greed of anybody else
Cllr A Saunders - 0:21:29
the faceless Saunders
thank you check while also add my thanks to the wonderful team that we have under Jim
randomly others for the election some Department originator wonderful job
can I also recommend that all councillors and indeed anybody that's involved when canvassing on some really do
I haven't got a copy of all look at some of the protocols he said to me about security and so on until have things from our own
head office as well it is very very important for all sorts of them obvious reasons and finally again in the spirit of the season of goodwill or if you think we have it difficult in this country are here's a copy of my sons voting card in Florida and this is just for primary election
and parking fat you've got to decide whether you're a Republican Democrat or non-partisan he had been asked to vote for the 17th judicial circuit circuit judge school board member districts as six or as well as an agricultural representative and those things that you would want to read this
very welcome to do so
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:22:51
thank you post with passengers we have easily acquiring any more questions
any more comments
councillor lancaster
Cllr D Lancaster MBE - 0:23:11
as the gap on the boundary review
but I also want to thank for every Member because what we gave every member an opportunity to meet with elections Officer on their own ward basis for any observations behind and I think he worked quite well he doing that rather than just as when the council without any prior discussion
I think it's important also that we recognise that today and this really does remind those remains the meeting together one 30
they'll play the hand that with the amendments which as has been suggested on the boundaries of polling stations is also on the agenda for the day I firmly believe
Jim Taylor - 0:23:55
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:23:58
if there's no more questions than were comments they will move to Item number 9

9 Treasury Management Annual Report 2018/19

is Treasury Management Annual report and an Gernando with Lead Member for Finance and support Services following which will last for any questions or comments
Cllr B Hinds - 0:24:23
thank you Chair
again periodically year I come to this that this body or with the Treasury Management position
is to
this morning the first one of course is to be altered a 20 year 80 90
I presume everybody's read it yet
I am sure you will enjoy
your welcoming them as well as a failure to report the Maelor applied to me again I'll say that
the reasons for these is to make sure that every members understand
why we do to bring these to the
or you know it's about whether
we've got enough money there for capital
it Georgia walking running off with 13 investment and of course this illiquidity in other words there will be no put protection to make sure that the day to day and that the Council is fair and that's all included in the report now of the two thousand eighteen 19 see the main outlined of the County Council continue to roll over Charter mould just as always been it to our advantage at this particular moment in time of course when it is appropriate in that but also in the net before
we will be looking to protect a longer terminates at a fixed rate that could be better beneficial to the Council the Council of the Borough London 7 million
for Earth from public Works Loan Board to find out increases in the Capital financial requirement that stated that Treasury Management activity was when the within the performance indicators that be that the mass states cities annual budget meeting and a began a reminder that the Council had bought or be deemed a long bowl fair enough particularly here
and in virtual above or to the tune of 50 millions pounds and the overall level of capital financing costs was contained within budget provision that starts in summary and Alex Keddie are tied to and answer any questions that anybody's got phone chat
Jim Taylor - 0:26:41
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:26:44
think tanks lines author any questions
so the Council asked note
the outturn position and performance of treasury management
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:27:05
turns Lang's issue again 8 Number

10 Treasury Management Strategy Mid Year Review 2019/20

Cllr B Hinds - 0:27:14
thank you Chair the super-mixed term position earlier stated there for people that are really important thing you again owl favour three year are in line with what we offer man came in February and again considered all the issues of this talks about as his one big change that further public Works Loan Board has now increased its rates by 1 percent or from where he was last year the obviously when the railway respectively
you know when interest rates seem to be falling
throughout the not only the country but throughout Europe and the rest of the world while American coffee point in its interest rates upon us in doing that more of a marked effect on employees from him that we will be watching all the time
looking out to share money
off-spinner answer any questions that controlled
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:28:12
any question
Councillor Robin Garrido
Cllr R Garrido - 0:28:20
if the factory track I just very briefly to say that Sir or be clearly
previous said statement just made unless one
oddity within the current year are set for his father's set on some accounts for the sequence over which I chair overly scrutinised the figures on a regular basis and the receiver problems over the way
not proceeding at a kindlier doesn't cause me to say that actually be purchased in the first place and point I would make sure we do agree a set of amendments on the budget there is going according to plan and of English upon receipt of five options from adequate native in relation to
helping to keep the budget surplus
let's not go there are not enough
that goes
without resorting to outside the Bill
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:29:14
