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1 Any announcements or special business (including the submission of any urgent business) introduced by the Chair.
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3 Declaration of Interests
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4 Report of the City Mayor - 2020/21 Revenue Budget and Capital Programme
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4 Report of the City Mayor - 2020/21 Revenue Budget and Capital Programme
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Cllr C McIntyre - 0:01:03
give ordered
the o'METER entangling ethos can explore how could we please remain standard while we here at Redfern credit Kim say prayers
Chaplain - 0:01:19
let us pray
sovereign and all-knowing God we pray that those who meet here this morning may be given wisdom vision and compassion as they consider all the policies and matters that will enable them to meet their aims
God of goodness and faithfulness the media often bombard us with bad news about our world and crewing exposes fatalistic observations and cynical comments
we may feel tempted to walk these the path of apathy cynicism and comfortable experience forgive us loving God and restorers remind us again of the good news of Jesus who by his life and teaching death and resurrection offers Hall and fullness of life to humankind and challenges to set our feet on the difficult path of your kingdom
god of holiness and justice we pray for those looking at matters here this morning with regards to national and local government we pray for Mr. Mayor our Members of Parliament and all of our councillors in each Member here this morning
Major Holy spirit get them the gifts and skills that they need to fill them with integrity understanding and compassion may they commit themselves to serve as faithfully and to improve the quality of life for those in need
gods of our lives and the Bible you Granta's beautiful visions of the kind of governments that you want for your whole world help us not to be selfish and our discussions and in our support of others but to consider carefully how we should honour you with our decisions through Jesus Christ our large amen
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:03:31
thank you clues processes
now haven't been notified and very important Argent visit a business except for Councillor Collinson last night I didn't judge it to be a diligent way mess sorry to be heard and have asked for it to be brought to the March meeting
that's because people
walking around I said I haven't been notified of any urgent business or I know the council Collison sent me entered information on a question should relate to ask I didn't see it deemed to be immediately necessary to be heard and have asked it to be brought to the March meeting and that this meeting be solely dedicated to the budget as standard
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:04:33
sophie commentator number to do we have any apologies for absence
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:04:47
any more
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:04:51
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:05:00
councillor Lewis

1 Any announcements or special business (including the submission of any urgent business) introduced by the Chair.

thank you Councillor Bellamy
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:05:13
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:05:18
slur Edwards
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:05:27
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:05:36
any declarations of interest

3 Declaration of Interests

Cllr A Saunders - 0:05:45
I have just Jasper my decorate written declarations or an income from a care home under
the jurisdiction of Salford and my wife's income from school under the jury was as an academy under the jurisdiction of sulphur
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:06:01
no others
tanks look regal I hear that you want to make an amendment to today's business
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:06:18
Mr. Mick

4 Report of the City Mayor - 2020/21 Revenue Budget and Capital Programme

City Mayor P Dennett - 0:06:30
we just have so obviously the Budget has been circulated to members of the Council and its before you and today I am going to speak to the budget that is not the substantive motion the motion in a sense is the budget itself and I understand an amendment pose has been made and received this morning I understand talking to my Labour colleagues
and I have to say certainly from a procedural point of view it would have been fantastic had we had this information
during the budget setting process and certainly before we went to overview and scrutiny to be scrutinised on the Executive's proposals that hasn't happened but we have received some information today which I understand want to be proposed as an amendment to the motion or the Budget before Council Chamber today so before I speak I am happy to hear obviously the amendment that is to be made thank you
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:07:33
councillor Gruen Joe Micheli to make amendments
Cllr R Garrido - 0:07:38
or Sir challenge that is just not proposed his motion first before I put the amendment
Cllr J Collinson - 0:07:44
I am more than happy to live
City Mayor P Dennett - 0:07:51
proposed the motion before you which is the budget of the Council and our reserve my right to speak to that after we've heard and voted on the amendment thank you
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:08:03
sorry whose second anybody seconded
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:08:08
councillor breeder
Cllr R Garrido - 0:08:13
I was smeared amendments the city most budgets and garaging before a decision the calls relating point 7 that the Council produced Procedure rules of the Constitution
scandal to second it
before I start I please often mired in the opposition thanks to achieve Finance officers ran Hardman and action Team and surround the covers Watts then suddenly the back from save all your interest freely and for the inside a neutral re this advice has been given people totally menaces the Mayor's budget in line with the following headlines the detailed budget amendments are council tax increases limited to 2 per cent this being Adult social Care precept this means no increase to core Council Tax as opposed to one point 9 9 percent increase included within the City Mayor's Budget report this will result reducing to protuberant tumuli pounds compared to the City Mayor's proposal
extended parts of electric vehicle charging post across the city at a cost to the revenue account of not putting 1 million pounds these changes will increase the savings and efficiencies target the 12 point rumbling found in two thousand twenty 21 compared to TalkTalk 9 points eight rebounds within the City Mayor's budget I propose to bridge this gap of two point feebly pounds by reducing the contributions of the figures routing strategy in two thousand twenty 21 whilst increases finance service to the Council faces of the figure period I propose this on the basis of my understanding is that the government's future settlements will be more favourable to the Council than currently estimated
the proposals set out in Appendix 1 or just a balanced budget for two thousand twenty 21 The key headlines of the proposals are council tax increase 2 percent consisting of adult social care precept only investments environments including electric vehicle charging points reduced contributions disparately strategy on the basis of future government settlements will be more advantageous than currently forecast 0 points you five Jarrow participatory budget funding commitments be retained but be routed through the existing communities structure and alignment with existing to be insufficient funds agreement with additional funding is strictly into the value of 0 1 5 8 5 million pounds as crude would replace budgets agreement takes saved and efficiencies already built into the City Mayor's budgets and agreement we propose changes to the Council's actually reduction scheme as outlined elsewhere on the agenda other areas the group was pursued on 2 thousand French and she won include further work on addressing poverty and deprivation which potentially to bus proposals for 2 thousand 21 22 and future years similarly this assessed investments the electric vehicle charging points would be evaluated their successful firm proposals would be developed for future years
the DUP results is not changed proposal which reflected in a revised Council Tax resolution accused Appendix 2 together with the necessary changes to the revenue budget and capital programme all of which are set out in the table document and highlighted in red
from Knox's and point of view this is possibly one of the most was chasing tasked to scrutinise the Council's budget decide how in our opinion it could serve us better and realise it's until May the seventh we have no real power to change it
but we believe it is our duty to at least give an indication as to where the City Mayor has gone wrong and offer suggestions
at the HOSC about things he is the fact that the many and not just a few should be better off than they are the your proposal City bear
we have heard a lot about austerity because I miss out report was brought about in large part by the failures of the Blair and Brown administrations but in this budget and even your figure plan you make this a recognition of the austerity coming through then indeed you continue to forecast deficits we say much much interest in view of the company bearing in mind the Health Mrs. government is already given to the North and some attention to help North far more than has been done by any government in the past
it is not possible to make the huge changes which he felt would be less so harshly this budget beside amendment makes an important change which can easily be adopted by users she ran this Council and signals to Salford's taxpayers that they start to benefit from the previous austerity measures
I do not want it rather than the past but it is important to remember that this Council and working with the last Labour government lifted some of the highest rates or Council Tax in the country be consolidated increases of up to 80 percent over a number of years you were forced to stop these huge rises because the Conservative government places strictures on you and even now you are kept to a maximum Ystradenney be exceeded I ask him permission from the ratepayers taxpayers by way of a referendum
it will of course there will be no surprise that when permission to raise the Council tax about to point 9 9 percent you have increased its up to the maximum
of course the Labour party in the former GM Mayor does not help matters even after receiving tens of millions of pounds that the government is still being asked from clue between two hundreds of 600 pounds per Council taxpayer in the form of the precepts I do not begrudge any of this to pay for essential services such as police and fire but there are other areas could be managed more efficiently and over the next year we will be looking at these areas
not just let's take a moment that is how this Conservative government has helped shop had been spending plans for two thousand twenty 21 Salford has received one of the biggest spending boost in the country and stuggling nights in point 2 millions pounds increase in its budget out the total increased national budget of 49 22 billions pounds thanks the investments made by the Services this wipes out at a stroke the projected savings of 50 million pounds Salford was due to meet this year and which are now not needed and still use over forming part of increased spending but what have you laboured them this money but to start with you had to clear lashes overspend on Children's Services of over 6 million pounds and we have allocated further sums towards savings for next year without even knowing that they will be necessary even though the government has seen not otherwise
let's be clear what this means that means that SOP since you see farmers concerted government an increase of 8 percent 5 percent and this is before you add on all the extra mouths to see such things as the New homes bonus business rates pupil premium and increased numbers of people paying Council Tax because of increased population this all equates to a four-point forks and real terms increase and the largest year-on-year real-terms increase in a decade
