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  1. Chaplain
  2. Jim Taylor
  3. Cllr C McIntyre
  4. Cllr C McIntyre
  5. Chaplain
  6. Cllr C McIntyre
  7. Cllr C McIntyre
2 Apologies for absence
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  1. Cllr C McIntyre
  2. Cllr C McIntyre
  3. Cllr R Garrido
  4. Cllr C McIntyre
  5. Cllr D Jolley
  6. Cllr C McIntyre
  7. Jim Taylor
6 Membership of Committees and Panels 2019/20
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  1. Cllr C McIntyre
  2. Cllr A Saunders
  3. Cllr A Saunders
  4. City Mayor P Dennett
  5. Cllr C McIntyre
  6. Jim Taylor
  7. Cllr C McIntyre
  8. Jim Taylor
  9. Cllr C McIntyre
8 Salford Community Safety Strategy 2020-23
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  1. Cllr D Lancaster MBE
  2. Jim Taylor
  3. Cllr C McIntyre
9 Salford Local Plan: Development Management Policies and Designations
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  1. Cllr D Antrobus
  2. Cllr C McIntyre
  3. Cllr K Garrido
  4. Cllr C McIntyre
  5. Cllr R Garrido
  6. Cllr C McIntyre
  7. City Mayor P Dennett
  8. Cllr C McIntyre
  9. Cllr C McIntyre
  10. Cllr D Antrobus
  11. Cllr K Garrido
  12. Cllr D Antrobus
  13. Cllr C McIntyre
10 Greater Manchester Waste Levy Allocation Methodology Agreement (LAMA)
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  1. Cllr D Lancaster MBE
  2. Cllr C McIntyre
  3. Cllr A Saunders
  4. Cllr A Saunders
  5. Cllr C McIntyre
  6. City Mayor P Dennett
  7. Cllr C McIntyre
  8. Cllr D Lancaster MBE
  9. Cllr A Saunders
  10. Cllr C McIntyre
  11. Cllr C McIntyre
13 General Questions or Comments to Cabinet Members on the discharge of responsibilities within their portfolios
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  1. Cllr C McIntyre
14 General Questions or Comments to Chairs of Scrutiny Panels
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15 General Questions or Comments on the discharge of functions of Joint Authorities and Outside Bodies
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13 General Questions or Comments to Cabinet Members on the discharge of responsibilities within their portfolios
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  1. Cllr J Collinson
  2. Cllr C McIntyre
  3. M Carruthers-Watt
  4. City Mayor P Dennett
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  6. Cllr B Hinds
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  8. Cllr L Turner
  9. City Mayor P Dennett
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  11. Cllr R Garrido
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  16. Cllr J Collinson
  17. Cllr J Merry CBE
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  19. Cllr A Saunders
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  21. Cllr A Leitner
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  23. Cllr D Lancaster MBE
  24. Jim Taylor
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  26. Cllr K Garrido
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  29. Cllr J King
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  31. Cllr J Hamilton
  32. Cllr C McIntyre
  33. Cllr J Collinson
  34. Cllr C McIntyre
  35. Cllr D Lancaster MBE
  36. Cllr C McIntyre
13 General Questions or Comments to Cabinet Members on the discharge of responsibilities within their portfolios
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  2. Cllr C McIntyre
  3. Cllr J King
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  8. Cllr J Merry CBE
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  11. Cllr D Antrobus
  12. Cllr D Bailey
  13. Cllr G Reynolds
  14. Cllr C McIntyre
  15. City Mayor P Dennett
11 Statement of the Elected City Mayor
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  4. Cllr H Fletcher
12 General Questions or Comments to the Elected City Mayor
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  2. Cllr J Merry CBE
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  4. Cllr A Saunders
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  9. Cllr B Hinds
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  12. Cllr C McIntyre
  13. Cllr R Garrido
  14. Cllr J Merry CBE
  15. Cllr R Garrido
  16. Jim Taylor
  17. Cllr C McIntyre
  18. Cllr C McIntyre
  19. Cllr C McIntyre
  20. Cllr J Collinson
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  22. Cllr J Collinson
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  27. Cllr A Humphreys
  28. Cllr K Garrido
  29. Jim Taylor
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  31. City Mayor P Dennett
  32. Cllr C McIntyre
  33. Cllr R Garrido
  34. Cllr C McIntyre
  35. City Mayor P Dennett
  36. Cllr C McIntyre

Chaplain - 0:00:57
Jim Taylor - 0:01:05
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:01:06
give more than 30
I would like to ask you to remain sales as who pay their respects to Councillor Peter Connor who died recently thank you
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:02:17
thank you can I ask you to remain standard wailed one senior Smith Leeds and prayer before we start with means
Chaplain - 0:02:27
so far as we gather
we pray for the world in which we live
that experiences conflict and saw many areas
often as a result of injustice or abuse of power
so we pray for all in leadership
and positions of influence on the international stage
that their minds and hearts
may be moved by a genuine desire and search for peace and justice
and we pray for our own nation
that all in government of whatever persuasion
may work together for the common good
for the City of Salford
from the Mayor and councillors
and all the administration
they may work effectively together
inspired by a common vision
for the good of all its citizens
for all those who work in the voluntary sector
in organisations and community groups
both faith-based and secular beast
that they may continue to grow and bear fruit for the people of our city
especially for those in greatest need
and for a greater awareness of the need to care for our planet earth or common home
and that this may lead to responsible decisions
the respecters
of the Salford councillors active and retired who have died during this past year
but they may receive
the reward for their labours
and that we may experience the fruits of their levers for the city
and we remember their families
and we make these and all the prayers and desires of our hearts
to God in the name of Jesus who lives in Raynes forever and ever amen
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:05:48
I have only heard the notification of were matter of urgent business and oppose those reared out between 8 Number 7 and Number 8 on the agenda it relates to the appointment of the City Solicitor and returning Officer rosette grade
so monitoring
I have only one item of urgent business special announcement the relates to the city's Leicester appointments and it late to take that between 8 of Number 7 and Number 8 if that agreeable yet
thank you very much
do we have any apologies for today's Council meeting
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:06:40
any apologies for today's Council meeting

2 Apologies for absence

give any apologies
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:06:57
thank you
any declarations of interest either personal and
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:07:13
so go on then to the minutes of last meeting dated 20th November
can we accept them as appropriate account of the meeting that we sat and Councillor Greider
Cllr R Garrido - 0:07:27
let us just like to make a comment on Sir urge augmented and before 7 in relation to the busconsultation or Members will recall that the Conservative Group abstain or at that meeting are the basis if we wanted to consult further with our residents said we knew what then ensure that before submitting our own views which thought that responses are just want to confirm when concerns your group did in fact consult ourselves that our residents and as a result we submitted our consultation are there on Monday 16 January
we are quite happy to forward a copy if you would like to see it
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:08:13
thank you Councillor Gruen how do we have any protections there needs to be handed in
councillor Jolley
Cllr D Jolley - 0:08:28
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:08:50
and so we go on to Item Number 6 membership of Committees and Panels and I hand over to the Chief Executive will be able to update us on what happens

6 Membership of Committees and Panels 2019/20

Jim Taylor - 0:09:10
I just just moved the report Item 6 membership of Committees I think it's a City Mayor
has a
right to do that actually
so lo-fi
happy to read the report
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:09:25
Cllr A Saunders - 0:09:27
Cllr A Saunders - 0:09:38
City Mayor P Dennett - 0:09:53
yet good question I did actually send an e-mail to all councillors last night confirming the state of play with regards to the Mayoral Team colleagues will know that we've are no longer got Councillor stones obviously serving in the Council but also leading on children's that's move to Councillor Mary with Councillor John Walsh but also Councillor Ferguson who know Oaks or industrial relations workforce inequalities in the city my thinking behind this is rather than create another and Lead Member role is to have two Executive supports one reporting into Councillor Tracy Kelly leading on equalities social impact and communities and the other reporting into Councillor Bill Hinds leading on the industrial relations and workforce aspects of those roles and responsibilities that Councillor Ferguson had hopefully understand us all so I was thinking about the great 8 so manifesto priorities and how have been discharging them through the Mayoral Team and you will be aware that one of my priorities in the Local Authority's social impact at the moment I don't think that adequately reflected within the Mayoral Team and obviously Councillor August will be looking at how we forge ahead with social impact in the city given that it is one of the marrow parties so yes that is my thinking if anyone's got any other questions please feel free to e-mail me on on those matters
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:11:26
so from Miranda is looking at it as we speak so thank you Councillor Saunders for taking me back to the agenda item that should have been known are the parliamentary and local elections it could be reported on by
Jim Taylor - 0:11:48
where the the results of the well publicised so just to note Item 7 Frankie chair
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:11:59
thank you my cervix next agenda rates and we agreed that the canon Ayres' again back over to yourself and its report on the appointment of the City Solicitor and returning Officer
Jim Taylor - 0:12:16
thank you Chair yes this is a report that this week the interviews of violence abuse to replace or for the City Solicitor and Monitoring Officer and due to the retirement of the current postholder and run for us warts and they cross party appointment panel did appoints a Cheann Roxburgh whose currently a chief legal officer at Blackburn and Darwen Council and they have been she has been appointed on a constitution does say that Council may serve proved that appointments so just asking for your approval
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:12:55
thank you can the Council approves the appointment yes
councillors under the duvet Hassan question
thank you

8 Salford Community Safety Strategy 2020-23

the next item as Number 8 and insert report the Councillor dot Lancaster has garnered present on Salford Community Safety Strategy Councillor Lancaster
Cllr D Lancaster MBE - 0:13:51
I thought now go out again and this is a revised version we got after that second round of consultation on the plan that plan will no gap now go out to public consumption and they'll be able to make comment on me the one thing which was rather good this year which is slightly different one than in previous years it without the response rate of 3 thousand 250 residents across Greater Manchester sincere the overall planned by Greater Manchester in the case of sulphur that meant that for them than 25 p per person per year will be surveyed different people that reside to actually see about the report to the overall but it is a working document which would continue to monitor over 3 over the up 3 payment of the activities when dealing with families are and where we need to take action both them
Jim Taylor - 0:14:46
any questions to Councillor Lancaster
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:14:50
so the Council is asked to accept and approve the report that Mr. Stalford is a great