can we note Watkins lines as told us except

11 a) Doing Buses Differently: Proposed Franchising Scheme for Greater Manchester - Consultation

the next item to the agenda Number 11 had turned boss differently item number 11 am 8 longer living B are really the finisher so they should be dealt with in one topic item I'm going to hand over to the city mayor was to cleaner stopping this
City Mayor P Dennett - 0:29:50
thank you and ceremonial Mayor and you'll note from the agenda as two items here one is the Greater Manchester consultation on doing buses differently i'm proposals for franchising scheme for Greater Manchester and an 11 day what you've got is a proposed response from this City Council
which I'm hoping colleagues in the Chamber will endorse to submit as part of the consultation colleagues will see from the papers that the consultation started on the 14th of October and will be running to the 8th of January next year and encourage all of you in addition to hopefully what is agreed today the Council submissions that consultation to participate in this consultation and to encourage others residents within your wards to do exactly the same so in speaking in support of obviously the draft statement that before Council today
I just want to draw colleagues' attention to some key facts and what this is all about colleagues know we have a 20 40 strategy within Greater Manchester which is about integrating public transport with walking and cycling they also know at the moment we want to have an integrated fare and ticketing system within Greater Manchester that is our aspiration moving forward all of this we want to be done achieving value for money for the people of Greater Manchester and ensuring a consistent passenger experience
the moment within Greater Manchester on buses are subsidised to the tune of 27 point 1 million pounds what we've seen since 19 86 is a 45 percent reduction in passenger numbers
so clearly deregulation and in my opinion market failure is actually had an impact on bus patronage within Greater Manchester contrast that with what's happening within Greater London and the numbers are quite stark London since 19 86 has seen passenger numbers almost double from one point to two to point 2 billion people
London also has a significant level of public subsidy London House a public subsidy per year of 700 and 20 two million pounds contrast that for a moment with Greater Manchester subsidy of 27 point 1 million pounds and you quickly realise why we have a very different system here in Greater Manchester
just building on this notion of infrastructure funding and public subsidy for a minute I PPR north as analyse transport infrastructure spending on a per capita basis in 20 18 19 onwards and what they found is that per capita infrastructure spending in London is to the tune of 3 thousand 600 30 06 per head of population in the North
its 1 thousand 200 and 40 7 pounds again illustrative of the significant imbalance we have within the country at the moment in terms of infrastructure spending colleagues will note from the papers that buses account for 75 percent of all public transport trips and residents and visitors take and at the moment were obviously disappointed that the legislation the Bus Services Act 2 thousand 17 does not allow a publicly owned bus companies
40 per cent of households in Salford have no access to a car I personally as colleagues know in this Chamber use buses I do not have a car so it's critical
if we are serious about connecting residents and people's with opportunities and what's happening in Salford and Greater Manchester that we address these issues
the Mayor of Greater Manchester has made some progress colleagues will be aware of the Our pass for 16 to 18 year-olds allowing our young people to get around Greater Manchester and access opportunities and things that are taking place colleagues will also know of the performance of our vantage service connecting lie with Manchester seeing o over 60 thousand passengers per week using officers how fantastic all of this is helping those within Greater Manchester to tackle congestion improve air quality and reduce carbon helping us in that journey to being carbon neutral within Greater Manchester by 20 38 through an integrated public transport system that also actively and covers the encourages active transport
Salford are also doing well with the Mayors challenge funding are now in the letter it makes reference to 60 million pounds have been successful with within this Council to support walking and cycling within the city
so things are looking OK I guess in some respects but in terms of passenger experiences and the complaints that regularly come into my inbox or roads are congested infrastructure spend is not what it should be within Greater Manchester and the north more generally and to add further or insult to injury are references in this Council Chamber before but you know that the Treasury's geographical targeting of infrastructure funding so between 7 billion pounds worth of money here across a range of different schemes so Housing Infrastructure forward fund estates regeneration home building fund small sites from land assembly those are the things we're talking about here 80 percent of that money is being targeted to London and the south-east and why is that happening what's happening because the Treasury operated Green Book a benefit costs ratio that looks at average earnings and average house prices and where the gaps the biggest those of the people who receive the money