funding for key public services have been protected a significant extra resources that cases where his rather needed most the latest Local government Finance Settlement confirmed this month including the additional 1 point 5 billions pounds for social care and I believe Cha a further amounts had been announced this morning and amusement rather than 50 million pounds when added to the existing social care package Local authorities will now have access to have a five point 5 billion pounds dedicated funding in two thousand twenty 21 this is a huge help but not yet enough to do everything that we believe is necessary and we will be continually Presley argument to increase this as a man possible so that we can protect the more vulnerable members of our community
the government is also giving other 907 millions pounds committed to the New homes bonus scheme to encourage developments which benefit local communities particularly those on the waiting list thanks the measures taken by the for services like the schorsch appeared to prevent excessive council tax rises striking a balance between the interests of council taxpayers and adjusting measures on services but not resolve it we are seeing an increase in the Council's opposition yet but frequent 9 9 percent this is why our minds is necessary and which is used as increased by one point 9 9 percent notwithstanding the above your still been able to include additional expenditure of 100 thousand pounds from the pilot scheme to provide kerbside electric charging points for those people who are not able to access them for their own homes ii those living in terraced homes with a view to eventually rolling it out across the city by 2 thousand 35 everyone is expected to change the electric vehicles and when Salford must support this green initiative we must ensure that nobody prevented from taking part Chair can we finally squash to surmise record assertion that concerted authorities in the South the better than Salford all Labour held northern councils out of the settlement of the under 17 councils issue here including counties Fire and Rescue and police staff finishes in the top 10 of councils received the highest percentage increase whereas Conservative controlled ones with London is nowhere near the top but guess what in Wandsworth is Council taxpayers pay or much less than two thirds of Salford council tax and they get weekly bin collections regularly didn't streets and roads are grass verges cut regular
rota other Cecima Members will now have got the picture that the Conservative and Q the Conservative government Office more not less in other words good value for money blood Les but sprung as our money so let me commend outputs our amendments to you all of its seats reducing increase in council tax from three-point 9 percent to 2 percent or 2 percent being kept the adult social care the net result the Council taxpayers resulting reduction what they pay up from 20 pounds 92 Band A to 31 pounds 39 and band D money better if their pockets in yours Chair I sobered amendments as set out in the table documents
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:18:19
councillor John that you want to second
the amendment
Cllr L Turner - 0:18:28
and then scrape a Cherry far NE
firstly and it gives me pleasure in seconding Councillor Gary does amendment to the budget
I'd also like to endorse his thanks to an owl thanks to Joanne and her team and Miranda who have assisted us and answered all our queries of which there were many probably too many
now I prepared this
the night before and sent late in the night preparing it but unfortunately the order has changed at the last minute so you're gonna have to
have some tolerance with me because it completely thrown me to be quite honest with you or is the second time things have changed him a before Council and on one of these people that like to prepare
you know but anyway
we don't know what the City Mayor's going to say
but I would imagine knowing the form that he will paint a rather woeful picture for the future
but Labour are the party of the past the out of touch with the working people's concerns on immigration managing the economy or ensuring people keep more of their money this people's government is making good on its promises to level up across the country boost in resources for vital public services so people can feel safe in their homes and excess high-quality services I understand that the City Mayor's despair after such a crushing defeat in the recent general election but I can offer him some hope some crumbs of comfort that all the Labour contenders to lead the party tried to make Jeremy Corbyn prime Minister and endorses vision and ideas for Britain
we on this side have approached this year's budget with a real sense of positivity and optimism I am sure the Chancellor's Budget in March will reinforce just that we are now in a far better place having sorted out the mess left by Labour difficult choices needed to be made difficult choices needed to be made I know you don't like it and we have had the courage to make them only a strong economy can bring us the things that we all wish for here people understand that for most people
My colleague Robin Garrido as already explained in some detail why we should take a more optimistic approach
our economy has grown by 19 percent since 2 thousand and 10 faster than France Italy and Japan we have broken employment records unemployment is at its lowest since mid nineteen seventys over 308 million more people in work of course we maintain that the way out of poverty is through employment and great strides have been made to make sure people keep more of the hard-earned money that they earn Salford has done well with the government settlement this year and we must go forward and grasped the benefits of a strong economy this will bear dividends in the following years it is worth repeating that the government figures show an increase in Salford's are SG from 224 million last year to 243 million this year an increase of 19 point 2 million or eight and a half per cent
far better than the newer members probably won't remember that Guildford's often mentioned and I am sorry to say that I have to apologise I'm going to mention it again from this side far better than Guildford who got an increase from 13 point 8 million to 14 million which equates to one point 9 per cent the Salford school pupil fund in his office now 5 thousand 100 8 and increase a four-point 7 3 per cent and of course you've already had the New homes bonus business rate retention thank you Chair one and a half billion recently announced a GP there's just so much more positivity about the place 307th 347 more police officers relate to Manchester I could go on
but I won't as I know that hearing good news upsets the other side
we do understand that there are many residents are finding things very difficult and by limiting the council tax rise to just the 2 percent
adult social care we make sure that the benefits are shared by all and not just the few and I do hope Members will support it and thank you very much for sitting quietly and during the course of my speech thank you
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:23:25
we have a list of people who want to make comments so while we work through that if you want to make a comment please make erasure hands or make yourself known before spoke Councillor Mary
Cllr J Merry CBE - 0:23:40
well thank you very much
for that further for allowing me to speak I can only say that Robin might have been better employed in singing ORS flew always Look on the bright side of life rather than his actual speech he made because I was waiting to hear what evidence he has for this more optimistic assumption is it the Institute of fiscal Studies for example which said this morning that the government will have to cut public expenditure or raise taxation in order to meet their spending plans is it the 5 percent that the chancellor has demanded from every government department to cut their expenditure by 5 per cent or is it just a plain hope that things might get better in the future I don't know if that's what Dominic communism's instructed him to say today but because after all you criticised our party but you franchised your party out to a person who is not even a member of your party to actually run the government and the chancellor of the Exchequer's speech as well so now I am not impressed with this particular argument I think if we had put that argument forward said work on a hope that he might get better in a couple of years' time you have left us out of court quite frankly you'd have bitterly attacked the Labour party for being profligate in terms of their expenditure but basically you put your chips on a gamble that Boris is going to come through with extra cash for Salford when all the evidence all the evidence than the Fair funding Review is he wants to give the money to places like Surrey and Wandsworth are the notes over absolutely RHI I'd sit on the LGA Resources Committee and the original proposal from the government is sustained 0 Don't worry about deprivation don't use acts as an indicator just look at the population and give everybody the same amount of money I asked a couple of years ago the Finance Department if we actually had the same support as Wandsworth where would we be in terms of the council tax and the result is that we would have been able to cut the council tax drastically in Salford as a result of the support that ones would get so don't lecture me about one's worth don't lecture me about Westminster which can pay for all of its services through its car parking charges so actually I'm afraid
Mr. I'm afraid Mr. Mayor we have a situation where Councillor Garrido if he was selling a house to someone on the basis of this particular perspective I would be telling them Don't worry about paying the mortgage in the future someone else might come up with the cash don't make any provision in terms of savings because something better might turn up I'm sorry Mr. Chairman I cannot accept a Budget that is based on hope and faith in Dominic Cummings and something will turn up or magic money tree all the things they accused us of in India in the last election I cannot accept a Budget on the basis of that I think we have to make sensible provision and if you are right let supposing he is right if he is right then we can make provision in the future in terms of council tax but don't sell people of false and fraudulent prospectus which is all your particular budget is based upon
Jim Taylor - 0:27:24
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:27:26
act thank you very much we have 13 people at least to speak so please keep your comments brief and that will ensure the evidence a chance to speak at Council
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:27:37
Cllr R Jones - 0:27:40
yes thank Sir I do oppose the amendment
but I don't personally agree with the Conservative putting an amendment to the budget but the trouble is what we need is a scrutiny Committee and the scrutiny a new one and it should be called scrutinising the Conservative policies in Salford because you always get the policies of the last minutes or No via two terms to look at them and examine them and yet on the Labour side you got weeks or months to do if you're scrabbling around the last week for an amendment you could have done it three months ago I for one do so do you agree with me that from now on the Conservative shadow portfolio that proposals at least a week before the Council so we have a chance to scrutinise the second issue you've mentioned social care now Gina forgive me I'm older than you might more I am more interested I am more interested in this issue than some people
the prime Minister has promised us right from the start I have a plan he said while we still waiting for them the fact is he has no plan he doesn't know what to do and this 2 percent every year on councils which we are forced to do