9 Salford Local Plan: Development Management Policies and Designations

thank you the next agenda item thin as Salford local plan and development strategy and management and that's gonna be presented to us by Councillor Andrews Close Land Rovers
Cllr D Antrobus - 0:15:20
PLA refer Members SLART pages 51 to 3 thousand 400 and 62 of the
and to apologise for the amount of literature coming through
today but we thought that it was only right and proper that sought with this important document I have Members should for at least of the opportunity to access all of the relevant background documents
can I begin by thanking those officers who have been involved in the extensive
intensive work that has been involved in producing this
this document we got very Swansea
based upon
by not only works on some of the city
association makes much
are and
I would like to personally thank them on Matt Doherty during Mike Monis Claire Thorne Frances Taylor Steve Davie
and Justin Fiona Fryer Amelia Lucas and of course Dave Percival
and of course towering over all that is being Chris Findley
whose advice I think all of us are of respected and trusted
over many years and
the way that he's been able to pilot of this through the choppy waters
off that Napoleon ever-changing planning system the ever-changing city
as being a wonderful to watch those special Phase 2 works at Chris Chris Findley
it also like to thank all Members Council because the production of this document as the levy a genuinely inclusive an exercise
at earlier stages we've involved all members in workshops thematic workshops and each aspect of the plan and we took on board what Members told us in those meetings and or nothing in this document will be unfamiliar to Members because we reported back in a couple of sessions sir I think last month on month before are on are we were intended to to respond so I think that there is a genuine Bain by members in the policies laid out here
and I know that
I have maybe that is helps because this is part 1 of the plan and Part 2 of the plan which will involve the allocations in the review of the Green Belt will come at a later stage and I'm sure that they will naturally be more and more controversial
I also like to thank Members and the public and the industry for the
consultation responses that they have given
a Town Planning originated as
an attempt to tackle the major social evils of the day and I am the consequences of urban areas which had been created by the some untrammelled capitalism of the at 19th and 20th century
and it was
a recognition that the places that were created by those processes were unhealthy
poor environments and people did not have the opportunities that they should have done our city's instead of being places of hope and progress became prisons for many of most deprived people
lived in them
and town planning was an attempt to
a messianic search released people from those conditions
I am afraid that it seems to me that in recent Sir decades Town Planning as being a numbers game it's been avowed the profits of developers it's been about meeting government targets
and what we've tried to do in this document is to take Planning back to its roots back to its ideals and we have tried to put families at the heart of this document
in a growing city like ours where the so much development going on it is totally unacceptable that at the same time we should see so much poverty and we believe as a Council that the people of Salford should benefit from the development that is going on
we can't ask planning to solve every problem but it should play its part in addressing the sensual concerns of our community of our Members of this Council and that is the
belief that we have a we must tackle the problem of poverty in the city and also this document begins with a policy about fairness
it's thoughts about fairness the people of the city by having an inclusive and planning process make you sure that everybody as a say and is involved in planning
it as a policy I think that this is probably a first in the country or on social value where we've taken we worked with the UK Building a Green Building Council's
the recent research on this and we've delivered a policy on social value
which will mean that every developer in the city will have to say how their development and are there ways of working and I got a benefit of people in the city and that will include a requirement to at sign up to the mayor's employment Charter
is extraordinary but in the development industry where we see eye-watering profits where we see eye-watering bonuses that the conditions for construction workers are so appalling and hopefully we will go some way towards addressing
there is a policy in there about inclusive places
as fundamental to my believes that in any city everyone should have the right to that city everyone should be able to use the public spaces and no matter where they come from what their background is what their abilities are what the colour of their skin it what ever they should be able to use those public spaces
planning can help to do that by making sure that those spaces are designed to be as inclusive as possible and so we have a policy in which addresses that are most important of all for me there is a policy in there which calls on us to
be fair to future generations to recognise that what we do today in the developments that we produce today
we will
ensure nerds future generations do not suffer particularly from the impact of climate change
and that those principles of fairness enshrined in that first central Chapter of this document
I shot through the whole of the document the challenge I put to officers was explain why each and every policy in this document will make life fairer for people of the City of Salford and if once this is adopted
that will be our challenge to the development industry I am how your developments going to make life fairer for the people of the City of Salford and that is why we have named this document A fairer Salford we believe that this will return some planning to its routes that is the most radical planning document of this City as ever produced and I commend it to the Council
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:24:23
thank you Councillor Andrews any questions
or any comments as
Councillor Karen Garrido
Cllr K Garrido - 0:24:36
thank you Mr. Mayor before I start can I say the tab and this will be a properly first or second as I totally agree with everything that Councillor and officers said
with regards to the officers and to this policy I am I did try to read it all
I didn't
get to the handsome glad you use the first bit because there that's the main bit that I read having said all that and I also want to thank the officers for the work and the way that they have
been open
to suggestions that we've all made or whatever party and I have to thank them for that I'm and she Chris thank you very much for the support that you've always given to us and I have unfortunately got to say something Mr. Mayor with regards to
the second part I am very upset
the part 2 has been put and left that was I understand the first bit I understand all the policies but what happens to our green belt and on our housing figure is of great concern to everybody over the 700 replies I understand it was 200 commented if I'm right on that figure crept Mithun wrong
actually commented on the green belt come what land was actually going to be used
so I want to concentrate on on that if at all possible
I am if you look at it on the executive summary it says we will protect the city's most important environmental assets I think our environmental assets cover our green fields and our green spaces it says the four stages of consultation have already been undertaken in the Local Plan all which related to the fall Local Council Plan and that was what we were working on was the full plan and those were the comments that came in
it then goes on with some absolutely fantastic things about how we actually arrive there and it seems to have been going on forever it seems to be that
2 thousand 13 I think it was a success was the first time and we've actually be an out and on our draft regulations
I then read
that it's it it
it comes down to the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework and that is the reason why
we are here today not as far as I can see doing the whole plan
this is the most worrying part 4 for me and I think
a lot of councillors
when the Greater Manchester mayor was elected he promised that a fresh look would be taken with regards to development on the green belt that Mr. Bell was four years ago
there the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework was then delayed we had meetings here with another sand helped Mr. Findlay was actually involved in that and the knows that we had meetings with Councillor Walshaw and Councillor Ferguson and myself right looking at this
and we've actually had another delay
I wonder whether an ambient probably be cynical here is because there is an election in May
I am not sure whether because he's not done anything it's better to just not do anything at all but I want to say to you City Mayor you are the mayor of our city
you know right how this city feels about the serious threat to our green belt
you had proposals consulted and added to are you going to add to our green belt and I have to say that was absolutely fantastic that was brilliant noises to our ears right
what I have read and the thing that worries me
Mr. Mayor
and City Mayor right is that we read in the Manchester evening News last night about Peel on broader we all know what's happening there is gone to the Court of appeal on our Local Plan by not having the figures
I am concerned
that there are now talking about 20 percent or 30 percent answered 20 percent they are going to put forward 30 per cent of this so I'd like to say to you City Mayor right please please can we do part two of this Local Plan to get it out there and to actually do something
I don't know whether there will be a change whether Andy Burnham will be the next mayor of Greater Manchester I don't know that you might know more than I do but I don't know that
we should not agree we should not agree to just doing part one and I'm asking that we actually reconsider the Cabinet that we actually do part 2 as well thank you
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:30:23
councillor mr Garuda
Cllr R Garrido - 0:30:36
so let's Councillor her counsellors and Marco serves almost exactly the same I have another child I I
not stand up and expressed the feelings of our existence in the House agree represent about the delays that are now being cost in terms of not including the local lad the green belt and green spaces are available early in part 1
people do see this as a devious way of paper trying to push it to one side let's forget about it as a while and and but the elections routed away the May elections the way that will get down to where potentially what we want to take I think that would be a backward step
not just for the city but were generally between the back climate control there was a real
the reports on Radio Foyle this morning
the report was actually done by that access to the adverse if I'm not mistaken some they interviewed about 35 thousand people routes throughout the country and received by the major part that greeted space lingering about please
in our health and
our climate and so on and yet here we are in the Council's day not included within the first part of the Local Plan and I do worry as Councillor Carolyn Harris said
that's the idea that the Greater Manchester mayor is up re-election again in May
really was elected the first time he did say he would sort this out he's had four years to sort this out and I just hope is to stock to jump ship over without doing anything
other sake you know maybe he has other contenders for the post of City Mayor I don't know but whatever it is this is the most serious issue that needs to be dealt with and should have been dealt with under the first past law if it was going to be submitted to
the second point of access opposite relation see at Hatton fitness
every public inquiry the of attendance had been involved in
the housing figures had been a most important aspects of those inquiries and I do think it
is difficult to understand why when not only not fully information within Part 1 so whilst clearly today are the local plans before us just the notice and therefore there is no or at least go vote for or against them stage it I do hope that the comments of an A3 will be safe for its recounts it out and it said there without undue haste will be are taken in relation to dealing with the green belt the green spaces said people throughout our city whether it be Irlam and Cadishead or whether it be worseley boost out that they know where they stand and with the green spaces and what support they wouldn't be getting from the Greater Manchester mayor as well as from the system
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:33:37
thank you Councillor Garrido City Mayor
City Mayor P Dennett - 0:33:42
obviously this is questions to Councillor Antrobus on the report he's just produced to Council but I felt as though
Members of the opposition were actually questioning myself actually which is quite interesting and I feel as I have to stand and respond to some of what said because I was listening quite intently to what Councillor Karen Garrido and Councillor Robin Garrido said and what I find absolutely amazing whether there was no utterance at all about the government's role in all of this you will know we've been writing to ministers we've been liaising with secretaries states around government laying the regulations to enable Greater Manchester to pursue a spatial development strategy that was happening way before the recent general election and needless to say we've got nowhere on that we were hearing warm words prior to the general election but the latest update I've had is the regulations aren't seemingly a priority for this government at this point in time to enable Greater Manchester to get on with the job of pursuing a spatial development strategy that requires your government to actually lay regulations to allow Greater Manchester to get on with the job that has not happened so please don't come to this Council Chamber saying that somehow this Council or dilly dallying by not pursuing part of our Local Plan or the Spatial Framework is being held up by the Mayor of Greater Manchester because that is absolute nonsense and also in addition to that we were regularly updated this Council Chamber and were upto on matters relating to the Spatial Framework colleagues in this Council Chamber will know at the moment Greater Manchester are doing some really detailed work looking at viability across Greater Manchester to inform allocations within the spatial framework moving forward in addition to that rule so well underway with transport studies across Greater Manchester because the allocation of land is one thing but actually ensuring that when development does come forward people can move around the city region is equally important and can I just please say please rest assured that I don't want to rush strategic planning within Greater Manchester I want to do a proper and thorough job and that is what we in Greater Manchester in this Council Chamber are committed so and if that means things taking time then so be it because at the end of the day we are here to serve the people of Salford and Greater Manchester and it is incumbent upon us as elected representatives and as people who hold public office to do a thorough job when it comes to such strategic and important issues on top of this there was no mention in what you said about the government's commitment to delivering 300 thousand homes per year by the mid 20 20's there was also no reference in what you said to the delays around you know population projections Housing projections the fact that we've got more of these coming in in the new year you know no mention of this at all in what you said and as you know we had to wait for the government to respond to tell us what data we could and couldn't use and at the time you will be aware government said we should use the 20 14 population housing projections why because it delivered a higher Local Housing Need Number to enable your government to meet your manifesto target of 300 thousand homes per year by the mid 20 20 so please don't come to this Council Chamber you know exercising your rights and being political at the end of the day without any evidence base because actually the people who are holding this up is your government and you know it so I am absolutely appalled at what I just had you're not dealing with facts you're not dealing with rationality and logic and I think it shame on you and the office you hold in this city
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:38:09
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:38:14
thank you set of ear consigned refers to an to respond trainers
Cllr D Antrobus - 0:38:21
I am very grateful
to Councillor coucillors Greedo
for their support for this document and I suppose it was inevitable really when the opposition have got nothing to oppose they should end up discussing a document that doesn't exist and raising an issue that is not an issue
first of all first of all
it is not true that we have delayed are two of the document what we have done is brought forward part one we've brought it forward because we cannot wait for the government to make up its mind about the regulations
on the on the US the power to decide about the Green Belt and that's what it's all about the government as an yet made up its mind it hasn't issued the regulations to allow Andy Burnham to I'm a Mayoral plan so that is the reason why we are not I'm allowed to deal with part two of the issues at the moment it's simply because of that but I think that the policies in this part of the document is so important as so essential to securing good development in the city
I didn't want to wait any longer for the malingerers in Whitehall to make up their minds on this I wanted to bring this will support Salford first of benefit the people of Salford right at the very start so that is why Mrs. being brought forward because we cannot wait for government to make that's firstly
the second thing is that
I really really busy and Rivers made about are the issues that have been raised about Broad Oak suggesting that somehow
this is some kind of apply that in
in in the future
somehow we will relocate into this first of all
I think we remain committed to extending the green belt or in
many parts of the city
Service on a personal explanation
councillor Mr. greener will also have to make a personal explanation
I thought Salford
was not supporting man
Cllr K Garrido - 0:41:09
i've always appreciated the support that this Council has given with regard to broader what I was highlighting was that last night in the Manchester evening News there was a regurgitated erm
article sorry but in that article it says that they are going to give 30 percent not 20 percent that Salford wanted and that they are going to provide land for a primary school and that they are going to do open spaces that was my only point is that I am so concerned because if that goes everything else is up for grabs Hazel hers Earl of everywhere and I am so grateful City Mayor to you and your group and your group right for actually supporting the people of Wortley and broader and I apologise to Councillor Ann to us if I gave the impression that I didn't understand or made any comment that you were not supporting us that was never my intention
Cllr D Antrobus - 0:42:14
thank you very much for clarifying the lobby issue
I think Mon-Sun will support that you were making is that because
we haven't brought forward a part 2 at this stage because of the
delay in the government Regulations that somehow or that would
would be by addressing the issue of
green infrastructure in the city
and of course the West Salford greenway is one place that we hope
to become green belt
once the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework is in place that is our intention and we remain wedded to that but to suggest and I think the implication was there to suggest that this document somehow ignores that issue is completely wrong
if you look at policy G 14 in this document which is about the protection of West Salford URC greenway what that actually does is strengthened are case and what facts after today's meeting of the Council we will be able to give more weight to that policy and once it's adopted in 12 months time then that will effectively prevent Peel from realising their ambitions are on Broad Oak so I think that this
document is really important
as a step towards eventual fall greenbelt protection this will strengthen our case against Peel and once it is adopted Peel will not be able
to go against the policies that we already have in place and support the
the greenway and so
I do think that raising fears
and say the Khalsa Mrs. guerino is raising fares but raising fears that somehow and in the future we would come back
work with the revellers to to develop
is completely wrong this document actually strengthens our case and that the people in the him walk in and there are actuals and but as part of worseley who rely on the were Salford greenway
should actually be pleased at we have strengthened these policies
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:44:55
thank you Councillor Andrews
so the Council is asked to note the report has just been Gavin and recommend to the Cabinet
that they approve
the publication
of this report
can we agree to note