and inevitably as the housing market has become a for unaffordable for swathes and swathes of people especially in the south of the country no wonder public capital is flowing into London and the South East no regard rarely the housing waiting list or need or communities being cut off from being able to access public transport there was interesting in the Local government press recently it seems like the chancellor as quickly realising we've got a bit of a problem because we've got the chancellor now talking about the need to capture land value to invest into infrastructure so these are the structural issues we face here within the City of Salford and within Greater Manchester and I'd strongly support you all to vote in favour of this City Council submission to the consultation this is a start we need we desperately need bus franchising within Greater Manchester it's really important economically for the success of this City region it's really important if we're going to be serious about meeting on 28th 20 38th carbon neutrality targets or hope colleagues in this Chamber can support this Council's submission for the hard work starts now because if we are to genuinely rebalances economy and get the infrastructure spending that this city and Greater Manchester deserves then we're going to have to campaign hard and lobby hard for the future thank you very much
Jim Taylor - 0:38:23
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:38:25
thank you said to me I'm going to account for question their comments and Councillor Johnson had his hand up
Cllr R Jones - 0:38:32
yes thank you Chair and I just wanted to add a few things
the the seeking out has not said and that's just going back to 19 86 when the government of the day decided to prioritise and deregulate the bus services now they start decision on the fact that the private sector would compete with one another that would improve services and it will drive down costs and fares would reduce that was what they predicted back in 19 86 now you know what happened after that immediately the too big operators mocked-up two big areas of Greater Manchester Stagecoach knocked off the south and east
first group marked off the north and the west therefore the too big operators never really competed with one another ever since then and then there were 30 of smaller bus operators who provided they did as they were told there were allowed to continue if they are a fit or got too big for the groups that have been run off the road that's how privatisation work it's survival of the fixtures and fittings with Stagecoach and fur and they were not run to allow competition which is why we're in a situation that we're in now now the greater amounts for Transport Committee as lobbied government for the last 25 years to try and reverse this process could it's clearly not working and it's difficult to compare with other city regions but every city region is different but one thing is for sure we can no longer an hour on bus services because that was done as part of that 19 86 steel so just across the border Warrington still run their own boss Services a litter of fantastic job to have kept that going there efficient and Urdu and flatten into a splendid job but we cannot run out on the bus services because ever since 19 86 expands and it wasn't just funding Greater Manchester it was banned in Merseyside was banned in the north-east it was banned in the West Midlands in standing South Yorkshire it was found in so in other words the major cities in the UK not only can they not longer on bus services but paid and not allowed any say in the network
now if you take the bus operators stand what they're telling you now is they want a partnership deal they've run the bosses for 33 years service user going downhill fast fares are going up through the roof but they still say they want a partnership what the difference is they're partnership means they will still be in charge they will run the network they will decide where the parties do they will decide on the fares and to me that is not acceptable what we should have said to the bus operators who tried to say is you hand control of the network for the GM Mayor Andy Burnham then you can have a partnership deal in terms of the way services are run but of course that the operators are not interested in that they want to maintain control inadequate 33 years they intend to keep it and the reason we're pushing the franchise in option it's the only way we can gain political control of the bus network now if you think we don't know how bus network well for once Salford is ahead of the game with the only authority in Greater Manchester who served on our road network study are absurdly Evans Roman Donald who when asked the helpers on this day no more of how forces of importantly that network study was not driven from the top down it was driven by bus passengers we interviewed multiple passengers and asked them what the problems were or why they couldn't get where they wanted to go without having to change what it all the usual questions and we built up a picture of Salford bus network which I have to say however you look at there is quite deplorable in many areas is most of you know so we have to deal with it was done the work we know what on that work needs to be we last for at least a 15 percent increase in the network otherwise the local residents are not going to be satisfied and really I think this Council has done everything it can possibly do under the current structure but it's just not good enough for the last 10 years we've lost literally 13 million passenger journeys now if you tried to be fair with bus operators one of the biggest problems they face congestion is the number one and what they say for the Gear Murray's or soft congestion out
what if there is anyone in this room knows anybody who can solve congestion out then let me know what you because of that person will be a millionaire overnight bomb afraid to say we cannot deliver