in fact we almost want to do because it is a sticking plaster that what we do in at the moment and I think Salford in a few years' time you'll realise how well Salford Council and the NHS are doing here I think the doing a brilliant job under very difficult circumstances are better than many of our neighbours elsewhere but the combat to the pine if the government doesn't propose a proper plan for social care than we just going to be doomed in the future because all the signs are things are going to get worse before they get better so we need to deal with it in terms of very recent report you must have heard of Sir Michael Marmot you must have heard his recent recall for the first time in a hundred 20 years in the poorest areas of the country life expectancy has stalled and effective reversing for women in certain areas now you cannot possibly be proud of the last decade it's a shambles when it comes to issues like that and jobs and the first one every time ahead about jobs being created I think it's great but we've got more zero hour contracts now than ever before the lowest paid jobs ever No that's not success for the economy fat that's a disaster I just wanted to mention one other thing are two of the things nastily public libraries youth services are all under fire because they are not statutory services and the sumant soon we get the government to invest in those services and that's what disgusts me about what you said Robin not mention of anything like that you don't mention the fact that every local 800 public libraries of short thanks to though the last 10 years I mean a new service is everywhere everywhere in could just at the very time where we need our young people to have the support so this amendment does not address any of these major issues of course Robbie will see as a vote-winning what a vote winner in May but it certainly not a vote winner for social care and is certainly not a vote winner for public libraries are youth services and it certainly not a vote-winner for poverty and jobs and all the things that we want to address in future let scrutinise Yeovil jeered mature scrutinise and hours
Jim Taylor - 0:31:13
councillor Hamilton
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:31:16
councillor Hamilton
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:31:20
thank you Chair
Cllr J Hamilton - 0:31:26
councillor Turner within it before and you mentioned
employing and lead to mental health it's appalling
I can't believe will live in the same world the devastation I say in here every day and
let other people talk about the figures and the council tax and bits of this that at the people but other people talk about that what are you aware of the devastation that surrounding Salford because I think will come from completely different worlds
Urdu saying this over and over again not being listened to
suicide rates
from the Bray cooks poverty
children needing food in school teachers bring in
food in
Year Fair enough but its shock at the levels of where we're at now
I can't believe a vote Watford and I can't believe you live in Salford
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:32:30
Cllr L Nelson - 0:32:36
thank you Mr. Mayor it must have been a visit I Councillor Gary doll's house not here was right in the budget and Council are turned was right in his speech
what work is really quite frustrating I have got a great deal of respect for members of the opposition is that we come to this Chamber and over the last nine months however longer been a Councillor of heard from Council agree though he wants things to be more positive while so do we I'm a socialist I don't want to be vote it coming here and vote in for tax rises on the people of Salford but the reality of the situation is and we've all got these convenient pieces of paper next to us the City of Salford as OS to hundred in 11 million pounds as a result of the Conservative government over the past few years and how it you can stand up and say that we in the Labour party
are out of touch with working people when the people of Salford have not only rejected the Conservative party wanting government but we had an election in 2 thousand and 10 Salford voted Labour against a Conservative party two thousand seventeen Salford voted against the Conservative party 2 thousand 19 sold for once again votes against the Conservative party and what we are hearing and what we are seeing in our communities is devastation were seen teachers going to schools are asking the asking parents to provide extra money for books teachers bringing food in for their students themselves were seen in our communities right across Salford America across the country you've centres closing all over the place as Councillor Johnson said so when we come into this Chamber I think it's really quite important that number one we are honest with the people of Salford when we say
that things are all fun and calling to this Chamber in saying that we are basing our amendment based on we hope things will get better while the people of Salford had been hoping things will be better since 2 thousand and 10 and of course we hope your government pull some more money out of the bag will roll waiting for it we've been waiting for it since 2 thousand and 10 so I will give plenty of praise to the Conservative government and to Mr. Boris Johnson and to dominate Koopmans when we get our 211 million pounds back and right then rub in our report due in Council forever you say
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:35:01
councillor Morris
Councillor Morris
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:35:06
Cllr M Morris - 0:35:10
Roger at her own art and other speakers have said mainly what I was going to talk about especially late the Marmot report which is an absolute disgrace because that is an official report which has people are dying a much younger age in the North not in the South because of austerity and that is something that should be heartily ashamed of as us as a country
My concern is repelled more than 10 years of courts but on the other side of that we've had no investment in any services and any business from will tell you that if you are a business and you make to your cuts year after year after year after year is going to collapse you have to invest to improve the future and this this government is not doing it
Cllr K Garrido - 0:36:10
thank you Chair I I like Councillor Turner I have to say we weren't sat around last night writing out feature we were actually I'm having a sonic for dinner so I was cooking and Robin was watching car programmes so I can quite honestly prelude right we were not to do in his speech last night
it right
Coppola things yet my speech right that I was going to make in support of the amendment and I'm going to save for when I hear what the Mayor has to say but I will say shorter views one bit in there which I am writing to support as everybody knows I sit on Planning am and I do welcome are if you like scheme a pilot scheme for looking at electric charging points within a have to do it and we need to know how we can do it there are ways that we can and I just feel that there are two ways I'd like to look at one is developers and I think when we when we grant planning permission and are now Councillor onto us now so I've said this before in planning and I feel that we should part of our planning permission should be first electric charging points and for some new houses not just the wiring because it then cost money to actually put the point on outside so I think we should be granting planning permission and I accept right that we've actually given quite a lot of car charging points in car parks where above below flats because that's the kind of them in the flats come there but we need to be looking at things like encouraging companies on the motorways card companies actually have charging points for their cause and as ever we should be looking at how we can actually keep a ask companies to help as redact am and just a little aside there I do think that we should all go down and talked to the government about affordable houses Councillor onto us will agree that I have gone on about this and I accept that its argument right that has acted said that there is there has to be some sort of profit and I think we should as an all party representation go down or make representations to the Council which are common to what's been said
I think it's a laugh actually saying about scrutinising I think it's an absolute last month we had a scrutiny Committee and Overview as Road to the right and not one piece of paper not one Directorate throught paper to that meeting so we hadn't got any evidence apart from verbal right the Mayor had actually done a report on that was we welcome that but no other director Lead Member came to that committee with paper we have missing not thinking writing to scrutinise No that's not scrutinise saying I know when I mentioned this to the Mayor the City Mayor to meeting he wasn't aware of that but fortunately the structure to his Deputy Councillor knew that Councillor Hinds was not happy about it at the meeting when I look at the minutes that came out yesterday for four of the cabinet from the month before no mention no mention from the chair of the scrutiny that we were all annoyed not just the Conservatives for the labours on the Committee as well were annoyed that there was no paperwork
so I have to say right that is one thing scrutiny needs to be looked at and I have to tell you are living with Robin so 50 years nobody tells Robin what to write on what to do I can't do it if I can't do it you won't be able to do it right he actually does it on his own he felt wherever he said so Central Office will not be selling Robin
to do not all you can go to any of central offices paperwork the none of that would be in Robin speech
can I say that I am in that is the honest truth and yes I am concerned about the report that came out yesterday it is it is not a good report and then we need to be doing something about it but can I remind you that most of that was the north-east and what have we had in the nauseous what Labour MPs what has happened now we've got Conservative MPs and they will start to sort it out because all you do is keep the people down and I'm sorry this will not happen in Salford
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:41:04
councillor weight
Cllr M Wade - 0:41:10
thank you Chair and I welcome this project
because I know that the residents in my ward are absolutely sick of cuts year on year costs and you know if
work in an insecure job
with poor hours and poor pay
he is not persuaded that we've got a strong economy
but in spite of it a decade of decline in spite of 10 years
a Tory government cuts
the withholding by this government of tax payers public money withheld from local authorities
forcing councils to reduce services vital services that these same taxpayers
and their families who live in our communities so desperately need
this project allows the continuation of services to our residents at current levels with no further cuts
this Budget enables us to continue to safeguard and support our children provided education including outstanding
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:42:23
gyms for which you are speaking to the amendment
than the budget itself
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:42:31
this was Saunders
Cllr A Saunders - 0:42:35
thank you Chair errm first of all
at coined the phrase funny thing happened to me on the way into the meeting this morning
I was not invited to the Gredos House last NIIRTA the tones were
didn't have a hunger for from that
well on the way in
I heard on the radio they announced hot off the press
the government has announced a further 150 million pounds grant to the
10 councils of Greater Manchester
much of which I believe that can be used for social care is literally haven't had time to research a but that is something I heard on the way in
so our optimism I think his is is well founded
secondly for those who like me try to listen to today or yesterday in parliament you will have heard the Health secretary
criticise the Marmot report A and say that the life expectancy rates as a whole have actually gone up although he did admit there were one or two areas which have have had fallen behind
in terms of scrutiny
can I remind Members opposite embargo I thank Councillor Nelson for his kind comments about the opposition members are to have respect for Councils such as himself
but I remind them the ruling Labour
Councillors that scrutiny is actually meant to scrutinise the ruling party and their proposals not the opposition or can I say this should be perhaps pointed out as I said I wasn't at the Breeders' House last night
but I can tell you that this was not done last night or even last week there has been several weeks if not months of very hard work put into this amendment and I really have functioning perhaps wasn't ready before but a lot of hard work has got and in terms of scrutiny can I say that this has been scrutinised not politically of course but fiscally I understand it as being fiscally scrutinised for fiscal probity by the Finance Officer invite staff pleat greatness that's wrong but that is my understanding not politically of course not but fiscally
has been scrutinised just a couple of brief points count my colleague Councillor Reeder said that from next year we are going to look at other things I can tell you one of those is going to be trying to reintroduce at least two weekly bin collections and I refer you all to pay I know you've all read this a residual 2 page 78 of the 232 pages of our notes for this morning and it says that
there is a potential risk that actual recycling