10 Greater Manchester Waste Levy Allocation Methodology Agreement (LAMA)

thank you for the next agenda item as Number 10 and as back over to Councillor Lancaster whose gotta make a presentation that relates to the Greater Manchester Waste Levy and its allocation Councillor Lancaster
Cllr D Lancaster MBE - 0:45:42
Donna successful negotiations and contract negotiations on the main Greater Manchester Waste contract which is achieved quite a considerable saving since that contract was awarded to SUIs rather than that could the Exec previous or a contractor
why when the government negotiation and the benefits that brings to the 10 authorities it was important that we actually look at the Larmer which the AMR is a method of calculation of how will distribute that figure and that that Bill to all 10 authorities and what this document Dorsey's actually come through agreement with all 10 authorities in Greater Manchester and how that distribution should take place within all 10 authorities so I welcome the report and thank you and ask you to support the recommendations in the report
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:46:36
thank you Councillor Lancaster any questions Councillor Saunders
Cllr A Saunders - 0:46:41
Cllr A Saunders - 0:46:48
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:47:12
thank you Councillor Saunders any other questions Any other comments st pounds said to me
City Mayor P Dennett - 0:47:23
no I just wanted to highlight over I was reading the Manchester evening News the other day around stock Paul it seems that some of the activity that's been taking place at the Waste Authority levy and the ending of the Private Finance Initiative and these new arrangements are paying dividends in terms of returns to local authorities some budgets are just wanted Councillor Lancaster totally comment on that because obviously you know starting this followed this next financial year we were looking at 15 million Copts target for the City of Salford obviously are working through budget at the moment but I think some of the work that's been happening at a Greater Manchester level is helping us offset austerity and cuts in the City of Salford as well as some sort of confirmation of that really
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:48:10
no more questions No comments
councillor lancaster would you like to answer
Cllr D Lancaster MBE - 0:48:18
that was the case in those law work done on the within Greater Manchester Waste to award this contract what we actually did we split the waste disposal contract where the old contract into proportions and retendered in three different contracts for of all the work that achieve significant savings and it's true to say that the PFI costs were one of the major concerns I have got to say I have shared some concerns about the peer high contract because the government are not being political here refused to
concede that they shouldn't have a refund for the contract with the plant was added in the contract which was a PFI contract and demanded close on 10 million pounds out of that contract and we paid back to government
which to me if the review said that all plant was not reusable and there would have been a proportion that 10 million pound we should have stayed with the Greater Manchester authorities and not gone back to Central government
while we it has been a successful contract what we've got to do and nothing will ever can be critical the previous contracts there wasn't enough supervision quite frankly on that contract and I am concerned that we have to look to acquire legal concerns we add with the previous contractor that performance is essential once your ward the contract that performance is a measure of far better than Islam in the past four as being essential that reaction performer measure the were of the new contractor all the indications so far are good or a mournfully return on performance is critical on this I think
Cllr A Saunders - 0:50:08
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:50:36
no other comments then we the Council received take-note as report and its methodologies and are we all in agreement with taking note of the report seems easy enough
thank you
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:50:57
now we have a bit of a change and we have skated through the agenda the swollen and we would like to make changes in its order and Rule 13 bullet point 3 allows us to change the order of the agenda this princess out and so were proposed that we go straight to at the scrutiny chairs and asking the chairs the scrutiny committee to be able to answer the questions that we might half and returned back to the City Mayor's presentations questions and comments are litre time this morning
as we go through the procedure or further agenda there are Moat Lane and
we will take the brick after that time and come back and listen to the city mayor

13 General Questions or Comments to Cabinet Members on the discharge of responsibilities within their portfolios

I am the first item there would do if we may Item number 14
is everybody in agreement with that
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:52:01
this gives straight on to number 14 them dearly Members have any questions or comments to the Chairs of Scrutiny Committees

14 General Questions or Comments to Chairs of Scrutiny Panels

will go through them one by one and take them at that time Councillor David Jolley Overview Scrutiny Board any questions
any comments
councillor Adrian Brocklehurst
Johnson scrutiny panel any questions
any comments
councillor Tanya Burch Community and Neighbourhoods
councillor Sharpe
growth and future prosperity any questions any comments
now Councillor Morris is not here and she is responsible health and social care if there's any questions that you'd like to put to Council the MORI survey comments could you do it that by e-mail please
going on to number 15 then we're looking at the discharge of functions

15 General Questions or Comments on the discharge of functions of Joint Authorities and Outside Bodies

of joint authorities and outside bodies again will go through them one by one
is there any questions that the people would have very comments of people behalf them for anybody the represents the Council on outside bodies
no 8 Number 16 then relates to our reports are being delivered to us again
and again they were just for note is there any questions people would have really until the reports have been offered to us
if you do find that you would like to ask questions will you then put them an e-mail to the different firm
councillors would be responsible for each of those bodies
come back to Number 13
where looking at general crescent of comments to the Cabinet Members themselves and will go through them one by one