to the bus operators what they want with his empty roads so that they can run their poppies on empty roads and secondly you must know that the way things are going at the moment the government of Comair subsidies for the bus operators must reflect local authorities have cut their subsidies because we're running out for money therefore the bus operators get looking like the subsidies for youth to get which is by winning the match within now before Council agreed hope so why East and say I don't wait on the sale of the book Robin was a member of the GM Transport Committee and he was always I thought a maverick member of it rarely does repeated always follow the Conservative line didn't follow on the Lea guided busway where he was proved 100 percent wrong by the where to start are filled out in however however the Conservative Group of the GM Transport Committee and that the post was changing the system because they think the current system is failing that's why why do you think the Conservative government are agreed for the buses up in 2 thousand 17 because they concede bosses are failing right across the country and that's why action needs to be taken and of course the government are very good at saying let the Local authorities take responsibility because then on an affair responsibility so it's up to us now I think with its franchise in period we can get the majority of residents to register their views which is what we want to do irrespective of what the views are we want them to register their views and if the decision is to pursue this it's gonna be a three-year Buckle to sort out the bus network and then sought out the fare structure because the insult and we won't know of US birth and I think we'll get the longer franchises and we want better bus services and I hope we'll get that for bus services but this is not a quick fix nobody suggested that within 12 months of resources it's gonna take three or four years to sort the third thing now and then secondly we gonna have to do this prefer network review with bus passengers asking the passengers what they want what is it then one in order to deliver them to work or for the shock of after the hospital or whatever so extra such a big issue this and on to fill out is that in my lifetime we've got a vote on it and I just hope that people exercise their views and let the franchise elect improve the bus network for the first time in 33 years thank you
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:46:04
things have turned up
Cllr L Turner - 0:46:11
certainly I didn't hear that thank you Chair errm well first of all thank you Councillor Jones for your speech in your usual way and thank you for attending our Community Committee meeting and putting forward in a plain and simple way that people can understand the importance of actually responding to this consultation and I presume from were being asked to approve something that's already been sent and I correct or not as stated the 12th November
I started on attendance and basically and were not against the Council's position
but at the present time we haven't decided or just how we would like to
decide on this we certainly encouraging all residents to complete the application and we believe that as I think Councillor Jones alluded to us at the meeting that is a bit long winded the actual questionnaire but fortunately would be he's told us that a letter would do which I think on e-mail would be much better if you want a big response so on that we won't be voting for the the latter or the draft but we won't be voting against the wishes of Steyn and we shall make her own lines out and they come forward with our proposals thank you very much
Cllr H Fletcher - 0:47:47
thank you charges there are short and the words I endorse everything that the City Mayor has said and particularly the imbalance of spending on infrastructure down South and
now and it's just been addressed at some point is 1 am question and her and I appreciate the number of passengers has gone down and officers however how much is that got to do with the Metrolink because I know I myself the past 16 years have used naturally very regularly where I used to use buses and then I think other people probably in the same boat if that my phone tells whether to places I frequent the most often are this and City Council Chamber and at Prestwich Metrolink station so I just wondered how much naturally his effective passenger numbers as well as the
therefore the
councillor Bateman
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:48:54
Cllr A Leitner - 0:48:58
thank you my question is totally I'd doesn't own hypothetical
the Labour party propose to nationalise the The service so amended in the highly unlikely event that Labour do in the general election how will that affect these proposals
councillor Robin Garrido
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:49:19
Cllr R Garrido - 0:49:24
editor I was like a question I'm yet clients' personal Falkirk council variously confidence with anything I've heard I think that it is exciting
we have our own minds and were prepared to stand up and speak them and so just as look at this again
the Council is quite right to actually make a decision today where we've not actually heard or the people out there that I think we're not doing our job properly as a Council we are ignoring the views of the people in Salford and I would have thought that are asking people to let us have their views are that we should at least be given the opportunity and our own at this to see what our own people and residents to say I then to actually trying to flick back and our own responses and that's exactly what the Conservative Group for daring but talking to people of an area he started off his Councillor Jones knows that our Community Committee meeting last week or we will continue over the next week or two collecting most responses ourselves that we're talking to people and we will then was our own views forward as to whether we prefer the franchise or whether we prefer that the Partnership and we genuinely have made about my yet there we could go either way but I do think it important that we listen to people and I don't think this Council by approving this today is listening to people before submitting its own the consultation I just to come back on another few
I know
City Mayor P Dennett - 0:51:04
he do listen to what Councillor Jones said but he did actually say we've done an awful lot of work as a City Council consulting residents in this city about the future of bus services and he said we were ahead of the game within Greater Manchester in terms of doing this work and this work informing the submission that is before Council today so just for information we have consulted engage residents in