performance falls short of increasingly stretching targets it also says that people need to constantly by in
I don't believe we don't believe that making collections three weeks actually are is something that really gets people on board in terms of of of recycling
and finally Mr. Chair if I can just simply say that for the next few weeks of course
the Labour party that controls this Council and that the mayoralty and merited Greater Manchester but come May when that all changes are we take over at this Council the we take over the mayoralty on the mayoralty Greater Manchester we will be able to implement our policies and then yes you will be able to scrutinise loves aren't you
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:46:41
Mr. Edwards
chancellor Edwards
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:46:53
councillor Edwards
Cllr L Edwards - 0:46:58
thank you Chair I wanted to talk about the reality that people in Salford and particular impact in south face I'm going to talk to you about begin with the British welfare reform Act in 20 12 one of the things I introduced was work capability assessments so these are done by healthcare professionals who aren't medic with medically qualified which is unsurprising because 68 percent of people who were declared fit to work that appeal when their appeal now if I was managing a company and we were losing 68 percent of appeals I'd be concerned
in 20 15 Estimate via self admitted to a scrutiny committee that 49 people have died after their benefits were sanctioned and all of those were supposed to have won the appeal that was what the evidence gave this is happening in Washington Obama was declared fit for work shortly after this policy came in
she was recovering from a stroke and main carer was her nine-year old daughter this woman still couldn't walk or speak and an annual daughter could see that there was no way among could work so she concluded I forget job at nine years old she was prepared to get a job so that the family had some income because that benefits were caught that same night that they got that letter that nine-year-old girl who lives in my ward in what in South physically stopped to him from committing suicide from completing suicide that's the reality of this of what is going on in this country
the irony of this is that the policy has cost more than it ever saved the spend on these have had benefits in the exact same as it was before the government introduces policy and on top of that the appeals costing an absolute fortune so when the Tories talk of financial management it just makes my skin crawl
similarly the same policy to introduce the bedroom tax Immortan South we had a really sad incident in around 20 14 when young girl died in a tragic accident in a family home finally a broader two adult children at home and abroad that girl up until she sadly died there they still have three children in the house it was their family home and in order to remember her they decided that they were going to do a bedroom or every year saw that that that bedroom could grow up into a teenager and an adult as she should have done
there was slapped with the bedroom tax to sell live in that house to do that bedroom every year into living in the family home that they've lived in for so long they had to pay tax tax to keep that memory alive this is what this government that policies have done
similarly Morton South were really affected by rising housing costs housing costs have risen by 16 percent since 20 12 housing benefits have not risen at the same rate when inflation is calculated him for older people in particular the 25 poorest percent of older people their housing costs have risen by 29 percent that's the life of our older population in Salford will be in that porous percent because we are one of the poorest cities in the country
I see it play out in ward in south and this is only in Salford you can look at poverty between before housing costs and after housing costs in Morden south has got one of the highest increases between those two and I'm not surprised firstly because housing costs are so high but secondly because I talk to people and I see how difficult it is because of trying to manage the private rented sector and we haven't got enough social housing any more than I've sat with families and listen to them and thought maybe you could try benefits chap but when they do they're not entitled to any more money there is no money for them
the Labour Councillors in Morley in Little Hulton collect food very often actually for the food bank are the reason we do that is the key funding dry not only do we have to have a food bank in our town is wearing little Holland and these will in Swinton just down the road and in Eccles it keeps running out and we get an e-mail we collect it but it breaks my heart every time something that does want Maha is that girl that tells you about that nine-year-old girl I not she's not got that much money but she dominated 20 pounds worth of tampons to that food bank and we spoken to people who came to us and said the food bank helped me once and donate 50 pounds with a food and they haven't really got that money to spare but they will do it
councillor Turner mentioned rising employment employment has risen by the government statistics but poverty hasn't followed
why are we talking about underemployment we're talking about the fact that people in this country have skills this is what underemployment is they have skills and time but the jobs aren't there this country needs good jobs it needs to pay people good wages we need to stop treating people who are disabled and who are struggling like the undeserving we need to stop pretending that making the poorest poorer and allowing the rich to do fine is financial management there is more to budgets than the end figure is about people and is about people's lives and I am so disappointed that the conservative haven't actually done what they've done in the last few years and really emphasised that impact of courts and not just courts on council budgets but the wider the way the Conservatives have acted in the past 10 years it really makes me sad and I'm disappointed it's not been mentioned in offering this amendment
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:51:56
councillor Gina Reynolds
councillor Reynolds
Cllr G Reynolds - 0:52:07
thank you Chair well I certainly can't support this amendment at dawn on the basis that the future government settlements going to be an frontager so the in cloud cuckoo land or water or seriously think they are on on the opposition
right if we look at adult social care if we look at the demands were talking about to point 2 per cent raise from the precept if we look at the demands locally you adult social care referrals or by 25 percent from 2 thousand 15 adults more likely to be discharged from hospital to adult social care is higher in Salford than the GM average more of our over 65 s in residential care that supply 11 point 5 percent or more complex needs up 3 percent the percentage of adults open to mental health services and James reference the impact on mental health that some of the Tory policies of Howard's is higher than the England average
so if you think that we're going to get one up on tager settlements looking at the predictions of the Fair funding Review for later in the summer forms distributed Ruddle social care for younger adults will be nine point 45 percent worse off
and for adults older adults 14 point 6 5 percent worse off
nationally we've got bed blocking the highest since 2 thousand 17 a shocking number of days lost to delayed transfers of care and that's because we haven't always got the care services available for people so the stock in hospital
Roger and Margaret of reference the Marmot report and that is absolutely shocking under deterioration in the last decade from the last report that was published and those health inequalities of widens even greater
we still looking for the green paper has robbed Roger said delayed five times its over three years now that we've been waiting for the social care green paper to find a long term solution for adult social care in this country
and if it hasn't escaped your attention it was a group of care work as outside and I didn't see any of the Tory Members speak into those care workers were care workers in this city dedicated doing an absolutely amazing job looking after the health and care needs of people in this city
and the impact that that work is half in low paid work
the impact on their mental health and quality of life is an absolute disgrace on the salaries that they get for that job that they're doing
and if our government had been in a Labour government we have been paying everybody in this country 10 pounds an hour
the Mayor will be making an announcement later on on the position with the care workers
but you know I have got real concerns for those care staff those care staff are on the brink of leaving the care sector because of what they're facing day to day and these buildings needed nationally to help the care sector cope 1 m jobs in the care sector unfilled and one in 11 workers from the EU and that brings me on to real concerns now with this migration points system that Boris's looking at from loss of workforce in the care sector that's already struggling so I'm sorry I council can't support this amendment
Jim Taylor - 0:56:04
Cllr C McIntyre - 0:56:06
thanks were Hines
Cllr B Hinds - 0:56:11
thank you Chair
sean John you feel like you're losing the will to live donation
mainly not because of our side
but for the the opposition the after 10 years 10 years 10 wait good use of a government that has only looked after the rich and the powerful and those few not the many and will keep on saying that
councillor Garrido and to stop calling him Mr. McCormick now
because this is the person that has defended the government throughout
the now of course has got the nerve to put a faith in a government that is absolutely crippled this cauldron Councillor Saunders talked about the Conservatives gonna get control
in Greater Manchester and Salford in particular what a nightmare that would be these as Tory MPs have been elected in what we call the red wall they will know what day is how they are going to resolve the problems with old people let's get it straight let's get it straight when we have the referendum
a bullet may I voted leave not because perhaps the majority of people that voted leave I voted leave rightly or wrongly because I thought a soldierly future would be hurt with Brexit without Brexit but having said that an early election that took place in December the overwhelming majority of people that voted Tory though did because a Brexit and why did the vote because of Brexit because their life is pitiless they feel that there's nowt hope for the future wrongly
they voted Conservative government who gives them that hope but that SOLL they feel I've listened today of people coming forward with all the reasons and all the passion is coming forward because of the Tory amendment this amendment this amendment based on hope in the sense that with no foundation whatsoever
none at all and we'll see you know it's me mentioned about the IFS you know of course Johnson took out the night of the Long knives when numbers of the Cabinet were dismissed
and the shadow chancellor up to resign because he felt that Johnson was taking control now will have to wait and see what happens there or in the future
but at the minute at this minute we understand now that the chancellor who batted away now talking about raising it raising spend governance meant to 40 percent which we were hammered for Labour ever even reached that time under the Blair Brown years 40 per cent of spin on economy the last quarter of last year was just out of going into a recessionary period this is the foundations of a Tory incur gnomic strategy that's Guaita tacos nowhere
talk about scrutiny
I go to the Overview and Scrutiny Committee every month
they get more information at that Scrutiny Committee then I don't know the other scrutiny committees what they do yet they now coming forward in this budget sets in saying that they didn't yet understand him what was going on good God Almighty and at the same time the I've not looked at this budget today is disdainful this budget today
Jim Taylor - 1:00:15
the good news on this
Cllr B Hinds - 1:00:32
I said I said that yes OK was there but I didn't say that you absolutely needed it I didn't say I have never said that OK it would have been fatal foetal little coffee then jolly