13 General Questions or Comments to Cabinet Members on the discharge of responsibilities within their portfolios

councillor Walshaw scrutiny
councillor Collinson
Cllr J Collinson - 0:54:41
thank you Chair and there have been a number of reports recently in the press regarding Salford City stadiums losses of over 2 million and what I wanted to ask really was what is the Council's position on this and high sustainable is the Council's involvement will keep
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:55:06
does the conversation that wouldn't it be a question be directed carried Harris's as redirected to the City Mayor
M Carruthers-Watt - 0:55:23
sorry chair through you for the avoidance of doubt Councillor at the City Marys the shareholder for the Stadium company so should give any answer to the Council
City Mayor P Dennett - 0:55:43
so yes I mean obviously every year we consider working capital from the City Council into the Stadium company of which as you will appreciate a Members of the Council will know the City Council is a 50 50 partner is a joint venture company with Peel Holdings so
you know what is the status of a stadium with regards to the Council so obviously we borrowed the money to build the stadium all land as also as well as people's land has also been put into the joint venture company there was initial working capital agreed when we built the stadium because we'd no we would need to continue that we've exhausted the initial working capital as you know each year we continue to put money into the stadium to enable it to obviously fully function as a business if we look at how the Stadium company at the moment is trading such as looking at how it's kind of operating you know I'm fairly reassured speaking we Councillor Lancaster and Councillor bottle that it's washing its phase shall we say so operationally it's working and when I say washing its face that's not considering the repayment of principal and interest and I suspect I would mean Ward Members can probably common outside of this room on that but from a principal and interest point of view you know that's why I think the Stadium company is reporting a bit of a loss however when we look at what this means for the city council colleagues in the room will know we've developed some of the land we now have a pub there obviously providing jobs and opportunities that generate a capital receipts owl the of recently come online again that has triggered a capital receipt back to the joint venture company and also see that bringing down the principle of the debt and an obsolete making things look better and when I actually look at what is the liability if you like to the City Council to date over certainly the last four years the overall debt and liability to the City Council is actually coming down every single year now I can provide this information for you and we are looking to take a report on the next round of working capital which will be part 1 so be publicly available for full transparency and accountability and maybe a future Council meeting you can ask further questions once you read the report in detail you see how the numbers of working but the Stadium and that regeneration as part of the city I have to say to this Council from what I'm saying and what I'm looking at is actually a great success not only is it creating jobs and opportunities in the City from a financing point of view in terms of the liabilities to the Local Authority there coming down year on year to the local authority so if we look at this in the round in terms of debt to the local authority at the moment we're looking at the overall liability being in the region now of 15 million pounds is now an originally obviously borrowed 20 odd no-one and obviously working capital to date but we can provide all this information in the report when we take the next decision on working capital but I just wanted to reassure Members of the Council obviously the opposition and I know Councillor Turner has had a briefing on this because obviously we briefed members of the opposition in the run-up to taking any decisions on working capital and that we should be positive about the future direction of the stadium and that regeneration that part of the city and I can corroborate all of this obviously with with hard data and facts which I'm sure you be interested in Councillor Collinson hopefully that provides some reassurance at this stage but yes thank you
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:59:34
councillor hangs you and speak
Cllr B Hinds - 0:59:39
get gets off Mr. merger and say the Councillor Turner as been briefed you know so I can understand Councillor colleague Colin should unspent asking the question from Councillor Turner has been brave of them mayoress'
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:59:51
thank you Councillor aims
cut backs like Turner
and Councillor Turner
Cllr L Turner - 1:00:01
can I just say it is true that I am always kept informed of developments but I think Council Collinson's question was for a wider audience the public who we all represent and I think that formed the basis of council colleagues question thank you
City Mayor P Dennett - 1:00:18
respond to that just to say when we do take a decision on the next round of working capital the report will be in part 1 and members of the public and yourselves concede that informed so you can actually see how everything is performing in that part of the city but at personally from what I've seen what I've read to date actually think it's a really good news story now own lake is the debt coming down but were creating jobs were selling land and were moving in the right direction in the city which is really really important
Cllr C McIntyre - 1:00:48
before I bring Councillor R Garrido in colleges say the onesie spoken looking back to their gender to ask questions over comments to coast Councillor Ball shop
OK Councillor Peredur
Cllr R Garrido - 1:01:04
but that some of us even more unsafe point Sir
Herbert Smith at Otley and accept everything at the end of the City matters said appreciated his comments are and in fact Councillor Trevor does keep HOSC informed when does the briefings are well aware of officers ration is other than a councillor or Collinson's
question 5 reserve which was quite clear you know can we sustain or loss year after year after year I am aware that the deficit has come down but 50 million pounds is still an awful lot of money to most people and to make companies so can we sustain as a Council that loss
firstly speaking I think the time has come when we should be looking to see what is anybody out there that can take us over-promise it over there can ever condemned comprise office and we can at least clear that deficits
rather than the other thing outlines in advance is
City Mayor has done on Torfaen convictions
a decision to refer to the amount of jobs created I wonder if you could probably put a figure on the harbourside cost as per person for those jobs
Cllr C McIntyre - 1:02:16
Cllr C McIntyre - 1:02:20
can't you thank Councillor Greider that's perhaps a question you may want to refer to the City Mayor and his allocated as innovative
I for that to be
Cllr R Garrido - 1:02:31
come after Councillor at some stage
Cllr C McIntyre - 1:02:33
question becomes any more a question to Councillor Horsell
no councillor Mary
every questions to Councillor
councillor Collinson
Cllr J Collinson - 1:02:50
thank you
as you know I'm very involved in corporate parenting
and this has been a great concern of mine for some considerable time I asked the sat on
a jury for seven weeks seven years ago on one of these cases so I am unaware of how involved and all those but
as a teenager in care in the local authority nor are local authority in a fairly but in local authority care who is raped by guidance
is it not a crime and that will appear on the police's crime statistics its own like something like burglaries and thefts which can have a box ticked and they can choose a third dealing with crimes so it has been proven that the sort of crimes having been given the priority that they deserve on what I really wanted to ask Councillor Mary as Lead Member for Children's is come he assure us that there are no Salford children involved in the ongoing investigations as you knew Greater Manchester police had been very heavily criticised because of their am not not putting this as early as a priority to can you share as their new sulphur children involved and kid
Cllr J Merry CBE - 1:04:24
well of a funk you for that crush the first thing I've got to say is that anybody who has read the report must be struck with a sense of horror about the way those cases were handled and another local authority and clearly noted that that sort of behaviour had taken place in Salford would have been completely unacceptable to this Authority and we would not have pursued the same line that was pursued elsewhere so not so first assurance I can convey I'm always conscious when a master question like this is that yes I can say that to my knowledge and there are no such cases are in insolvent
where we have been found to be a at full of spoken to the City Mayor at length about it I understand that this report is going to be effectively in three parts of the second part is going to cover Rochdale in the first part is going to cover the authority and the rest of the authorities but to my knowledge to my knowledge there has been no major issues of concern
raised about the way that Salford have dealt with those cases where they raised we would want to do with them as urgently as possible but you've been on corporate parenting fur for a long time
and obviously we've tried to make sure that any matters of concern are brought to bodies such as out so that people can deal with it so it so regrettable situation it's a horrendous situation for the whole of Greater Manchester Newson tackle it but in terms of individual cases in Salford I am not aware of any that effects on from that moment
any further questions to Councillor Mary
Cllr C McIntyre - 1:06:14
councillor Bill hangs any questions
councillor Kelly any questions
councillor lancaster any question with a question from Councillor song I'm sorry will come back to Councillor Saunders Yavneh kisan does have an interest as a governor
Cllr A Saunders - 1:06:43
thunders Councillor lately
Cllr C McIntyre - 1:08:25
Cllr A Leitner - 1:08:30
Cllr C McIntyre - 1:09:18
thank you Councillor
councillor lancaster
Cllr D Lancaster MBE - 1:09:27
the first of all the question of the recycling centres I asked it thank you for agreeing to be furthest away ever meeting tomorrow
recycling rates up long off as a result more among Alaskan Robin will support me on this that within each recycling exactly what the recycling figures for each one of what he called in these easily in one site rather than that the on site we've got to him may be that one size does not performing as well as others bullies as an referred to there in the early presentation it's critical that Members are keen to scrutinised very closely in the contract to make sure that they are performing and no indications off and the not performing the infant indication regarding the report tomorrow says they are for one what will come back to you on those figures
commercially comparable data
and dropping litter and cigarette ends
I am quite strongly with a view that we should prosecute anybody who dropped litter and don't care where it is or whether that's dumping of
back-alley ways or anywhere else I've been very keen to ensure that we try where we can to identify who is the culprit and we prosecute the corporate removed all that rubbish in the first place the Minister that something we need to do I've got to say what we get an unfair service in the city council cuts in those areas and majority varies as no dumping of rubbish be are kept clean and the residence respect the area they live in and why should they suffer because some areas don't abide by the recycling rules and dump rubbish to me that needs prosecution and there were so some bins or set within a number of prosecutions will continue to do one thing I'm looking at is actually whether we can use CCTV better than we can only got where we know there's hotspots because at 1 am getting his answer nannies month after month on going back to the same streets as what we've done previously we got a tackle them head-on and clearly deal with the ones which are not prepared to abide by what is considered to be good citizenship and is something quite strongly I believe we should it succeed in doing on cigarette ends I am aware of the warm prosecution of an appeal about what prosecution what they of appeal was not helpful it was agreed dire he defined should take place I still think it the same due to happen to sing their centre as nothing worse than dumping of cigarette ends in streets and that something we should to discourage people from doing the lady did have an opportunity in question to what she appealed against that decision and repeals turn down so therefore I am supportive of the decision which had been taken
Jim Taylor - 1:12:24
Cllr C McIntyre - 1:12:26
Cllr K Garrido - 1:12:28
no thank you I'm not sure whether this is the right place to do it but Councillor Lancaster in Jos also do and the elections and a committee that deals with that no deals with that originally announced the election is rigged grilled rice him poncey
lateral working party and I'm not sure whether I can ask him a comment on not today
the City Mayor I could ask the city may be
Cllr K Garrido - 1:13:05
unless you marry Alonso Mahela killer final pass it on to Councillor
Cllr C McIntyre - 1:13:12
can we have any questions or comments to Councillor
councillor Hesling
Cllr J King - 1:13:21
Cllr C McIntyre - 1:13:30
councillor Hamilton
Cllr J Hamilton - 1:13:32
thanks very much I dislike to follow on from Councillor Lancaster and lechner about the article in the MEN or have been working with this resident quite intensively i'm a bin and visited the story on many many occasions of work with the residents industry of work really hard with with these people
were all very aware and Alliance say the neighbourhood teams of been fabulous the Bengali all the time 8 tireless and its endless dealing with this issue I think we all know it's about people's behaviour have been there late at night when it's been cleared the alley ways of being cleared went back the next day the bags and bags of it so I think the camera right it's nobody's fault in here it's people's behaviour or an account speak highly enough of the neighbourhood teams and the clearing places where the dog even own they've done a marvellous job I know what the Dornan anomalous LADAR had an Irish resident and unlike say it is quite depressing merely looking at what people having to live in them in this environment and with this Robert all kinds of rubbish is awful it really is so Abbey really pleased
if we can from cameras on our hotspots and also in this particular area the resident was made aware before Christmas that will start in a brand new pilot stood and it happens to be the Aryan one of the hotspots are where it's a year long long term intervention
i'm wherever having we're going to put some a flower baskets and things in and we've got quite a lot of residents that are coming forward to help us out which is superb because we have a lot of residents the actually look their area and you know and they are living in this squalor aches awful fall then and people are selfish straightaway I understand where you are coming from