Cllr R Garrido - 0:51:34
the City of Salford thank you
start appointment promotion is just another speech with the bat
if allowed to speakers at fine I'm but he thought listen to the people's views on franchising but all on the partnership are past the point yes we hot-smoked people with another chance for plants are involved but only on its accuracy which is chaired by the purchasers zones burn under attack the POS required in the city are desperate a lot of work on that I fully support and transport plan will be produced the sulphur that quite apart from this consultation is going on at the moment are so can I just turn so
I first of all we wouldn't even be having this discussion to that it had it not been for the Conservative government actually putting forward the 2 thousand 17 the Transport Act 19 I weep there be opportunities in the past with a Labour government because Labour government to actually do this and they haven't done it now they contribute lie yes again Ali Conservative government coming back and actually producing that because ask before the regulation to 70 years clearly there are problems with it we all know that is not big changes Dooneys be paid and the Conservative government are giving us an opportunity now have actually making those challenges and I think we should be grateful that the somebody listens to the public cannot just pick up on the points that come of another is the City Mayor or Councillor Jones
had the 60 thousand passengers and the frontage yes that's true and it has been successful for not going to do but as a costs order the cost is that the people in this town and the people of worse things have got reduced the cost certainty so it is no wonder a bizarre I'm sorry are you
such the one that I chair I then asked as a produced we have no positive Bruce out speak up we have no Bosty Merton's be cop is all the money was spent on Vantage height advantage only work for a limited number of people in our area
parking arising from a place people have to try and get people gesture to get to it
for a lot of people in our area Marton Road does carry on as yetis amount to stem the people have benefited tends to be from out of the city openly and Wigan and so on people of Alan Rooke do benefit from it but they also have to put up with disasters poppy consequences of cars parking all over the States in Edinburgh so we have lost buses because of Anti has not been again getting gave as good a lose lose lose but many people improve sound and worseley I can't just end that equalities lightsaber nominee out of time so I'm just going to say Bake quickly
two things what about her infrastructure that we constantly every time planning applications coming to this Council we constantly points out of a service point of view the consequence that will have on traffic and the the build of chopping additional houses 300 more houses here 600 more houses there but our engineers say no problem if I make a deficit shopping or course ethos and congestion is one reason why buses carbon as well so now we have to look ourselves planning applications and the fact that fast and infrastructure and did very quickly to the competition yet we do have confidence in the area we have a very good smaller company of our friends say that you are actually getting bigger at that time and I think a very good job
so we do have competition we've not close until competition we just need to make it better
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:55:31
hence the meeting
Cllr J Merry CBE - 0:55:36
a look baffles him with the toy party in this Council Chamber because they seem to have all policy of militant abstentionism on any issue that affects the people of Salford
were now being told all we don't know what to think about this and don't know For Conservative Central officers the Office of the destructive of two site they don't know what they think about it
we should be setting up to be part
of a section of people not to secular not to due regard is to be part of my
well I'm soiling or Councillor Gary though but the unfortunately one of the duties of representatives in this Council is yet to listen to the people but also to make decisions on their behalf that reflect the interests of the people not to sit on their hands when a particular decision is being taken by a inorder to say all well with not quite got all the feedback that we require and I'm astonished erm by what I heard two today I'm astonished by Council Leitner for example and because I was grateful to Maria bapna who suffer bare earth forgive me some information for example Rye on a Sunday one of the things that the Jewish community like to do is to travel to meet their families and answered take advantage of the bus services which now apparently don't start until 10 am from erm Salford Precinct and to the areas that I serve I would afford council lighten the UDA wanted to speak up on behalf of your community particularly as you gaining the bit which I speak on behalf of into your ward will I am going to tell you by I'm going to speak on them I'm saying that they are entitled to a service on Sunday just as much as everybody else and I think it's appalling that people are not speaking up on behalf of the Jewish community I think the second point that I want to make but is the appalling attitude of the bus companies that we have to cope with