the put the points at the point is on scrutiny they've come forward at the last minute to gay and all right Castle Saunderson if we don't need to be scrutinising them but how the hell within 10 minutes half an hour can you read this paper understanding and scrutinise it is absolutely disgraceful and nuts we earn at the end of the day that's why I will not be supporting this amendment and I don't think anybody of this people and certainly not the people of this city would not be supported this amendment
Jim Taylor - 1:01:23
Cllr C McIntyre - 1:01:25
councillor Barry
Cllr D Bailey - 1:01:28
thanks Mr. man I wanted to first of all to stave I'm also proposing the amendment unfit for those who know me up this might cause a bit of a shop I want to quote Peter Mandelson and he said this when you're getting sick or say in it there are only just get in again close quote and nobody and I got dot got to pay tribute to the consumer pie nobody are better than that of the Tory party prepared in the same lines for almost a decade and often have a charge of economic illiteracy of thrown at the door of a lay-by round her throat door are charged at the door of Conservative party and that is the charge of being the best of rewriting history X wanted a cash our minds back to 2 thousand and 5 when David Cameron and Boy George ascended to a top of the Conservative party they place then pound for pound to match Labour's spending plans so the idea we us overspending for years was a nonsense and Councillor Turner if he could have stopped the sub-prime mortgage crisis in the US or articulated an alternative to nationalise Lloyds Bank RBS Northern Rock I liked to hear it also let's be realistic here how much of a national debt has been paid back after 10 years of hurt for our communities zero in fact it's tripled and this government is added more to the national debt than every Labour government combined in history on Councillor corridas partners want to pay tribute to Councillor Venner was of what she smashed it out the park without being too much of a fanboy for the work you do but he quoted one point 5 billion pound extra in social care about half of that is actually predicated on the maximum increase in Council Tax and social care levy and indeed Councillor Gredos here today proposing the maximum increase because he knows it is a good people of Salford through the regressive taxation is Council Tax contributing to the Government's own dodgy figures which quite frankly is smoke and mirrors and what was actually in the Conservative party manifesto and social care zilch nada nothing so please please do not come here and pretend to care about our city's most vulnerable thank you
Cllr C McIntyre - 1:03:42
councillor Lewis
thank you Chair errm first of all can I just am very disappointed
Cllr K Lewis - 1:03:51
Councillor Robin Garrido was washing car programmes last night rather than tossing pancakes and where is the commitment situation
OK so first of all Councillor Turner we keep hearing the same rhetoric about Labour being the party of the past yet and myself Councillor Hinds a nor those in here consistently try and help you to understand how the economy works because consistently you seem to not understand the Tories still treat economy like it's 19 71 like before when we came off the year of the week when we came off when the USA came off the gold standard and we became a fair economy now I know that is probably a little bit technical feeling and I'm not going to start explaining it but please go and Marquis up because money is completely different from the way you understand it
I am going to do a little bit of a thought experiment just to try yet again to help you understand I want you to imagine Councillor Turner that you are a bond felon and though that's probably easy in some respects he hard in all this but let's just imagine your Bond villain that decides she wants to take all the morning in this contract for yourself and you keep taking money out of this country by the time you have got all of the money you actually have nothing at all because money has no value whatsoever
this is what this government has done they have continually taking money out of the economy and it is losing value where do we see that loss of value we see him stagnant wages we see in high streets that are dying shops that are closing we see in the lack of growth in the economy and as professor Marmot pointed out we see it sadly where are ultimately in people dying people dying far earlier than they should do
as you probably where I have a lot of links with schools so often when I listened to the impacts of austerity I think about what happens in the schools because that's my experience and particularly in governorship
and I so often hear horrific stories about schools struggling with difficult children those difficult children more often than not they have had mental health problems they come from families that have perhaps had domestic violence in them there's all sorts of issues go on in the background or what those children need is
massive investment to support them but the schools don't have it so they end up in other systems where you hope they will get the right support but those were the systems don't have the money either and it is absolutely desperate if anybody in here I am sure there are people I've sat on permanent exclusion ratings and been absolutely desperate because I know the scores are doing everything they can to try and keep those children in school where they will be supported but they just don't have everything they need the money they need the staff they need they support they need and this is all the result of the austerity
so I want you to try to think about that in terms of yes this government is behaving like a Bond villain they will take that money away and the reality is not what you might see in a Bond movie at somebody who's got all these lavish things around them now the reality is that real people are suffering and do I think this government is going to change after behave in the same way as they have the last 10 years absolutely not absolutely not why would they because the first thing they would have to do is admit they are being wrong
thank you Chair
Jim Taylor - 1:07:45
Cllr C McIntyre - 1:07:49
thank you Councillor Lewis said late to
ask Mr. Murray if he would like to respond to the amendment
because it up
City Mayor P Dennett - 1:08:01
we are asked to speak on the amendment and first of all if obviously you've spent so long on this amendment and we only got it to day
it begs the question how long have you actually spent on this in the first place as far as I'm concerned what this is and we should call this out it's a political ploy and it's basically party political gimmickry
if Councillor Gary DOE had time to watch programmes on TV last night around cause the question is why didn't they send it over to us last night at least why did we only get it this morning
and then building on that I think it's really financially imprudent having heard what many Members in this Chamber of already said but also let's deal with the facts because anyone who knows me knows that I like to deal with the facts the Local government Association has told us that 60 p in every 1 pound we receive from central government has been taken out of local government since 2 thousand and 10
councillor Lewis talked about the 200 and 11 million pound cuts since 2 thousand and 10 53 percent has been taken away from the Local Authority that is absolutely scandalous and this is the first year in 10 years that I am proposing today and no cuts budget for the next financial year and the opposition
the opposition don't even have the decency to congratulate us you know what that actually means for the people in our city you had the budget do you know what that means for the people in our city do you know what that means for local government workers who from one year to the next don't know whether the Hammer is going to fall on their jobs on their services on some of the most vulnerable people in our city who rely on our services this is a godsend this is absolutely fantastic that we've been able to set a no cuts budget this financial year down the road in Liverpool 30 million pounds is being taken out of their budget across the water in the whereall 32 million pounds is being taken out of the budget we have done a fantastic job in serving the people of this city and what I find really interesting listening to Councillor Garita is clearly your suffering from selective amnesia and I say that because back in 2 thousand 16 17 colleagues within this Chamber will know the government managed to find 300 million down the back of the sofa or on their magic money tree in the garden of Number 10 where did that money go it went to Tory shires in the south of the country this Council Chamber knows that and this Council Chamber knows that it's likely you'll be doing the same thing with the supposedly Fair funding Review
we know things aren't great looking forward there are still huge pressures that this Local Authority faces over the next three years were still facing 20 point 2 million pounds of cuts and unfunded budget pressures so it's absolutely right that we are financially prudent at this point in time and we also know your own prime Minister and chancellor of asks Departments of government to come forward with five per cent cuts we don't know what the implications of that are going to be for councils but what we know is MH CLG are most likely to passport that 5 percent cut onto Councils up and down the country on top of that
on top of that the future is uncertain were entering a Fair funding Review next financial year and what we're being told by the LGA is eight-point five million pounds is likely to be taken from Salford City Council's budget we've got a business rates reset we don't know what the future on New homes bonus you've heard about the green paper that was promised back in March 2 thousand and 17 and youth forced and hiked precepts of 6 percent over the last three years on the people of Salford you're doing it again this year with another 2 percent where you talk about a four point 4 per cent boost on actual local government spending the reality is all of that money or at least fifth over 50 percent of it is coming from council tax payers because in your local government finance settlement you've assumed a 1 point 9 9 percent in Council Tax increase and a 2 percent on adult social care this is a finance settlement of smoke and mirrors the government do a great job of spending the British people's money and it's absolutely scandalous that you don't even acknowledge that in a lot of your rhetoric today I've got 30 seconds to sum up and it's an important point I went to the public meeting on care workers in the City the other week on Saturday there were no Tory Councillors at that meeting by the way what we know is it's going to cost us over four million pounds to bring up our care workers to the real living wage that's money we've not got and we won't be able to do that in this budget what horrified me was the stories of how having to work excessive hours is having on their lives no time with children choosing between heating and eating and forced to work
ridiculous amounts of hours just to make ends meet this is the reality of 21st century Britain your budget amendment goes nowhere near to actually improving their standing within our communities and within our neighbourhoods it's absolutely scandalous what you're proposing today and I cannot and will not accept the amendment thank you
Jim Taylor - 1:14:30
Cllr C McIntyre - 1:14:31
thank you Mr. Mayor we move now to the vote the amendment
is a named vote
the vote
M Carruthers-Watt - 1:14:45
and for the avoidance of doubt it is required to have a named vote on or any vote with regard to the Budget amendment or otherwise I am seeking that Dennett
Emma against the amendment
if you are voting against the amendment to say no if you're voting for the amendment please say yes and worse
now Councillor August
Councillor Baillie
Councillor Barnes
Councillor Bellamy
councillor Bentham
Councillor Boshell
Councillor Brocklehurst
councillor Brooks
councillor Birch
Councillor Kamal
councillor Clarke
councillor Cohen
Councillor Collinson
councillor Critchley
councillor Dawson
Councillor Dickman
councillor Edwards
Councillor Fletcher
councillor Karen Garrido
councillor Robin Garrido
Councillor Golden
councillor Hamilton
councillor Hesling
Councillor Hinds
councillor Humphreys Councillor Jolley
councillor Jones Councillor Kelly Councillor King
councillor lancaster
councillor Leitner Councillor Lewis
councillor Linden
Councillor McCusker
councillor Mashiter
Councillor Merry
Councillor Morris
councillor Nelson
councillor Curran's ESA
councillor pivot
councillor Gina Reynolds
councillor Neil Reynolds
councillor Ryan
Councillor Saunders
councillor shop
councillor Turner
councillor weighed
councillor Walker
councillor Joan Walsh