so not just for clarification thanks very much
Cllr C McIntyre - 1:15:46
thank you Councillor Hamilton Councillor Paul Anderson and closure said you couldn't last question before we have the bread
Cllr J Collinson - 1:15:57
thank you and just very briefly re back on sale on the same subject I've just returned from Singapore I don't know if anybody has been there but I have never experienced a more efficiently run and clean City and my life it's there's no graffiti there's no litter chewing gum is a legal
if you drop a piece of litter its 200 dollars have dropped two pieces of litter at 600 dollars you not like to leave the country until all fines have been paid and are not signs up signs as if it's very harsh but it seems to work and everybody is so proud of where they live in it that they take ownership of where they live and if anybody dropped piece of litter somebody behind them would say pick it up
and it's not what we're looking up here I think is symptoms were not looking at causes and it goes back to Education again people need to take pride in the areas of 11 and you're not
you're not going to drop piece of litter and clean street if it's a messy Street why not just throw it out the window with Road on street it's a by education and I think that's where the problem is it's not about just dealing with it because it's a problem of a need to get rid of good those bags of rubbish we need to educate people to understand that it's not acceptable and they need to take pride in where they live
Cllr C McIntyre - 1:17:22
thank you Councillor Collins and work and take the breakdown for 10 minutes
and then we come back to councillors from his local suppliers who can have a response from Councillor Lancaster
Cllr D Lancaster MBE - 1:17:33
just make the point and I think it's important that we recognise with Education skills critical on recycling and we should encourage people to recycle as best we can we want warmth in this city for the improvements in cleanliness of the city and we should recognise up them rejoice for the city to clean city and citizens in the Borough pride in fact the number of citizens in their fifth year helping with the clean-up procedures with Jack on a regular basis that something which we are pleased to it would come back to my original presentation as far as I'm concerned is critical that we deal with those who don't comply and that Save the Cat comply Or Moon warned about in a number of occasions we need to look clearly at prosecution and we looking for residents support and recognise indicating who the responsible people are so I do think it is something we've got to tackle these important to continue to do it
if nationalist non-adjusting Salford but certainly it's not right that a survey should deteriorating and were part of the city for the sake of older people who dumped rubbish and he continues to do it and it's all been we going to deal with quite strong
Cllr C McIntyre - 1:18:45
thank you Councillor Lancaster Rugani brick now for 10 minutes and will come back will then have questions to Councillor and reverse home to Councillor Reynolds overflow goods and sits mere saw break for 10 minutes

13 General Questions or Comments to Cabinet Members on the discharge of responsibilities within their portfolios

Cllr C McIntyre - 1:20:36
thank you please be seated
where restrictions questions to Councillor Antrobus any questions
Cllr C McIntyre - 1:20:52
councillor mcKENNA o lurking
you thank you
Cllr J King - 1:21:07
thank you Chair of the Council will Council ranked façade Jones please explain what's happening to the railways in the North of England never of services the quality of service performance of the operators and so on
I understand that the new secretary of State for Transport has gone to decide on HS2 relatively soon and if the Shapps chapters decide to support the HS2 do you think that we should begin to build it out from the north west where you get better value for money and future
could I refer the question to Councillor Jones
Cllr D Antrobus - 1:21:44
the thanks JA am
Cllr R Jones - 1:21:53
dealing with the railways is the in so quite a difficult thing to do and I'm sure Councillor Turner and his colleagues will remember some of the history in recent years will have been let me just remind me of a couple of seconds as a secretaries of State for Transport the first one was Chris Grayling who was appointed around 2 thousand 16 An I fell for the lot of when they decided to do the timetable changes in 2 thousand and 18 and he made the classic mistake on Radio 4 I don't know whether you remember this where when he was trying to answer why things were in such chaos he said Well I don't want the railways and of course he got immediately the question while if you
don't run them who does
of course the problem with the railways they are run by the government and by the Department for Transport and that's the problem partly that there's no decentralisation others know the snow opportunity for local people and local councillors to get involved in how the railways wrong
the second sexiest day is the current one grandchild Sue again at Dodworth you heard what he said but I'm sure Council turn on now because I'm such a boring person money was answering questions on on Channel Four I actually recorded it so I could go back and listen to exactly what he said and again I made the classic mistake the commentator said Tim are you going to take the franchise off Northern because it's such a disaster he answered yes he said I yes we are and then within one hour the Department for Transport issued a clarification to say while the Minister was right to say that however he starting a process and that means no they're not want to take the franchise off now than at the moment but that's a possibility for the future so the answer to Councillor King is that nobody knows exactly what will happen but the one thing I can say to you is that most people were not involved in railways don't know that the government have set up a company to deal with this kind of situation if and when a franchise fails and on the East Coast Main Line they have actually set this company to actually run it now you won't like me saying this but what they have actually done is put it back into public ownership
from the privatised situation it was in before and as far as I know East Coast Main Line services are now running reasonably well compared to how there were some time ago
the other issue I just wanted to mention briefly causes quite a few issues but that I'll just finish on this that the government did set up on the Chris Grayling the Williams Review which is taking place and I suspect has been interrupted by the general election and other matters and certain things from that Williams review have already been revealed but the secretary of State has promised there will be a White paper on the future of the railways and the Williams Review is a root and branch review of exactly that
justifiable thing Councillor King through in High Street to
and then again for the support she could say are about this book but let's put it this way High Speed 2 was agreed something around 2 thousand and 9 there or thereabouts and it's got the support of all three major political parties and that consensus has stayed until today so I have no evidence that the apart from reviewing and because of course the capital costs of all these major schemes go up but I would remind you that every time London has or a rail scheme the overruns and overshoots and overspends they still carry on with it and find the money for it because it benefits London whereas obviously High Speed 2 will have a massive benefit for the North and the Midlands of this country and the investment is crucial but in terms answer to gyms crashes is probably too late Jim now but we have raised more money well we raised it and umpteen occasions
especially at the transport select committee that there's no reason why the work couldn't start in the north it doesn't have to necessarily be from London northwards it can be from the Manchester area southwards if you look at it that way and across to Leeds and so on so those are big issues but as far as I know High Speed 2 if it gets the go-ahead they've already spent four billion pounds by the way up to date so you can see it as a colossal mountain investment there but in
could you start to wind up Councillor
Johnson face
Cllr C McIntyre - 1:26:42
councillor Mary
Cllr C McIntyre - 1:26:50
thanks I just wanted to comment on the answer I've just heard actually
Cllr J Merry CBE - 1:26:54
which I think is a very accurate rendition of the situation that we're in at the moment but the reason I want to comment is because Northern Rail has become a byword for incompetence on the railways now you might say were wise that important to Salford while every station in Salford is actually served by Northern Rail lay out the critical operator as far as we're concerned and for Grant Shapps to talk about one option being to give them a short term contract while he tries to sort it out strikes me as absolutely appalling the only answer is to use what's called the operator of last resort which is in effect taking it into public ownership are just give you some quick quotes from what I've been told recently and are being told that trains have been cancelled because most of the trains are in for repair now that seems to me a rather incompetent level of management to put all your trains into the surface as at the same time are being told that trains have been cancelled because of the shortage of drivers apparently norvin when they took on the West franchise didn't realise a overtime on Saturday and Sunday was voluntary for drivers on this side of the Pennines has compared to compulsory or on the other side of the Pennines and forgot actually that that was the case and scheduled a load of trains on a Saturday and Sunday which they have then had to cancel and the final thing which I was concerned about was on the new trains does actually a fantastic which tells you what pluck what stations
they are going to stop her and Michael on a train and it said it was going to stop at Swinton for example apparently that is a mistake by management who programmed the trains incorrectly on the software to indicate it was stopping at Swinton when in fact it wasn't stopping at Swinton now with management like that in the private sector you know you do realise that the public sector could do a lot better job than that actually in running the trains and please on the conservative side rushed to defend Northern Rail rushed to defend Northern Rail as a great example of private enterprise or actually join with us and say that we in Salford are entitled to a decent service and the only people who appear to be able to provide that it's actually by taking it into public ownership
Cllr S Hesling - 1:29:37
thanks Chair and before Christmas Councillor Antrobus M arranged a very informative and interesting Policy Forum on climate change and an obvious them very pleased that Salford Council earlier in the year
passed a motion or greens for climate crisis declaring a climate crisis quite rightly and Bath in the presentation
that we heard rarely highlighted an open members' eyes AVOW the scale of the change that was needed and also the speed at which it was needed you know clearly the lake to relieve this the worse the impact Gatz
I wonder if following that Councillor ranchers could give an update on some of the work taking place in this area and also what the next steps are going to be going forward over the years ahead
consigned to this
Cllr C McIntyre - 1:30:37
we are very grateful to Councillor Hesling for raising that that that
Cllr D Antrobus - 1:30:40
issue and I would like to thank all Members of the Council who participated in in that Policy former think it really drove home to us all
the difficult choices that we face in the future if we are to make sure that our city is tolerable for future generations
the next meeting of the climate action board
to consider the outcomes of the
the deliberations of the
Policy Forum there are a number of issues that we are taking forward I have asked for a report to be produced are on our we can extend carbon literacy throughout our organisation as City Mayor was taken a great lead on their carbon literacy and until everybody in the organisation everybody in the city understands the contribution that they make then we won't progress with the wider ambitions of that's an important starting point for a vote for future
development the climate emergency resolution called on us to
try to influence the Greater Manchester pension fund to divest in in the accompanying investments so were actively looking at ways in which we can support
the pension fund in imminent doing than I am but we ourselves are ramping up our ambition than there I am really
delighted to be able to say today
we are putting a bid for funding for a 2 megawatt a solar array which will be a on underused Council one
is dependent on the funding from the European Union and we've still got that funding stream a
available but that will make a significant contribution to meeting our targets we are also going to review all the other under-used land in Council ownership see whether there is the potential for further raised there and we are carrying out a survey of all Council buildings to look at their capacity for solar or wai-Po arrays so hopefully I the very next that will be that Salford will become genuinely
solar City
and of course anything that we do to generate more renewable energy is important but don't forget that thanks to the city mayor in our procurement we make sure that we only purchase renewable energy in order to were RRHDS power her visited services and the city's buildings so I think that that is a great step forward making already
I do not
that Mr. Murphy
Cllr D Bailey - 1:33:57
I 4 during the break we actually asked Watson to Viva time Robin solvency Council provided free lunches bought them is actually air for his birthday so happy birthday Councillor Fletcher and I just wanted to start by thanking so many of you for the warm welcome since I joined the Council aim is one of the greatest honours in my life to walk in the footsteps of my dear and late threatened John Gregson and I know if it can be half the Councillor he was already done a good job for the people of Pendlebury just evade brief question to Councillor Reynolds them about an issue is very close to my heart ever since lose my grandma to dementia late last year we have an ageing population are we ensuring here in Salford that we have adequate provision for people living with dementia thank you
Cllr G Reynolds - 1:34:51
Cllr C McIntyre - 1:40:42
thank you close the Randall's every other questions or comments to Councillor Reynolds
OK agenda number is 16 shed reports from Ford greetings and you did get these as part of the minutes they are forced or told Nick if you do have any questions then please refer the questions
to the Councillor August August and Councillor
if you referred to Councillor august than cancelled led Linden friendly
Linden Irish Rail
can we move now back to those admirers of elicited mere statement
City Mayor P Dennett - 1:41:37
OK I am Chair of the Council Members of the Council and welcome to the first Council of the New Year and happy new year to all of you