I think they've taken their PR stunts from Northern Rail quite frankly in terms of the attitude that they take I went to Victoria Station recently to be told that all trains by Northern Rail were cancelled before 10 am this was on a Sunday on the grounds that they hadn't got enough drivers and I've had a similar approach from the bus companies were awfully sorry we didn't run the timetabled services because we've not recruited or not drivers I would have formed whether it's a private sector or the public sector that demonstrates managerial incompetence on a grand scale and the reason they get away with it is because there is no effective regulation of what they do I have used the 52 53 service from my area and I've had cause to complain about this service and been told I'm will dump over were introducing a more reliable and bus timetable imagine my surprise when I discovered that the reason it's more reliable is because they are running less buses in my particular area when of course if you were running one bus a day you could probably run a very reliable service but on the whole I think the people of Gorton are entitled to a much better service now Maria pointed out to me but she starts work at 7 am in Trafford Park incidentally generations after generations or pick
could I have had a previous extension yes thank you
if one of these things like OK well thank you very much I'm sorry I wanted to talk about Broughton this ceremonial Mayor very briefly by the public can't get to work before 7 am because the bus companies won't let her do it basically and that's why we need franchising that's why we need a new system to make those bus companies accountable and the fact is we have a private monopoly that doesn't care about the people of Salford
Cllr C McIntyre - 1:00:10
councillor Julie
Cllr D Jolley - 1:00:22
for a start again apologies for my voice and purchased with a glass of water and trying to stop myself in the Tories in a moment but last night I was at a meeting of rhetoric scrutiny where the demand are complex or benefits that on the different initiatives and before that we had a training session on arm greater much finances than by the Treasury as must the Treasurer and part of that was about transport funding and then I discovered something which are not really heard of before called the Bee Song Bus Services operators Grant yet not right and which is devolving Greater Manchester but that's not the point it seems that the amount of money being paid out the operators is reducing for the simple reason that then mileage is reducing the providing less service another thing we looked at last night was a great much to strategy or other targets in that strategy is by 2 thousand 20 the proportion of journeys to work on roads other than Karl have reached 32 percent off from 29 percent in 2 thousand 15 while I should really have gone down to 28 percent and considering that that includes Metrolink which is expanding popular well use the buses are contracting for service is contracted emigh awarding Barton winning awards are service has been rerouted taking away from the large swathe of that war purely at the other discretion of the operator because not only another place to make more money we've got them to unleash review that in 12 months' time but the standard reaction is anything go where you wanted to if you pay as a Big Lottery and that's look to the budget is completely overstretch now the point is and the Labour government the last Labour government was your fault for not changing the system of knick-knacks thanks it makes a put it bluntly competition or marketisation does not work in related to public transport I've been around many cities in Europe and
the level of public transport to get amongst European city did far superior to what we get Alex almost invariably Roman municipally and centrally it's a better system the system has to change many of us would like to go back to the system which worked the municipally wrong planned public
transport system with low fares which is what you get in many properly operating connected cities around the world because we're not allowed to do that then this is the next best option things half the change of their failing at the moment enlisted the changes needed
Cllr C McIntyre - 1:03:07
as Peng rid of
thank you
Cllr K Garrido - 1:03:14
Mr. Murphy as the letter says the 12th under your says drafted over pay dumped on it so we presumed rightly or wrongly that Scott the latter day is the 12th November AM and it would have you might have been interested if it had come to the presentation that was given by
Greater Manchester tall the Council because there was
instead rightly a number of suggestions that were put forward by local Councillors at that meeting and it you might have been interested in listening to it you probably did not report back on what you weren't at that meeting and that would have been helpful or one of the things that I need to say is
the bottom line
the bottom line for all of us
it is a bus service for our residents
want and brought him
in laughter and words like in his town and echoes the service that people want is a local firm
and I said something at that meeting which I am the first idea whether my colleagues would agree or not because this is what I think
I think the bus service back into Salford
people and Salford residents and Salford Council know what those residents need and we should have our green profit back we want hardly buses back
I just one I just say I haven't had a say and this is my personal opinion and that's what I will be putting on the form
that will probably won't go down well with my colleagues life so I am at the moment that's my own personal suggested the other thing is that we've heard about I am the boss is changing
I made the Iron Age Roman
I have one at Sutton
but doesn't whole route alterations path to be russified by Greater Manchester Transport don't they have to go how to come to committee AM and that has to be agreed by the Councillor so they just have to reporter he not 100 percent open set of talking across the site
that was a question and it's been answer because I honestly thought that when we have the consultation as it goes to the area she asked him either make the decision or give us
a thing for the bottom line after say by is mainly focuses on regard in the Park and Ride it will be interesting to see how many people park their car and get into the future of Park View Savic down and work early starts not happening now for its moved somewhere where people who are going and it's on that date therefore people get into a car I just wonder how many it will be interesting to see how many people are parking there even their card and getting into some doubters cards film industry so that will be an interesting exercise if you could look at that