councillor John Walsh
Councillor Ward
councillor Warmisham
councillor Warner
councillor Weir
councillor Wheeler
councillor Wilson
I do not
can Councillor Wilson and get your vote was no thank you
the amendment is not carried
Jim Taylor - 1:17:54
Cllr C McIntyre - 1:17:56
so the amendment fails I'd like to take this time a 10 minute break for comfort so

4 Report of the City Mayor - 2020/21 Revenue Budget and Capital Programme

thank you please be seated
Cllr C McIntyre - 1:18:50
Cllr C McIntyre - 1:19:06
thank you for that much-needed break and we have to revert back to Mr. Mary wants to speak on the Budget
City Mayor P Dennett - 1:19:15
thank you ceremonial Mayor
so I am here today to recommend that Council approve my budget for 20 20 21
this is the fourth budget are presented to this Chamber and I have to say I have been really proud to serve of Salford City Mayor over the past four years Salford is a city that I am immensely proud of and it's a real honour and a privilege to hold public office and to serve the people of our city
Over the past four years and for six years before that the City Council as faced an exceptionally challenging financial situation
unprecedented in financial scale and duration over time with with the Local government Association highlighting that 60 p in every pound of government funding has been cut since 2 thousand and 10
this inevitably has impacted directly on the services were able to deliver to our residents and also on their lives in our sitting
and despite what some would tell us those challenges have not gone away
we continue to face tough choices here in Salford
I believe the budget I am presenting to Council today represents as far as possible a responsible and fair set of proposals
for the first time I am presenting today a budget that will deliver no further cuts to services for our residents no services that are residents rely on and need and this will come as a great relief to staff of the City Council who for the past nine years of experience torturous cuts to services and uncertainty about their futures and also to our residents it will see much needed services protected for yet another year
first let me outline the technical elements of the budget and presenting to Council today and required to say this by law
so I am recommending an overall revenue budget of 200 17 point 0 1 5 million for 20 20 21
I am also recommending a capital programme of 100 15 point 7 8 9 million for 20 21 using the resources set out in part 3 of my report and in accordance with the formal resolution set in Appendix four I am proposing a Council Tax requirement of a hundred and 14 point 7 8 2 million in accordance with the legislation a basic amount of Council Tax of 1 thousand 640 point to 6 and an amount for each valuation band in accordance with the legislation and amount of Council Tax for each valuation band in accordance with Section 30 and section 36 of the Local government Finance Act nineteen ninety two
am also recommending that Council approves the Housing Revenue account budget for 20 20 21 of 14 point 8 7 0 million pounds and finally from a technical point of view and recommending that Council approve the Treasury Management Prudential Indicators for 20 20 21 21 22 23 as set out in part 4 of Manor report
and for the first time and presenting this year's budget along side are Medium Term financial Strategy which sets out our financial planning assumptions over the next three years up until 20 22 23 and which provides a sustainable financial foundation for the delivery of the Council's strategic priorities and core functions
so now let me turn to the main part of my speech today and the budget before you
we've now had 10 years of Tory Lib Dem and Tory governments first in coalition but for the last five years in their own right and it's clear the impact those 10 years of had upon Councils up and down the country and in particular here in Salford
in those 10 years this Council will have made almost 200 and 11 million pounds worth of cuts this has been driven by a 53 per cent reduction in the Council's core funding from central government
as I said last year no Council no organisation can lose over 50 per cent of its budget without a direct impact on services and on those most in need
and despite much of the rhetoric over the past year or so about the supposed end of austerity
this is simply not reflected in the reality of funding for Salford
Even after the government have confirmed their final funding settlement for local government Salford is still facing a further 20 point 2 million pounds worth of cuts and unfunded budget pressures over the next three years
only in my opinion the strength of the Council's own financial management and the growth we have delivered across the city has enabled us to take steps to cushion the impact of these further cuts to our funding
if we were simply to repeat the patterns of old and set just a one-year Budget we would face further anticipated cuts in future years that would be exceptionally difficult to manage and would inevitably mean further cuts to services job losses and less support to our residents especially the most vulnerable in our city
but such short term financial imprudence is not the approach I intend to take with the city council's finances
by taking a prudent approach to how we manage our finances and taking a robust longer term approach to planning were able to manage these pressures over the next three years the long term approach set out in the first Medium Term financial Strategy means that I can present to you today a balanced budget for 20 20 21 without the need for additional cuts to services the first time we've been able to do this since 2 thousand and 10 over the past 10 years
however let me be clear this doesn't mean it will be an easy year ahead it will not
the government continues to provide a complete lack of clarity as to the long term funding future for councils up and down the country once again the local government finance settlement is for one year only despite promises of financial certainty from government we continue to have no clarity on funding beyond this financial year
and during the next 12 months we expect to see announcements on a supposedly Fair funding Review for local government the reset of business rates changes to business rate retention levels and probably changes to specific funding streams such as the New homes bonus and let me be clear unless these changes take into account demographics poverty and fairness challenges faced by Councils like ours then Salford will continue to face significant financial risks well into the future
it is time for this government to deliver it is time for this government to own its own rhetoric about levelling up it's time for this government to invest in the North of England to invest to end poverty and to provide a level playing field for communities and cities such as Salford
much has been made of the additional funding provided to local government for 20 20 21
but let me set the record straight on was what this actually means
we've received an inflationary increase in the notional Revenue support Grant
in effect what this means for Salford City Council is will receive an amount of 300 and 33 thousand pounds this additional amount whilst welcome in no way makes up for the 211 million of cuts we've had to make over the past 10 years in fact it's completely inadequate and similarly while the government invest in additional social care grant is welcome we continue to face she huge funding gaps and service pressures as has already been highlighted I Councillor Reynolds in the delivery of both children's and adults' social care the 5 point 9 million additional one off grant provided is only the tip of the iceberg compared to the 13 million pounds worth of pressures were already carrying
an of pert of course there remains no long term clarity on solutions to address the growing social care crisis affecting people and councils all over the country
with a green paper on how the government will tackle social care promised back in March 2 thousand 17
and after three years of councils being forced to add precept heights to council tax bills of up to 6 percent there is still seemingly no end in sight for when this green paper will actually arrive
and yet again government have relied on passing the cost of funding services to our own tax payers here in the City of Salford with their own local government finance settlement talking about a 4 point 4 percent boost to point 9 billion at one point 5 of which is for adults and children's social care going in to local government
but interestingly what the government failed to tell the people of England
is that in their assumptions within the Local government Finance Settlement residents and households across England will be required to pay an extra 1 point 9 9 percent in Council Tax and 2 per cent on an adult social care precept if those spending commitments that government boast about are indeed to be realised the government are spending our people's money and passing it off as if it was their own
and more than 50 percent of this supposedly funding boost for local government is entirely predicated on every council in England increasing council tax and the social care precept to the Government's assumed amount
taxpayers that have been hit year on year by this government's agenda of austerity and tax payers that can least afford it
after careful consideration
of taken the decision with my Cabinet to apply the government's assumptions in the Local government Finance Settlement to increase the Council Tax by 1 point 9 9 per cent and to apply the full adult social care precept of 2 percent
I thought carefully about this and I realise it relies on our residents to continue to contribute more to the services we are able to provide
but I have to be clear
being forced to hike council tax and precepts is not how 21st century public services should be funded
but with inadequate funding provided by this government and the 211 million pounds of cuts we've seen since 2 thousand and 10 it seems clear to me that there is no alternative
were faced with an insidious choice of to either raise additional funding through council tax and social care precepts to maintain services or take the even more unpalatable decision to cut services and jobs even further over 3 years across our medium term budget strategy
I am now committed to ensuring we minimise the impacts of these changes on our most vulnerable residents those that can least afford them and for that reason proposals before Council today include an enhanced Council Tax reduction scheme from the 1st of April working age household to qualify for council tax reduction will receive up to a maximum of 88 percent relief on their council tax bills instead of the current 85 percent
the additional investment raise through the increase means and not standing before you today proposing even further cuts to services we provide to our residents I do now need to be clear
we are still facing exceptionally challenging times and must continue to deliver on changes and transformations that this Council has already agreed
a joint approach to work with the CCG to improve the quality and the effectiveness of health and social care services across the city is beginning to pay dividends by bringing together or funding on equipment and disabled facilities we have successfully removed barriers for people accessing grants for their support meaning we could support more people improve their experience and health outcomes within the existing budget
Salford is now the most improved locality in terms of the number of our care homes both residential and nursing that are rated as good
achieved by the Council the CCG are hospitals all working together for the benefits of our residents in the City of Salford the City Council has committed to invest in social care grants and precepts into those integrated arrangements reflecting the spirit of partnership and joint working the CCG have also committed to invest an additional 19 million pounds worth of funding to the Fund
these funds will ensure that together we commission integrated and proactive care ensuring our residents can see the right professional at the right time and with the right skills and experiences
health and care funding is facing significant existing pressures in excess of 6 million pounds perannum for adult social care and in excess of 7 million pounds but children are combined pressure of over 13 million pounds perannum
so whilst the additional investment is very welcome reform and Innovation is still needed if were to provide high quality health and social care for our residents in the city