11 Statement of the Elected City Mayor

and I hope we've had an enjoyable the much needed break over the festive period and are looking forward to what we can achieve together in the new year
and like Councillor Baillie has already said thank you Councillor Fletcher for the refreshments and the kindness and hospitality you shown in the break in celebration of what I understand the via a really important birthday tomorrow so many happy returns for your birthday tomorrow
but before we begin formerly of Council address and proceedings I'd like to pay my respects to the commitment to the work and the memory of Councillor Peter Connor pizza was an exceptionally dedicated and much loved Councillor championing many causes for those often greatest in need in our city he led the way for many years in housing and later in Adult social Care laying the foundations which has helped so many across our city
Peter was well respected by his fellow Councillors here in this Chamber and also in the ward of Kurzel and the community of Kurzel that he served for many years with great commitment to the Jewish community there and the broader community of Kurzel
Peter was always someone you could approach in the knowledge that will help in any which way he could to the best of his abilities often being passionate about those suffering poverty inequality or those feeling disenfranchised in some way or another committed ultimately to improving the lives of the people of our city pizza in many respects and calculated that we often referred to as the spirit of Salford and he will be deeply missed my thoughts and our thoughts and prayers remain obviously with Mary and Peter's family and his friends at this really sadden often difficult
I also like to welcome Councillor Damien Bailey to the City Council and like to congratulate you and the residents of Pendlebury for supporting a Labour Councillor you've already heard from yourself about standing in the shoes of Councillor John Ferguson those are indeed big shoes to be standing in and we expect great things from you Councillor Baillie
Davies election in many respects is testament to the value that the people of Salford place in the Labour party in the city and I look forward and my Mayoral team looks forward to working with you in the interests of the people of this city and it's quite clear to me that Damian's already hit the ground running asking a question of Lead Member in his inaugural Full Council meeting so you are certainly following in Councillor Ferguson's footsteps so thank you very much and welcome to this City Council
now it would be safe to say that the results of the election on December 12th were not what I know many in this Chamber would have anticipated or wished for
although we retained our seats in Salford many longstanding Labour areas in Greater Manchester and the north of England changed hands in historic night which has changed the face of British politics
and although I personally viewed the result with great sadness there are some comments I'd like to make and certainly reflect and take away from that
firstly the people of this country voted for Brexit and they confirmed to us on the 12th that the results of the referendum must and shall be it heard to
Brexit will happen you'll have profound and in many cases challenging implications for our economy our society
but it is the democratic will of this nation which must be respected
secondly I'll be or be frank
my party's campaign in my opinion could have been better organised and more effectively communicated with a clear narrative or Clare's structure around our manifesto
and for me who is responsible for that will clearly the party's machinery the Labour party the Leader's office and how that then is cascaded up and down the country and for me what this does is it necessitates serious reflection listening and consideration for future potential leaders of my party but also for party members and also the broader movement we must listen to each other listen to the broader labour movement unless and more importantly to the people of this country in how we move forward
and lastly voters in the north of England and many other post-industrial areas the country are clearly feeling left out disenfranchised and arguably rightfully angry
the anger must be understood in my opinion and understood by all parties it is very real pain that people are feeling whose prospects life chances they feel of often been cut short
and I believe that the Labour party's manifesto had some of the answers to the issues that were facing here in the United Kingdom a green new deal would have brought environmentally sustainable industrial growth back to the country especially those post-industrial parts of the country that have been suffering for many many years and based on a strategic approach to infrastructure led development and when I talk about infrastructure led development are not just talking about the physical there it's about thinking about how the social economic and environmental interact in terms of the interplay between people and the physical environment we all inhibit
and on national investment bank would have provided vital funds available for industries to upskill to update and find new capital for their plants technology research and development and innovation
and our infrastructural investment programme would have put money into roads schools and hospitals and transport in these regions to enable prosperity and growth to return
but it reminds it remains to be said that Labour lost these people by continuing why feel was a national trend in politics of London centric politics which began under Thatcher intensified under Blair and has been continued by every administration since this is an exclusionary it's an elitist form of politics which is excluded many people from public life culturally organisationally and politically it's a politics ultimately as far as I'm concerned that must end
London as we all know is important economically and industrially to the success of Britain
but so too are many cities many towns many villages and communities outside of London and the south-east and rebalancing the economy and reforming our political system requires decisive action not just warm words or political rhetoric
Boris Johnson has made many many promises to the people of these areas promises which I'm sceptical as to whether or not they'll be delivered and kept
and with early indications from the first few months suggesting that U-turns are already being planned in many key areas
the date of the plan Brexit is already being delayed and discussions of the transition period being extended is on the table
the mastermind behind the Vote leave campaign this was the campaign which lied to the British public saying we would be getting 350 million pounds extra per week into our NHS obviously spearheaded by Dominic Cummings has already been seen on Twitter discussing with Dr Alan Grieve conceding that there are lots of things that could happen or not happen as may be the case which would make him that's Dominic Cummings wish leave had not actually won the referendum
johnson's proposals to end the legislative alignment of return in the youth EU could lead to this being dragged into a conflict in the House of Lords
who believed that the proposals in the Côte withdrawal agreement passed by parliament would force courts up and down the country to reinterpret all case law creating legal chaos in our country
and from pledging during his campaign the chance of no deal was absolutely zero recent comments from the prime minister in his first interview of the new year suggest that no deal is in fact still a very real possibility
we are still faced with vague promises on social care with no dates for the promised reforms that were pledged during the election we know in this Chamber still no green paper and yet again government forcing councils up and down this country to hike the Adult social Care precept by 2 per cent again to pay for social care
in addition to that I would just say be cautious about what you're reading in the press and the media colleagues may have seen the BBC reporting that Swinton is to receive 25 million pounds from the government I just want to inform this Council Chamber that that certainly is not the case I nor the Chief Executive of this Local Authority have had no indication that Swinton in terms of reviving the Town Centre is to receive 25 million pounds when I understand is happening is they are offering support and help so we will continue to engage with the Department on this but I just want colleagues in this chamber to be aware that in a BBC running headlines saying that Swinton is to receive 25 million pounds as far as I'm concerned is very very misleading and concerning
i've been not a number of so there has been no numbers set on the promised investment as we have already heard in northern infrastructure and investment in the North of England and I welcome the government's ending of the Northern Rail franchise given that sustained under performance which has been a matter of public record and regularly reported on through our combined authority here in Greater Manchester
but the idea that simply extending the franchise to another company without significantly upgrading and investing in infrastructure as some sort of panacea to solve the problems is misleading at best
and Jake buries the Northern powerhouse ministers' insistence that Transport for the North and Andy Burnham share the blame for the failure of Mervyn after their repeated insistence over many years that government Northern were failing and we need intervention is nothing short of shameful reinvention of recent history
and government policy of revoking the huge successful policy of city wide landlord licensing in Liverpool has had a chilling impact on Greater Manchester's plans to properly regulate a Private rented Sector protecting tenants' and challenging the Dickensian housing conditions that continue to blight and play millions of our residents in the city region and thousands up and down the country
the value of such promises from the current government in my opinion is yet to be seen
meanwhile rather than obviously wait around for the government for such promises to materialise we've been busy here in this Council doing what we do best fighting for the interests of the people of Salford
and it was my pleasure last week to open route 29 the new care scheme for young people and those on the edge of care which has been co-designed by young people have been through the care system or have direct experiences of services in the city
the scheme is seen as provide a fabulous new facility including a gym and recreational areas for young people who could have potentially been placed outside of our city the scheme has seen several Carers
care leavers and Cat carers and people involved in the care system actually go on to employment as well to individuals of gained employment through this initiative using their own direct experiences of the care system and our services to help shape the experiences of other people in our city is a heart-warming story and it's a perfect example of innovative and creative work that we've been doing in our city whilst also helping goes with budgetary pressures and representing value for money for our taxpayers in our city
it is also my pleasure yesterday to join in announcing that Islam to Mill the arts and cultural hub off Chapel Street has been awarded more funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund and 746 thousand pounds to secure the much needed renovations are shared vision is for the Mill complex which includes New Islington Mill as well the building adjacent and Reid and hearts of regions trading Estate placed into the hands of a Community Land Trust or deaf appropriate governance structure through which rents will be set by tenants supporting creatives makers people in our City which are often disenfranchised as a consequence of gentry vacation
Salford has always been a working city and protecting low rents and that low rent environment is much needed for artists and creatives to survive in places like Greater Manchester interestingly this was responded to in London's Local Plan because they realised they were yet losing that creative talent to places like Paris and Berlin and they placed it at the heart of some of their planning policies
positively respond to those challenges but for me I think this is a really very exciting development and I look forward to working with our local Councillors and the community there is going to Mill to realise what is a fantastic initiative
the City's green agenda also continues at pace with friends of the Earth announcing that Salford is the most climate friendly local authority area in the whole of the north-west and rattly joint fifth in the whole of the country so were doing absolutely fantastic things here to receive that recognition from friends of the Earth and this is no surprise when you consider we've spent or we've managed to leave or remain is not the City Council spending this on its own 100 26 million pounds worth of investment
over the past four years into green infrastructure within our city investment which has seen the creation of hundreds of miles of cycle paths new parks river will second floor Basin Juge projects like RHS Bridgewater the fifth national park and coming to the City of Salford the preservation of muslin and the renovation of many of our existing green spaces and parks across the city
and we continue to defend areas of natural beauty such as the Broadoaks site that was previously referenced from future development and obviously we are disappointed that more public money will need to be spent continuing to defend our position in the court of appeal and this is after as colleagues know this City Council has lost 211 million in cuts since 2 thousand and 10 and unfunded budget pressures 53 percent of the grant we get from central government has been taken away from us since 2 thousand and 10 under the Tory and Lib Dem and Tory governments whilst at the same time demands for children's and adult services continue to grow in our city
we also committed to plans for the creation of a huge 350 hectares City Forest Park and that's between both Salford City Council Bolton and Bury are further project to protect the preservation of natural woodland and wildlife in our city region this green revolution if you like in Salford is the culmination of decades long commitment to a green agenda for which we are now starting to see the results and last year as colleagues know we honoured the ex-serviceman Ben Walsworth with Freedom of the City and we acknowledged his commitment to the green agenda in this city which demonstrates the long-standing commitment of this local authority to that agenda it was Ben's vision for open green spaces and parklands that are seen as protect preserve and expand green provision over the course of decades including the development of cut acre park and are pioneering legal work preventing peat extraction and ensuring net biodiversity in developments this revolution is not only opening new spaces for residents but it's helping to preserve the city's has heritage as encapsulated in the marvellous redevelopment of the Wordsley Delph and canal completed recently
as the national political agenda continues to evolve many things remained to be the same and we are in a period of real uncertainty and in that space Salford is still doing all it can to ensure that residents of this city have jobs to go to things to see and do and more importantly hope for the future thank you very much
thank you said to me
Cllr C McIntyre - 2:01:48
any questions to the City Mayor Councillor Turner of lead your question
Cllr L Turner - 2:01:58
not so much question Geir comment on first of all would like to wish you all a happy new year
sometimes I say and I wonder what I've learned by sitting here and I think the two things that stand out this morning
don't read the MEN and then watch the BBC news but it all seems to be a force on Sunday the BBC according to the city mayor
for the last few years I've sat here amongst the rest of you and we've listened to the City Mayor lambasting our government because it is our government is not my government or your government it's our government is the people's government you could say one nation government an
what can the City Mayor has been extolling the virtues of socialism or don't know what he really means by socialism but you no doubt explain and the socialism read by a Mr. Jeremy Corbyn who use have been endorsed by the City Mayor who statements to the Council are enthusiastically applauded by his long members this is followed by a pre-planned question session by his members giving the City Mayor the opportunity to endorse very often the same themes as his earlier statements the City Mayor has consistently told us just how a Labour government would be the answer to all the country's problems in he touched on it today
he touched on it today while we all know what the people of the country thought about Mr. Corbyn and his law helpers and their manifesto for the many
it was and it is an unmitigated disaster
it really is
it is it's the sort of ranted an ideology that spouted by the City Mayor and others that have been unequivocally rejected by the people of this country the country will not support socialism
Labour's worst result in seats loss since 19 35 their fourth consecutive defeat at the January election a party that constantly failed democracy and again the Mayor touched there and to be fair he admitted by failing to support the result of the 2 thousand 16 referendum they dithered and delayed since the election there still proposing yet more of the same Graham Stringer excluded
well Mr. Corbyn and Mr. McDonnell are on their way out
it's interesting that the runners for replacing Mr. Corbyn have all consistently voted against democracy
and one of them when asked even gave Jeremy Corbyn 10 out of 10
that if that's the best I have they are in a bad way
he really are
I wish that person was my teacher and as a school either been marvellous it comes near the four out of 10 in the tenure 10
it wasn't it ludicrous manifesto of promises a shop in this longer than most people taking the country not forward but backwards to the nineteen seventys I have constantly reminded Members opposite in this Chamber there is no chance the people of this great country will tolerate the extreme left that the City Mayor supports
well the date December the 12th proved that us on this side of the Chamber and in tandem with the people of this country Labour as a party are a total failure a party of protest and that's what they are very good at no doubt they will continue to do so in fact the did McDonald was on the picket lines for straight after the election nearly
they're not fit to govern and it's time that they accept that we will learn nothing from listening to you the country will be safer and stronger under the Conservative party
but I thought I would finish I thought I would finish by informing the Council that the government has awarded 250 million pounds of money for the transforming cities fund to the GMCA of which I think we are bidding for 3 million for cycling and
such things from that fund directly or indirectly
8 million to the GM violence reduction 400 74 thousand 500 for Salford for the homeless the Swindon Town Centre will be the first in the pilot scheme for the Futures High Street Fund so you are right there has been no promise that are going nowhere BBC got the 25 million from but it certainly wasn't from the government so there we are thank you very much for your tolerance
councillor Fletcher
Cllr C McIntyre - 2:07:30
thank you Chair and thank you everybody for your lovely wishes on my
Cllr H Fletcher - 2:07:37
birthday and the refreshments were because evolves been so kind to me over the past four years I wanted to say thank you in this particular way or by the way these loans of sandwiches left so please finish them off after the meeting
I don't actually want speak about anything political I want to mention a few words about the late Councillor Peter Connor who I was or had been a resident of Kurzel for the past 16 years so he was obviously my local Councillor what I like most about Peter was his directness didn't beat about the bush said things as they were and it was just six years ago at a phoned him open as set them or Councillor Carter I think I'd like to be a councillor now at what can I do how can a start is as I'll be with you in about half an hour I thought 0 he is very enthusiastic and he comes along with ERC Councillor Ann-Marie Humphreys they had a huge bag both from both sides and I said no I would like to stay for coffee says No not really I said Owen