Cllr C McIntyre - 1:06:30
in fact
Cllr C McIntyre - 1:06:34
can I just say we've got Leicester three people and the twisted telescope right
to a place or will be taken in
for questioning when it is fitting produce speak through the Chair rather than of the conversation films either side to driven
Cllr L Nelson - 1:06:53
bencher Councillor Elson said thank you Mr. Mayor I was going to make a point about the need to every franchise alone and the neater national eyes bosses not only in Salford but across the country and I am really glad actually that I don't have due cause Councillor and Karen Garrido was already made that point for me and I think the point that Councillor Mary lady I think is quite pertinent actually about the lack of services in certain hours across communities in our city and I think one area of the city which I think falls very much into that category as Irlam and Capita which is a far as power away from Manchester City Centre where The Hive and the centre of public transport is in Greater Manchester is and what that meant is revenge are dealt with in a very fragmented service travel in Greater Manchester from Oldham in Qatar surges from at the Superdome into the city centres are not necessarily way you want to go and what can we do about it and what can we do it in the court system absolutely nothing so I really do hope and another Conservative group said that it will be abstaining on this motion however I hope when the Conservative Group do and write the submission is Councillor Karen Garrido that routes it on their behalf because I'm absolutely with UK
Cllr C McIntyre - 1:08:12
there's Lamb traverse
thank you Chair
Cllr D Antrobus - 1:08:19
Fincham when Councillor Robin Garrido asserts that the Vantage or service which I think is tearing double the number of passengers
there was first envisaged is universally and are approved by anybody you speak to talk about the efficiency of the
service and tells the Greedo taking is justified in his opinion that nobody would ever use it but it was the misguided most way it is actually a greatest success
in public investment indeed
we support in the home and there is no such thing as a point of information as to make a point of personal explanation or or points of order and it should be sitting down until his mate Strategy wife Tricia do now I should either I am speaking
I'm sorry I perspective the main events I will see rain at it and nobody review to lead guided bus route I have never ever said that in the 15 years I complained against me I never said that people did not use it I said that it was inappropriate to live on the most suitable way to spend on the Trent may amend
I know that but the opposition said he would not be used it was a waste of money and now I'm not so and an amnesty but not that that's the truth and to suggest that that massive public investment
in a in public transport has led to a decrease in the series it is absolutely absurd because there are only two reasons why are under the present system services are reduced one is austerity because of the lack of funding available to subsidise centres or two because routes are not profitable because private operators and decided that routes are not profitable lows of the only two reasons why services are withdrawn so I'm afraid that tells the green belt is completely wrong in his assertion Councillor Robin Garrido Chelsea currently doors completely arrived in early value Berberian supplies ation on buses and when I was annoyed as a partner I often are not in your household
this process
but the point is and I think Councillor Jolley
the purpose model is the reason why we have these problems is because
the whole idea that bus services can be a montage is just intellectually second rain
is absolutely absurd
people do not go to actually catch up routes they go out to use a service
the point of don't want to stand at a bus stop and think of Wicked Witch which poses got the best seats with because
he go out because you want to get from A to B and that there certainty about it unless a regularity about the service that's all you want you want a whole of the service and that can only be delivered if the whole of the network is properly planned by the public and deliver pilot otherwise you get absurd situations I'm sorry if this sounds like a personal whinge but I think it illustrates the problem with the market I and the obtuse skills for Wigan Jazz Festival
I A go home owners are not very nice and I decided to catch the last was back
they told me that the last bus vary from Wigan only when as far as Boothstown
but don't worry you can go to the and there are buses from Lane
the go into Manchester what they don't tell me it was of the bus from Lee left five minutes before the rostrum Wigan arrived in so I look towards will sound walking home but I have a ludicrously sat that lack of effective flooding which not only affects me as a passenger but actually effects and Wigan As or As as a centre of power for people travelling to and travelling from later at night and just to reinforce her you know
I am a season
ticket holder at the high
and I used on Sunday night said about 17 m distance and the hully announces
one of the most prestigious orchestras in the world
announced honey would no longer be putting on 7 30 performances and some 30 performance would be brought forward four o'clock and the reason that J again is that people could not get home
from one of the world's leading orchestras in one at a city that aspires to be a global city because there are no policies it's the brunt of its
operation the market driven
letters failed those and we maintain that fat shall properly funded public sector investment in our public services
Jim Taylor - 1:14:05
if they could
Cllr L Edwards - 1:14:09