we're not standing still here in Salford we are investing in route 29 a nationally recognised approach to reduce the need for young people to come into care in turn reducing the pressure on our out of borough placement costs reinvesting in a proven model to reduce the need for young people with SEN D to be placed away from home reducing the pressures or high cost placement and were developing an extensive offer for families experiencing domestic abuse
through this innovation improved and integrated commissioning decisions and improved contract management and efficiency the integrated fund is planned to deliver for point 2 million pounds worth of savings to the Council's budget in each year over the next three years these savings will deliver across children's adults and public Health Services were working with the CCG to identify how best to make this saving and are determined to minimise as far as possible the impact on residents in or sitting
will need to look further at Further efficiencies and transformation in the way that we deliver the services if were to achieve the financial reductions that are needed
and as Members of this Council are aware were committed to being a real living wage employer we are an accredited living Wage employer the first local authority in Greater Manchester to become one but we are also committed to becoming a living Wage City we believe passionately that tackling the scourge of low pay and poverty pay is a major factor in pulling people out of the poverty threshold so that people do not have to make the choice between heating and eating
we therefore have a duty wherever possible to improve the terms and conditions of people that work in the city and where we can support care workers who deliver social care
and I'm aware that as a result of the uplift in the national minimum wage care workers will see some improvement in their pay from the 1st of April of this year but please note that is not a living wage that is the national minimum wage
however this does not go far enough and following consultation with our CCG we agree that we need to make more progress on this agenda
and I'm able to announce that from the 1st of October this year will be raising pay across the board for our care workers who deliver Council services in the care sector to 9 pounds an hour
this makes a significant step forward in our ultimate ambition to pay the real living wage of 9 pounds 30 p an hour
I'd like to go further and work towards paying the real living wage of 9 pounds 30 per hour also to those care workers on supported tenses with learning disabilities contracts so there's more to be done is all I'm saying on this agenda and but we are making progress we see our care workers as critical to the future of our city
and will be seeking to identify resources in order to raise their pay to the real living wage from the 1st of October as a next step this is a difficult process but I fundamentally believe it's absolutely the right thing to do morally and ethically are care workers are the front line they deserve to be paid the real living wage if I had the 4 million pounds plus in this year's budget to be able to do that I would indeed be doing that from the 1st of April but unfortunately off the back of the local government finance settlement from central government we do not have enough to be able to do that as well as pay for the budget pressures and the national minimum wage uplift from the 1st of April
residents also routinely tellers and essential services such as street cleansing highways maintenance the upkeep of our parks and the city's amazing open spaces are things that matter the most to them
and this month we have brought up technical Services things like the regulatory services Development and Building control property Services Highways Engineering network management and construction services back in house
this City Council is committed to an insourcing agenda we know that putting people on Green Book terms and conditions in local government is one of the best antidote to low pay poverty pay and ensuring that people have enough money to make ends meet these services now will be under the direct control of elected Members of Council managers and though ensure continued delivery of these functions and at the same time achieve one point 2 million per annum savings towards the Council's revenue budget what a great achievement in addition to that I got more good news
I'm also announcing an additional investment of 500 and 85 thousand pounds into our street cleansing function
over recent months residents have made clear that this is an area that truly matters to them and that we should do better in terms of our pride in public spaces
and so I am pleased that were able to make this initial investment it will mean a dedicated team to more proactively remove fly-tipping invest in behaviour change and promote activity to encourage reduction reuse and recycling across the city greater use of CCTV to capture when necessary and prosecute repeat litter and fly tipping offenders
and investment in more on street litter bins and been technology so that bins can be collected when their form
we want people who live work and visit the city to absolutely be proud of our great city
Gill Hill Park is also one of our outstanding green and built heritage assets and I am pleased that through our capital budget this year with earmarked one point 2 million pounds for investment into the building working towards bringing that building back in use why because the people of Salford of told us how important that is and it will not be enough obviously to fund the full scale of works required but I hope it's a clear signal of our intent and commitment to this amazing asset enabling us to leverage in other funds to secure its use and future for generations to come
and continuing on with the green agenda and like to also thank clear channel for giving us 60 thousand pounds as an innovation fund to invest in the City's green agenda the Council will be working with one of our partners City of Trees to work with local people and young people to support initiatives to tackle climate change
investing in the community of Salford is crucial the spirit of Salford is one of our strongest and most remarkable assets the Enterprise the resilience the sheer tenacity of people in the city never ceases to amaze all of us in this Council Chamber and this year I'm pleased to announce 250 thousand pounds worth of investment in a city mayors crowdfund challenge a platform that will enable local communities to raise community support and funding for local activities events and enterprises that will benefit their communities and their local area this money is additional to the existing community devolved budgets provided through Community Committees and will provide support directly into our neighbourhoods the crowdfund challenge will be launched hopefully at the beginning of summer and I hope that communities across the city can participate in this and if successful I'd like to see this grow and develop over future years
we were only able to take this prudent long term approach to managing our finances because of the passion the discipline and the commitment shown
by our Council
staff here at the City Council
that delivered new service models innovation and reform whilst maintaining the highest possible professional standards and absolute pride and commitment to the
of the City of Salford and I want to thank each and every one of them for that and for their commitment because without them many of the things we often talk about as politicians would never really be realised
we need to continue to deliver on this amazing level of service and passion if were to deliver on the priorities and the financial challenges within this budget and also within the Medium Term Plan ahead
so I today commend to this Council Chamber both the annual budget and the three-year Medium Term financial Strategy and together they deliver a prudent approach to managing the Council's finances whilst enabling us to support residents especially the most vulnerable in our city and also allowing us to invest in strategic priorities and I recommend the budget
to you all today
thank you very
Cllr C McIntyre - 1:48:52
thank you Lead Member for Finance support Service of leave your sanctum
Cllr C McIntyre - 1:49:05
any questions or comments please can I just remind you that the more people will wonder speak examines the shorter presentation you may have to present to us so Councillor Robin Garrido
Cllr R Garrido - 1:49:22
what reserves are will track them to brief as possible I'm just on other little asides staff if
councils varies officers never heard of work life balance or surplus on this side believe the occupants work
with pleasure and with family and that for high did last night and if he cares what you might computer at some parts 1 the spawning are as dotting i's and crossing the t's on my presentation for today not got the balance just about right
we're just register I just turn now to submit to the comments from the Kadima
e with a flourish tells us that there's no cuts in this budget
well members there was no cuts in this budget this because we now have a Conservative government I because
I because I because this Conservative government has made L'Auberge available to solve her mother if able to other councils particularly those up and down the law so let's have no magic wand for the year for the City Mayor the all of a southern he's been able to come up with
such a solution at this there's no cuts you know you've done it with the help of the Conservative government and I'll tell you this is going to carry on for year after year after year and will carry off the next five years the Conservative government after that
now are charged with delivering you've mentioned a lot of services and I agree with all of them I hope that I am really pleased that at long last you've listened to what we've said in previous years at its budget meeting and that is that we want you to increase the amount of money for street cleaning this is one of the most important things at a local people that they have clean streets better repaired roads and pavements and cut grass verges are we be saying this for the past few years I've really very pleased that you don't allocates an extra half a million pounds to actually answer actually cover that I am not giving way because this is all places you've got tiles to come back
you got sums to come back
Jim Taylor - 1:51:41
City Mayor P Dennett - 1:51:45
information I guess really you said that at long last we listened to the the Tory opposition and again I think it's selective amnesia on your part because if you followed the previous budgets over the last four years you will note that in one of those budgets we've already put money into street cleaning last time so you know this is not new we've done it before go and check the public record and actually informed what you're saying thank you very much
Jim Taylor - 1:52:10
hence the Greater
Cllr C McIntyre - 1:52:11
Cllr R Garrido - 1:52:14
this are as I hold a chocolate I've said we've jumped that you put enough in previous years you've listened to us and you now putting Morgan simple as that OK are changed what other services yes we agree we hope that the money which you are allocated for the community and is within 50 thousand but quite sure exactly where that's going beyond noted an amendment which suggested that that goes directly to the Community Committees and is dealt with in the same way that devolved budgets let the community decide how that's one in 50 thousand we spent because that's what we're all about these data about devolving powers in taking powers back to commune so let's make sure that they have control over that 250 thousand pounds now you spoke a lot about the care workers and certainly Councillor I have had a lot of experience over the last
four years or longer which I workers and they are some of the most marvellous people you could ever wish to meet they do a fantastic job numbers of I would like to do to be quite honest I don't know how they manage to do it but that there day in day out to do some of the most menial tasks in some cases but also directly with care and compassion so I totally support the any increase and I would certainly
support and argue with the government the further increases I believe we're starting to get those increases in social care as Councillor Saunders said earlier excellent and 15 pounds
an ounce of sporting are quite sure that cannot borrow more money made available and we can do better for our co-workers totally support that I would have been the bays
city Mayor because when you came to the Overview and Scrutiny Committee and I made as experts on that on arrival at Southwark Magnus