12 General Questions or Comments to the Elected City Mayor

but I would like to be a councillor is yes I realise that he says Well this is how you start he said you see that bag and you see that bad deliver them
across those leaflets and that to me was Peter and
I just want to re quote him or do like his is saying he always used to say that there are no geniuses in this world just lots of people who think they are
so our IP Peter thank you
frontages with Richard
has lowered
Cllr C McIntyre - 2:09:29
well I was stood listened to Council terminus remarks with great
Cllr J Merry CBE - 2:09:37
interest actually even if it was written about
I did want to make a serious point to him know about what has happened to the toy party in the past with majorities let me take for example
the signing auditory party of the Munich agreement in the nineteen thirtys they did that right they did up because they believed that what the country wanted was peace and it would be safer and stronger to croak Council Turner's result remarks as a result what happened immediately within a few months they had to reverse their policies and they promised us peace in our time at that moment in time the men of Munich in the Tory party and what did they do
they actually were forced into the Second World War which led to the creation of the best government in my view the most socialist government of we've had in 19 45 that delivered on public ownership and the National Health Service so we mustn't get too downhearted by a Tory majority a Tory majority can easily be reversed particularly when you bear in mind if you look at the number of votes cast for each party actually the Tory vote fell effectively in percentage terms RHI and actually more people voted as a matter of fact for party support in a second referendum then did actually forget Brexit done that is the reality of the situation but all right we have to accept the fact they won the election and that those implementing their policies but let's just quickly examine their policies first of all we've seen a betrayal of all the promises Theresa May made to the contrary in the previous Bill gong all environmental safeguards that were promised gone all the safeguards in terms of workers' rights of the promise and most shameful of all and I'm surprised at Councillor Collinson Finnissy's grey right as most shameful of all is the abandonment of their commitment to unaccompanied refugee children who are seeking asylum in this country as far as Johnson's concern now we won't put it in the Bill RHI because we thought that was forced upon us by the House of Lords and today what did we find we found when Northern Rail have betrayed the people of Salford have actually provide an appalling service for the whole of the north-west what did the Conservative party in this Chamber have to say about it absolutely nothing they refuse to defend the people of Salford because they believe in private enterprise and because they weren't prepared to criticise a private company we heard about their commitment to environmental standards of the government but there been abandoned because they want to support Flybe they're abandoning the passenger tax in order to actually ensure that the company continues to fly and people are encouraged to fly what's happened to all the environmental commitments of Johnson consciousness and most telling of all what did I former Trump official say on the radio this morning this morning if you want a free trade deal with America you are going to have to be tied to the apron strings of America and do exactly what American tells you in respect of your foreign policy that's the only way that you will get a free trade deal with America so far from being the Safer and stronger I believe that this government will put us all at risk quite frankly it's actually unfortunately going to seek a deal with America we're going to be slavishly following the foreign policy of the United States we have got a convict garner government where Johnson promises one thing and fails to deliver on it now Environmental Protection and as a Mayor pointed out where he will determinedly
attack the market for private landlords market and support the private landlords rather than the ordinary tenants this is not a government for the ordinary people as Johnson promises it is a government for the private sector delivering for the private sector support in his mates for me I am not supporting the people of Salford and we will campaign we will hold them to account of course we will talk to them of course we will seek the best possible deal but at the end of the day we know that Johnson is not really interested in the North except as lobby fodder for his getting his Brexit d' Authreau so of above all else I felt very depressed of obviously body election I now feel inspired especially by things that the Mayor has seven elsewhere to fight this government and to fight on behalf of the people of this city and
the people of the north-west
the founders
Cllr C McIntyre - 2:14:49
Cllr A Saunders - 2:14:54
thank you Chair errm before I join the political fray can I as a Ward colleague of can't delay Councillor P 2 comma just up my tribute I did circulate
an e-mail to all Council members which I won't repeat that I refer you all to that just before Christmas
I would just like to add one final point that
I think
his epitaph
should be conversation I had with a constituent of owls as it whilst AB who told me that literally two days before he
sadly unexpectedly passed away he said to this constituent
I'm not going to be seeking re-election again in May
but that does not mean that you should not feel free to contact me afterwards about any issue you would like me to raise with the council I think that says it all and that should be his epitaph
and now joining the political fray and
as you will know I was a candidate the election but narrowly lost the Mayor City Mayor in the last meeting
declared that so all Salford seats were safe which I think if I'm not mistaken he said was the reason why the government doesn't invest in places like Salford I am pleased to say that we can now say that not all Salford seats are safe seats at least one is now a marginal may be calling to the-mail's object that's why the government are now
starting to invest in Salford or continuing to invest in Salford and finally I can just say that I'm the local Labour MPs clearly are all in unison because I note that term a Barbara Keeley MP who beat me a nominated
Kier Starmer as the Labour leadership election a candidate
not to local colleague and Graham Stringer at nominated Lisa Nandy so it's great to see our local MPs are all singing from the same hymn sheet in fact looking down the list I think the only MP in Greater Manchester and stand to be corrected as having quit not the only MP in Greater Manchester who actually nominated Rebecca Long Bailey besides herself was a good friend Angela Rayner thank you Chair
thank you Chair
Cllr C McIntyre - 2:17:31
Cllr A Leitner - 2:17:33
I wish to associate myself with the comments made by the City Mayor by Councillor Saunders and others
about Councillor Conner G while many Members in this Chamber will remember him as I'm as a Councillor as as a colleague growing up in Kurzel I remember him as as a Councillor representing myself my family my community and as I say growing up in because we knew he was able to go to man for any issue we needed if it was personal or can or community
now Councillor Fletcher said he wasn't it was direct and it won't just direct you was very very much breathe Kurzel
I think it was the must have been their last meeting she attended or one of the national UTC attended as a Councillor but we were discussing
funding for East Salford and he called out from the end of the route for a number of the room he called out
his Kurzel getting its fair share of this budget as well he was all about making sure that Kurzel got its fair share I also wish to pay tribute on behalf of the Jewish community in Salford on which Peter was a long-standing friend and you really understood their concerns
I am happy to hear that the City Mayor has crossed the floor and now agrees that it's time to deliver on Brexit and I'm sure his office is
I am sure his office is preoccupied with the celebrations and festivities to take place at the end of the month can you confirm whether the union flag will be flowing over Town Hall
councillor Hinds
councillor hands
Cllr C McIntyre - 2:19:20
Cllr C McIntyre - 2:19:24
Cllr B Hinds - 2:19:30
I future well things have been said about the 2 comma in and I would endorse every Tinder has said
about Peter and his commitment to ordinary people throughout this city and throughout the years that I've known and it's very very sad that he has now departed
but my thoughts at the minute are with Mary and the family they've been through a terrible period this last 12 month
you know what the granddaughter tragically
died in a car car-share card that it amounted so my thoughts are really with them and I can't say much more about Apple Peter will be suddenly and surely ultimately lost
right or we get now to the
the election while obviously I can understand
the Conservatives being happy
or in that way the government that they support for adult fit many of them support Boris drawn upon it Trump
the tweeted swimming to Tweedledee and Tweedledum out there is a bit both them together boy yet as from my side in my political views
it was very very disappointed indeed all I've got to say as I was campaign in and we had a very good result in Salford in my constituency that was issues and issues that I knew was going to be there there were issues about Brexit was without a doubt there was Brexit there was that other people may be mindful of my colleague will dispute that I was the main problem but it was the main problem without a shadow of a doubt Brexit and the way my party address that I think was with but analyst Jeremy Corbyn who I am a supporter of and still a supporter of the vilification that that man had over four years and yes some of it from my own party was an absolute disgrace a total disgrace I been I've been a member of the Labour party for nearly 50 years I've seen many elections and I've never ever included Michael Foot in 19 83 I've never seen anybody vilified like that memoirs and that we stop the out and up the courage to stick Dow Leeds all praise and condemnation that we could support
it was unbelievable and then we look at the real issue that I was supported not yet to be called me but what he stood for and that was in the manifesto
councillor Turner says that people will accept the manifesto
all right I believe that they do
I believe that they do and I believe that if Brexit or been there and we'd have the time to explain exactly what was right they would have supported the manifesto and even Boris Johnson us to say by the way as like to thank the people of the offer lending me their vote
we'll see how long that last because at the end of the day and why I support the manifesto I can see nothing in what Johnson and the Conservative government are going to do to tackle the crises that are in this country
I've explained in this Council time and time again crisis in health crises in education crisis in local government crisis even in the prisons crisis in transport crisis crises crisis there's nothing there what I will say though about junction and what a will give the Conservatives they do a good mutated they are good at changing for years we'd been working in wonder what I to the all liberalism Johnson seems to be a person that's not totally a deal to neoliberalism is dear to his class
I bought it represents what he is now talking about populism like many many others across Europe and elsewhere and America populism remember is throwing Morley now that is all you know we Local government about 12 equal to give us 12 months
is throwing money at it is only two years ago there was no money tree there was no such thing now the economy hasn't improved in two years there has been hardly any growth so where is the money coming from of course he's got money is banking on the fact that people will be persuaded or the time to support is government in the short term we will hold him or countless Councillor Mary says we will collect not just for 12 months but for two years three years or however long is in
because he's got no idea of supporting ordinary people yes the map
the view could you wind up Councillor
Cllr C McIntyre - 2:25:01
those legs could you wind up now please
Cllr C McIntyre - 2:25:28
Cllr C McIntyre - 2:25:53
thank you Councillor Lyons can I say that we have a list of people want to speak i'm and there has to be a replay done so if you're asking a question could you please keep Brigg from now on and allow that answer to be prepared and we have Councillor Robin Garrido
Cllr R Garrido - 2:26:13
I condemn Bob first particles everything has been said proudly as Taylor adversely affect clearly spelt out say that the position
definitely reduce a little bit of what I say because it lacks
I really
going to work slightly reversal that because
obviously you're Councillor added to spectrum
I think I just mention Sood Councillor Hinds that the difference between our party and your party is the fact that whether we persist in light of it or not we are lawyer who elected leader it's
that is representative of the whole party he is the prime minister of the country and whether we'd the IRP review the distribution sometimes are some of the issues we are loyal and we support our policy to explained that that lets me that quite quite clear now
I try to do that so
yet we support we've supported so we get rid of
the cards headed up John Merry Councillor them
because I think he actually
I actually watch the that Knox of the pompous pass the Labour Party's concern and we hear it in this Council chamber month in month out you speak about the past you did not speak about now and the future that is your problem is what happened in 19 70 is what happened in 19 45 of a concise mentioned and going further back with what happened when Margaret Thatcher you can't look at the future you can't speak about the future nothing that one
of the problems but when the
problems if got doubts looking beneath the results of the election and
it firstly an Eccles to slip truancy you lost 11 percent your share the vote went down by 1 percent as Salford and Eccles constituency your share of the vote went down by over 8 percent so don't stand here and tell us that you've got well you didn't do well even in the City of Salford and the fact
firstly that goes to stitch C. It is the best result ever best results ever and we now have a bars to constituency and the City of Salford one which we definitely will be within next
time round let's not forget
what's your Walker said about a job I'm surprised you actually said it right
you referred to lobby fodder that people who had voted for Johnson weren't lobby fodder I think that an insult to the people of the North and I think you should take that bad at a disgrace though as a disgraceful statements in May he should say that back because the people who voted this an undocumented
fodder the places I said Johnson regarded them as lobby fodder I
Cllr J Merry CBE - 2:29:23
didn't say I regarded as lobby fodder and you should take your remark back
thank you meant it
Cllr R Garrido - 2:29:34
can I just come back to you to the City Mayor
the best fake comments to start
I thought maybe he changed his comes with it but anyway let's let's just six the first mistake Hugh Bayley about was that you said
this in the few where few months of this government
we haven't used any changes of sorrow is before weeks today not months so let's understand if you have a new government has only been in power for four weeks and in those four weeks we have already made dramatic changes to the way this government this country is being run and one of those changes which is set where Richard coming forward is the fact that government needs to be decentralised nobody's have government departments based in the actions in the North we need to have ministers going with those departments and if I was a city better
what are the things I would be doing is bidding to have one of those Departments based in Salford
let's have it in Salford Keys that you meet you sitting somewhere let's hope those Departments let's be at the centre of the action do what is going to benefit the city instead of voting in Boneyard about it all the time and nobody has at times like on Vale quickly
you mentioned in fact about the about Brexit wrote Grexit the how Adult story unfortunately it I was remainer black accepted the result of the referendum
on WhatsApp resulted being made we had to stick by it and that's what we did but one of the things rich Serbian VAT was when you referred to the various things that Boris Johnson is not included in negotiations you spoke about employees' rights and
put your name down Councillor operator
Jim Taylor - 2:31:31
Cllr C McIntyre - 2:31:35
neither the city
thank you Councillor breed
Cllr C McIntyre - 2:32:10
of the
Cllr C McIntyre - 2:32:17
councillor Collinson everybody wants to speak ask question now
yes I will be very quick and I'm before I say what I want to say
Cllr J Collinson - 2:32:26
writes some things appeared in the press today or on a personal note
I have great difficulty listening to
people extolling the virtues of Jeremy Corbyn I was brought up a child of the Troubles in Belfast I witnessed things that none of you would ever ever have the opportunity thank God to witness and I could never in a million years support somebody who has been reported as and as I have read about it as an IRA sympathiser so that's my Assembly personal points
what we hope
for example
i'm not
Cllr C McIntyre - 2:33:25
excuse me excuse me can we just carriages go back to the comments thread
Cllr J Collinson - 2:33:39
so as not now are constantly was mentioning where all this money is coming from a report in the independence Day as Sajid Javid to launch 100 billion spending versed aimed at North and Midlands and budget on the 11th of March the money is coming from new Lister spending rose I exploiting rock bottom interest rates are expected to lie or 100 billion burst for roads rail broadband and other infrastructure over the next five years
transfer King
Cllr C McIntyre - 2:34:16
Cllr J King - 2:34:21
nothing from it pretty much answers what I was going to say to a large degree of its bits and is accurate but just to comment on and Peter Connor up on when you for the last 30 or more years was often campaigning with a mountain Kurzel visit his House nor Merryford whether as well but I also think they do a fantastic service at the Cathedral was packed and I met people from as far apart as Yorkshire and
Blackpool another place the who knew the turn came from came from all over and Peter was looking down from the pearly gates I'm sure we are very much appreciated that send-off I have another major mentioned acidemia mentioned about rebalancing the economy and that's absolutely necessary
and it will require significant investment in areas other than at London and the south-east and this is the point in if what you say is accurate and the independent I haven't read it I have also mentioned that in my notes that will require a rebalancing of the approach to investment which I understand is based on the governments Green Book in the Green Book states that investment should be made where the greatest returns are produced on that investment
now when you consider that the GVA of London the south-east is roughly twice that of the regions outside London the south-east then a civil ceremony will of course advised Minister saying Minister the best returns on this money is in London south-east there was individual we would probably invested money in the bank account where it pays higher interest rates as an individual that's fine but
we're talking about the government of the country and they must consider the whole of the nation and not just where they are going to get the most money out of particular investment in a particular part of the country and therefore
that I'm approach mosque alter because if it doesn't then investment will continue to be made in London the south-east and that is the challenge for this government and the judgement will be made anew in five received four or five years' time if you don't do that and I think we know what that judgement would be thank you Mr. Mayor Chair
thank you I'd like to ask the Councillor Currie revert to the
Cllr C McIntyre - 2:36:30