thank you to Councillor Robin Garrido was comments about bus services and decide how many think I'm a boost how proud restyled Gayle myself and before the guy to persuade me to admit I was sceptical about Armley because I was sat in the traffic on the books while the road works were there but I use out to get the bus to get to college at half-past six in the morning from a bus stop in Wigan Borough Council authority despite living in Salford after the Bulls way I was able to have a bit more of a lie in Alan definitely grateful for that but the idea that the boss way is the reason that we lost the 26 that we lost the expert 9 at the 34 was reviewed in three months and his hit-out he's residents and wisely because of the book's way is completely wrong it's because of the market it because of the competition which he speaks so highly of that they couldn't make a profit any more because there weren't enough people getting the bosses leaving people in our communities isolated are not able to get to not only the places that they want to go but the hospital appointments and the doctor's appointment and the places to go to stay alive and well I be absolutely the right thing felicitate franchising and support network that it's about people and not profit one story of failure is a friend of mine who used to 68 if you've ever been on the 68 you'll probably never get off because it's a long use most convoluted route I'd ever been on in Salford she got there to work every day and from door to the work compared to from door to Amsterdam it was quicker to get to Amsterdam from Little Holter them work at the Trafford Centre and not just shows how outrageous syllabus network is or isn't working for the people of Salford and are fully supportive told me the franchising model in Greater Manchester
Cllr C McIntyre - 1:15:52
she tomorrow
City Mayor P Dennett - 1:15:58
thank you very much what an interesting debate I'm not going to respond to everyone but I am going to make a few comments so mean
is quite interesting listening to what people have said a 19 86 Margaret Thatcher deregulated the buses
insisting that buses are run by private companies and local authorities are cut out of regulating them London didn't suffer the consequences of the Thatcher government and I find it really interesting that when Robin speaks of the new legislation he failed to actually acknowledge what happened in 19 86 and we see a pattern with Tory government the creator crisis and then they present themselves as somehow solving the crisis they created back in nineteen eighty six and even going further demanding accolades from the people within this Chamber to support their intervention their intervention there legislation we know is restricted is still prohibits us from actually running our own bus companies so when Councillor Karen Garrido talks about getting back to the Green bosses of the past I ask you all have a conversation with your own government because at the moment the legislation unfortunately doesn't allow us to do that
and we have heard from Councillor Mary you know this is about responding to the crisis we have in infrastructure here in the City of Salford and within Greater Manchester Councillor Mary is shared some actual anecdotes of personal experiences where people's lives are being turned upside down because they can't actually move around the city and the city region I've informed you all 40 per cent of people in the City of Salford do not have cars their reliance upon public transport so you know this is a real issue this is a real issue for this City in Salford 40 percent of our households across the whole of the city don't have a car and rely on public transport things have to get better what I find really interesting in the debate is there's been very little talk about the imbalances in terms of public subsidy 722 million going into the City of London a city that hasn't seen deregulation and 27 point warm going into Greater Manchester have also highlighted infrastructure spend from 20 18 19 onwards and how per capita 3 thousand 636 is going into the City of London when it's only 1 thousand 247 in the North we have to address the structural issues within our economy if we are going to serve the people of Salford and the people of Greater Manchester
and really disappointed
that you're going to sit on your hands in this debate and not vote in favour of the latter we propose to submit
I draw your attention to the agenda of today and in black and white there I think we make it absolutely crystal clear that the Council is being asked to consider the letter and give approval to the attached draft Salford City Council response to the Greater Manchester Combined Authority doing bosses different leaf consultation if that is not crystal clear that this is a dress for this Council to consider I don't know what is and it's really sad that you're going to abstain on this submission because let's be clear this submission today does not preclude you from making your own submission it doesn't preclude you from encouraging residents across the city of Salford to make a submission to the consultation and we tried to be non-partisan in many respects in terms of the submission today to build consensus around this Council this city council submission to the live consultation that's taking place now so
unfortunately I am disappointed and some of the things that people have said have not been actually factually correct so I thought I draw your attention to some of the facts while summing up so I hope colleagues can reconsider supporting the submission today but I put it to the vote thank you very much
Cllr C McIntyre - 1:20:53
thank you
can read this because I would want to go factually correct Councillor is asked to give approval for the suggested Salford City Council response to GMCA doing buses differently consultation all those in favour
could you show of hands
in two overs against
any abstentions
3 Sir
so his cards their privileged Devon
where Kony
drainage or 10 minutes at the moment we're running 10 minutes late so be sheer fact to start within 10 minutes thank you very much
Webcast Finished - 1:22:28
in his filing information
amongst officers