constitution and extend or time to cut loose long free santillo those interventions to come back with responses to the questions and comments have been made is that agreed
councillor boundaries
Cllr C McIntyre - 2:36:50
Cllr A Humphreys - 2:36:54
I just wanted to add my comments to the list of tributes that have already been made to the late great council Peter Connor in the Chamber today he was a wonderful person very warm very genuine he genuinely was a real people person cared about everybody in this city and I don't know many of you may know in this room beams also foster parents as well as fostered many children and were Mary
he he and I worked together for 14 years as a team in a Kurzel and during that time not only were close colleagues but we became very good friends and we were communicating right up to the day before he suddenly passed away and so I was extremely sad when I heard that use following day it was very upsetting for me and my thoughts and prayers are with Marianne the family because I know Mary is Polly and she has been for a long time
and just to echo what Councillor King was saying the services offered Cathedral was very fitting for him
it was very warm and
service and it was injected with the kind of humour that Peter would greatly appreciated air because he was famous for his Sir his dry sense of humour and I'm and I thought the priest is marvellous and he did have the whole congregation laughing in parts and it was mentioned in the bearish you reduce how popular and well respected he was across the whole of the communities of Salford and Kurzel all communities and it was mentioned as well about the greatest but the Jewish community also held sustain the helderman so am it was it was a wonderful service it was wonderful send off for an a great friend of mine and I'm sure he's up there now having a laugh and a joke with
enters into a may rest in peace baiting yen under our miss you terribly
I minutes
with finishing at half past
st in the hamner take you
Cllr K Garrido - 2:39:26
I just want to make a few comments regarding and I'm sorry Councillor
Mary and
I have to say Jon adaptor Councillor
sorry that
you don't know Boris if you think is going to be tied to the apron strings
of Trump
there is absolutely
no way the threat before the elections right was that
America was going to take over our NHS as I said at the last Council meeting that's now are going to have fallen out with all
so far this will not be tied to Trump and the media are pointless morning or that you heard on Radio Four he did start to bite backtrack because he knew it said that it was something that should not be set and he started to batter
I have to say you have to understand that normal people voted for Boris just normal everyday people who are seen and saw that they were being let down let down totally we come to this Council Chamber and we have rhetoric after rhetoric after rattling when are we going to all agree right that we've got one purpose on this Council and that's to represent whether they voted Labour on whether they voted Conservative right is to actually represent the people and not keep knocking the government people voted for this government right and you see I'm sorry on the doorsteps you were seen in areas to be letting them down and that's what they felt they felt you will let them down with regarding the manifestos Bill and you can share you had built but they did on the doorstep right regarding manifested they down believe what they read in a manifesto that don't believe it they never have believed in manifested because there are always things that never happen you and I know love doesn't matter which party it is they don't believe in the manifestos
but I have to just say one final thing people on the doorstep whether we like it or not believed that Boris would deliver for them and their family and that was the saying they believed at last they had somebody whether we like it or we don't like him they believed that that person was going to deliver what they wanted
Jim Taylor - 2:42:04
Sotomayor eventually it's your turn
Cllr C McIntyre - 2:42:08
City Mayor P Dennett - 2:42:19
Councillor Turner I I was trying to decipher throws up a question about it was that he was that it was a long rant and as far as I'm concerned and I often accused of ranting I think you were certainly ranting and also to position me on the extreme left I think is absolute nonsense as
it tried that I am and I told members of this Council a socialist does that put me on the extreme left I don't think it does
I am also about pragmatism and getting things done in this city I think members of this Council will appreciate regular updates that I bring to this form in this Chamber are about what we are doing in the city you're listening to questions and comments from the opposition today feels as though they have been running their own party's leadership election when actually they are Councillors in the City of Salford serving the people of our city but seemingly not overly interested in matters of our city with their questions and their comments today today
i've been listening very carefully I have even taken notes Council agreed over so absolute nonsense
so yet responding to some of that and
Labour's policies interestingly in the manifesto and Councillor Hinds talked about work were polled by YouGov and interestingly they were incredibly popular
a lot of our policies absolutely were resonating with people on the doorstep and people in our communities here in Salford and across Greater Manchester there were real concerns as Councillor Hinds has already highlighted about the referendum on whether or not we remain part of the European Union people felt as though they'd already voted and that we were cut or turning over their democratic right to actually cast their vote and clearly the Labour Party's position you know didn't resonate with the electorate Brexit had a Shuja impact on the General election
and in addition to that you do raise an important issue and I will acknowledge this you know politics is about trust and it's about belief in delivering and I can see people didn't feel as though Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour party could potentially deliver on on our manifesto and there was an issue there in that came up on the doorstep when we were knocking on doors but I have to say when you had a conversation with members of our communities about the policy pledges in the manifesto they absolutely believed and thought they were what the country needed the issue was they felt could you actually deliver that if in government that was their concern if I'm honest with you which is why I said some of our problems were about organisation and how effectively we communicated some of this and let's not forget we don't have the establishment on our side you know the Murdoch empire is never gonna be singing that shoen of the Labour party and I think we have to acknowledge that you know when you're dealing with the Conservative party you're not just dealing with the Conservative party you're absolutely dealing with the establishment in this country and that's important to note that
so other than that I'm not gonna get into the politics of personalities and not going to get into the character assassinations I often see on social media because politics is about vision is about beliefs is about values it's about policies it's not about individuals it's not about personalities because actually what gets things done are policies is the legislation changes needed to make things happen decisions we take on resourcing those are the things that make the difference the individuals in many respects a secondary and in the Labour party and the Labour movement more broadly we are a collective no man or woman is an island so when we all talk about Jeremy Corbyn as though he is the only person that will lead the Labour movement and the party forward is very very misleading we are party we are a collective we worked together in the interests of the people of this country and that is what we will continue to do within the Labour movement so now and not going to engage in the politics of personality and not go to score Jeremy Corbyn out of 10 Jeremy Corbyn is a member of the Labour party Jeremy Corbyn is bound by the democratic structures of our Labour party and art movement I think it's an absolute silly question to ask in the first place Councillor flatshare thank you very much for the refreshments that I have already said happy birthday for tomorrow thank you also for your comments on Peter colour I know many Members of the Council Chamber of made comments on Peter colour which you know it is fantastic to certain listen to and hear because he was clearly loved by many in this Council Chamber and many in in our city Councillor Mary you are absolutely right to say that we are far from safe and strong when you look at the future prospects of this country I don't know if anyone saw the front page of the financial Times yesterday but let's talk about there not being an economic bounce and interest rates being reduced because we are really worried about the economic future of this country that's the Bank of England the Monetary Policy Committee and oversee the Treasury all talking to each other about what's happening economically in the country and if we're in reducing interest rates further that is a concern by the way Councillor Collins Ingestre reiterate that is not necessarily a good thing what that tells us is yet exactly that there's problems with the economy and I think Councillor Mary is right to highlight that you know the Brexit deal that has now obviously
passed in the House of Commons doesn't safeguard environmental standards doesn't safeguard workers' rights and it is shocking what happened with the Dubs amendment around unaccompanied refugee children
asylum seekers that is absolutely scandalous we are a civilised nation we are a place where people can find refuge and solace and we are a safe place especially for the most vulnerable in society children from war-torn parts of the world and it is shocking to see that that has been dropped to be interesting to see how the Government's response to that because I did listen intently to what you have to say that everything isn't caught up in the Brexit negotiations and actually will do some things outside of that I guess my challenge to you on that as well if you're saying that why have we not done all of those things already you know why are hot-week improving the offer in terms of environmental standards why aren't we already improving workers' rights in this country and why aren't we already you know improving the offer for unaccompanied refugee children in this country you know scandalous to be quite frank and Councillor Mary also highlighted that interestingly on the issue of Northern and the problems were facing the transport infrastructure the opposition remained mute on those issues because as he rightly pointed out you genuinely
do believe in the market
and private enterprise despite Inner economists all around the world proving time and time again that neoliberalism is fundamentally
and failing certainly people in this country and I am concerned about the future and
when we already saw
only the other day that you know landlord licensing in the city of Liverpool has been scrapped by the secretary of State that rarely worries me again the Tory government in hock to the private landlords up and down this country I'm also really worried about the control that them America the USA and blatchley have on what happens in this country
moving forward
councillor saunas thanks very much again for your comments on Peter Connor
in terms of the declaration of safe seats in the City of Salford which
you know
I'd make reference to before I just want to add to what you said I don't assume safety I think the seats in the City of Salford are safe because of the hard work
commitment dedication
of Members of this Council Members certainly of my party and the broader Labour movement to listen to engage to serve their needs and aspirations in this city so I don't want people to be thinking that somehow we take it as an assumption and we rest on our laurels in the Labour
movement because
we absolutely do not every single vote in our city has to be fought for and won and it's not something we ever take for granted in terms of people's voting behaviour again I'm not going to get into the the politics of personalities and people people will vote for who they want to in the Leap
leadership elections within the Labour
party and that's rightly how
it should be
Councillor Leitner just to reaffirm I've not crossed the floor and I think we heard from Councillor Greedo that even Members of your Group were supportive of staying within the European
so I think if we're honest with ourselves both parties were divided
on the issue of remaining in the European Union
thank you for your comments also on Peter Collier they are really appreciated and I know
he had great respect and trust from the Jewish community in our city and worked tirelessly to support unions great to hear your comments and words in connection
that on the issue of the Union Jack I know the Monitoring Officer and City Solicitor was quick to jump him on
that the union
on leisure
aware is is flown from the Town Hall every day so you know next time you're coming in just just look up and you can you can see it there flying high so thanks for the questions nevertheless on that and they'll Heinz thanks for the comments on on Peter Connor you absolutely right are
Jeremy Corbyn was was vilified and it was absolutely disgraceful how the establishment
traps him if you like I do think as you as you said the manifesto was supported absolutely Brexit was a huge issue certainly in our city but the moment you know what are we being promised by this new government in terms of tackling the crisis in health education
local government
transport prisons crisis everywhere we look at the moment so it's great to hear this news in
the Independent
the Chancellor's currently found his magic money tree that has been telling us all these years that he doesn't have so I don't know what's happening there they've clearly found some some interesting fertiliser to create some magic money trees in the back of Number 10 Downing Street
I do have some genuine questions about where this money is coming from because if you look her Local government Finance Settlement announcements recently your government is increased council tax in the city and for local authorities up and down the country by 4 per cent your increasing the Adult social Care precept by 2 per cent in all of your numbers and you're also a shooting
or one point
9 9 per cent increase on Council Tax as well in the Local government Finance Settlement I've seen for the whole of the country by the way so is this your money is this money you've suddenly found as a consequence of interest rates as you as you highlighted or is it you're actually spending
money here in this city and try to pass it off as though it's your own
we will get to the bottom of that and I will be updating Council on on those man matters but it's interesting to know you've found a magic
money tree nevertheless
Cllr C McIntyre - 2:54:59
Cllr R Garrido - 2:55:04
Cllr C McIntyre - 2:55:05
councillor Garrido Robin Garrido
City Mayor P Dennett - 2:55:12
it is interesting to hear your point about where a loyal party or loyal members within her party
but you do support your party to get rid of your prime ministers that was there was interesting to hear you
say that or get
rid of lead as I think you are thinking historically
about whether
you occupy that position now is an interesting question we can probably have after Council meeting and you talk about as being kind of in the past were not in the past and if you've listened to many my addresses to Council I have been telling you about what's happening in the city and a city region now I've been also talking about how we prepare ourselves for a changing economy a changing industry we have been talking about the future of media City responding to technological and digital advancements the fourth industrial revolution out as it's often referred to we are absolutely not stuck in the past and arguably that's one of the reasons why people in our city Vote for us and support the Labour administration here in the city of Salford that isn't to say we can't learn from the past because you know I am humble enough to say I think often were standing on the shoulders of giants I think a lot of the people who've gone before is actually a very learned people and people who do have something to offer to the discourse in the debate and the deliberations we have today so for me it's not about the past the past will always be there and will always learn from it will act in the present but we absolutely will have a focus on the future here in the city of of Salford
On the issue of government departments moving out of London and music to my ears as you know we've been successful in the City of Salford with HM RC moving to New Bailey which has been great as part of the government and programme to relocate and that's been organised and administered through the Cabinet Office as far as I understand but I have to say what was interesting those you saw that as solely my responsibility each and every one of you are Conservative party members and I guess the interesting question I have is how are you going to help me the Executive the mayoralty but importantly the people of the City of Salford to deliver on decentralisation and moving departments out of government because I think we all have a role and as Members of the Conservative party who are in government arguably you have a very important role to play in terms of making so of that happen so I look forward to how we can collaborate on on doing that and creating jobs and opportunities for the people of Salford
councillor Collinson
again you made a point around what happened in Northern Ireland and the Troubles and I absolutely understand people's position on that
Jeremy Corbyn as you know as well was influential in delivering the growth Good Friday Agreement year he was involved in that and as far as I'm concerned you know he's never really
expressed sympathy
for terror terrace
I don't think so from what I've read what I've seen I don't think he is sympathetic with
terrace however
I would say is these are difficult issues and accessing reality can often be difficult absolutely but like I said earlier this isn't about the politics of personalities in the Labour party we are a team we are a collective for me it was never all about Jeremy Corbyn it's about the Labour movement about the party as a whole and importantly is about how we interact with the people who vote for us and that will continue to be our priority so please let's not denigrate things in terms of the politics of personality because as I said earlier it's values its beliefs its policies its legislation change in the allocation of resources those are the things that transform people's lives and create opportunities and bring harmony and peace to situations as well and we should always champion that
chancellor's announcement on a hundred million for the North
january thing about it haven't been written to look forward to what this all actually means as I said earlier at the moment as far as I'm concerned your government is giving us a little bit extra for social care is assuming a 4 percent council tax increase in the City of Salford so you know I've got some concerns about what this all means
councillor Jim King made a really good point and I am mindful of the time
Green Book rebalancing the economy is about how we do things and at the moment money is flooding into London and the southeast Councillor Hunt for his thanks for your comments on and Peter Connor was a wonderful person I
agree with everything you said and then Councillor current RIDO
Labour in Salford are not letting the people down the people of this city are deeply deeply important to everything we do in this city and I'd like to think that you share that importance of the role that the public and the residents of the City player in everything we do people believe Boris would deliver Brexit you're absolutely right there's no doubt about that but everything else as far as I'm concerned remains to be seen for the City of Salford thank you very
thank you very much just before I close the meeting can I keep a
Cllr C McIntyre - 3:00:45
promise to Councillor Fletcher although it's been sent before the sandwiches in this cakes please help yourself I declare the normal