you set council tax is a regressive tax well yes we agree with you that's why we moved amendment today
can we don't believe a regressive taxation we believe reduce its act as much as possible whilst providing the services that we need to needs to provide I also said that I move the amendments earlier
we would have liked to have torn up your budget because we don't believe the starting point is right we believe that there are better ways of managing our finance in Salford that the way you are managing them and we believe that if we are forced to take power in May and who knows widow know that but if we are fortunate to have the same power in May we will be starting with a plain piece of paper and we will be building up budgets up right which not only reflects the amount of money we have to keep them on side and also will reflect the amounts are services which we believe people in this city writing up now the people in this city absent deserve so
I think just to just just to finish the mirth no cuts budget banks the Conservative Government's
more money on social care thanks the for certain governments
more bore Bonnie Chiu prevents is having to make 50 millions pounds of savings this year thanks to the Conservative government and
that just just to finish off
we really do think in fact that sir you started to listen to us now hopefully your carry on listening the list some of the ideas we suggested today and if you are still in office next year and hopefully won't I hope hopefully you won't be but if you are please take account of some of the sensible solutions that we've talked about
Cllr C McIntyre - 1:56:00
councillor Andrew Smith
Cllr D Antrobus - 1:56:06
thank you for a
chur ar
obviously I want to endorse the yet the budget was being proposed by the City man in particular I'm grateful that the Place Directorate will be able to continue much of the good work that it already
does there in the preamble to the budget talks about the things that it does in terms of economic development and so forth but I think that one of the most important things that is done is in terms of public safety whether it's the civil engineers looking at our bridges and structures to make sure that they are safe the mechanical engineers looking R Air conditioning systems to make sure we're protected from things like Legionnaires disease are no highways engineers are trying to improve road safety we've seen something like a two-thirds drop in the numbers of those killed and seriously injured on our roads over the past decade I am a massive reduction in tripping claims that we'd seen because of the investment in the improvement of our highways all these contribute towards public safety and we will be able to continue that work but it's also some of the longer-term issues concerned with public safety
such as flood risk and we do actually do a fantastic job in managing flood risk or inverse citizens flood risk is the biggest natural threat not just like to take the opportunity at place on record my thanks I'm sure the thanks of the Council for the tremendous work that was done by our teams whether it was at the strategists looking at informing everybody and making sure everything was in place as the people who are out in the bitter cold and the wet or cleaning trash streams and drains at throughout the recent flooding events over the less thank them for their work
i'm not only do we look in terms of public safety I instances of very very visible so says we also look into the terms of a air quality and this Council and has been leading the way
in in terms of Birch seeking to improve air quality and if we look at for example but electric vehicles and
Salford City Council
as being at the forefront
we have 25 per cent of all the electric charging points in Greater Manchester and are charging points are used more than anywhere else in Greater Manchester and this hasn't been funded by the Council taxpayers because we are a very prudent Council a mere views the money that's been allocated through Transport for Greater Manchester and there is more on its way not only of we piloted the 40 year also
charging points throughout Salford
but we have also
being successful in Greater Manchester in securing another to point 5 million pounds I am sure that Salford will make sure that it gets a significant share of that and part of our clean air plan for Greater Manchester involves a bid for government to government saying that if you want to obey the law and obey the direction of the courts in providing clean air for Greater Manchester you have got to fund even more charging points so Members may look at those facts and think it rather odd that there are people of so little understanding of what's going on in their city that they should propose to of a pilot scheme for electric charging points
x 5
but my allocating 100 thousand pounds
which which which which would would
Cllr C McIntyre - 2:00:24
point of information re
I stand out
Cllr C McIntyre - 2:00:28
Cllr C McIntyre - 2:00:34
coincided with please take your seat why we listened to put information
Cllr R Garrido - 2:00:46
I believe Councillor Harris's seeks to were re phrase the words as I actually use in the amendment and if he cares to read them afterwards we referred specifically to charging points outside of terraced houses who would not have access
charging points from their own home we recognised that there were other charging points to be provided for the city and we welcome that but these are additional but instead of
gets down to receive 30 seconds
Cllr C McIntyre - 2:01:19
Cllr D Antrobus - 2:01:21
Elsevier account even read his own or is all statement which says extended pilot of electric vehicle charging points across the city and a cost to the revenue account of not point 1 million pounds us all its says
so and so
so what he even so even if what Councillor Gruen even if what Council agreed and said was the case it is rather odd that they're proposing spend 100 thousand pounds worth of council taxpayers' money on something and we are looking at the outside mates' out something that will be funded by Transport for Greater Manchester anyway so that's absolutely ridiculous and the second at the second point Councillor Mrs. Greig out
so I
urge them
but his to Councillor agreed outside of it
okay thank you very much
Chair and the thank you for listening to me and I hope that people can see that this budget looks after the long term interests of the people of Salford and not short term political gain which is what they are read as Finch
Cllr C McIntyre - 2:02:41
Janet Jagan
Cllr J King - 2:02:50
thank you Chair I did want to get in on the previous debate so put at home you didn't call me unfortunately not just wanted to point out some fatuity Councillors Greedo that under your government over the past three years homelessness has gone up in the north-west not the north-east by 117 percent a number of other facts they wanted to vote but I think he might want to think about that and the effects of your government over the past number of years I very much welcome the the Mayor's Mayor's budget and within the overall context of Tory vote of Tory cuts it's an imaginative progressive and innovative budget needs to be very much welcomed and I want to concentrate in particular the mere rightly said that people are concerned about the street scene and where we live and so on and
the 585 thousand pounds for street cleansing dealing with dumping and all all of the rest of it is extremely welcome in my view because a week rarely goes by upto in my inbox sometimes twice a week somebody will get on to me say please Councillor King will you get this rubbish picked up now this isn't a fault of the Council is not the fault of the Council staff in this instance it's not even the fault of David Lancaster it is the fault of a very small group of irresponsible and uncaring in viral criminals and very often they dump this rubbish the day after the binmen have been there and collected and some caring constituent will get onto me and say please please Councillor thing when you try and get this Ed cleaned up and to be fair to the Council staff he sometimes had copy in Councillor Lancaster they come out
regularly when I say to Councillor Lancaster so please accept this tidied up and to be fair they do that
a local business man contacted me recently said the state of the streets or occasionally of damaging his business and I don't want that peace is to close down I don't want to move out of Broughton I want him to stay there and remain employing people locally in providing local services for local people the BBC got involved and I spent many minutes on the BBC defending what the Council is doing to try to keep our streets clean and blaming the people the irresponsible individuals and irresponsible landlord who irresponsibly dump rubbish on our streets so this is very much welcome that Mr. Mayor and I hope that we also make imaginative use of CCTV because unless we are able to find and prosecute individuals and make an example of them by stiff fines than I don't think that this behaviour will change if we're able to do that that message quickly goes round that her these people are being fined and prosecuted taken to court take into account and held for all their irresponsible behaviour so this is very very welcome and it isn't purely because Council lung cancer greed was asked for it I bring on about this for very many years and I am delighted that you listen to me for urging missed me thank you very much
Jim Taylor - 2:06:01
Cllr C McIntyre - 2:06:04
trench coats retained before we proceed our after saying that
if we allow 3 minutes per person were able to accept as many speakers as we have already
and there are 8 am that would allow us to finish on time as their gender is stated unless otherwise
somebody would suggest an extension but I do have to remain people we have three other items of business on the agenda and the response to this budget so we need to make a decision
Cllr C McIntyre - 2:06:51
there were going to wait for an extension next personal went to Vegas because Councillor Fletcher
Cllr H Fletcher - 2:07:00
yes thank you Chair this would like to congratulate the City Mayor on an excellent speech on the main points one of the main points I want to make is that most companies if they lost 53 percent of their budget just couldn't continue
and we have managed to not only continue but all these fantastic innovative ideas and that the Mayor has mentioned in his speech and such as the Council Tax reduction scheme such as the 250 thousand pounds such as the care workers wage I think that is quite amazing I don't want to go back onto the street cleaning and then yes I am quite active on the Swinson people pay a Facebook page the two most common issues are
we were taken over by Salford in 19 74 which I am certainly not going into and the other issue of course of the streets and street cleaning the points I wish to make is as a city Mayor has made clear a 300 thousand pounds was made available for this about two years ago and a further 500 85 thousand pounds which
I did do a little bit of statistics for my A-levels and that comes to 900 thousand pounds practically almost a million and I think this point should be made very clearly almost a million pound put into street cleansing but my question is this 585 thousand pounds so I can be more specific with residents could I be provided with a breakdown of how that 500 85 thousand pounds is going to be spent for the street cleansing and fly-tipping and other associated issues thank-you
terms loosely
Cllr C McIntyre - 2:08:57
Cllr S Hesling - 2:08:59
thank you Chair is a pleasure to be able to speak in today's Budget debates are we've heard from the Mayor to do setting out this morning very clear lawyer and in detail his proposals for the year ahead and it seems to me from what the Conservative support forward at this morning that they seem to agree with most of it because there was very little in the amendment coming from them but while the Conservatives choose only to focus on Council Tax Labour looks to address the big challenges of the future insecure employment an ageing population climate change and equality of opportunity through the Council's grade eight priorities and underpinned by this budget today we are able to create a framework through which we can start to answer some of the big questions that will face us as an authority and over the next 10 years and this is essential given the scale of courts were faced and the uncertainty that there will be in the future and let's not forget what the Conservatives and Lib Dems governments have drawn over the last decade to Salford 211 million in courts with so many services last think of all the things we could have achieved and how much more we could have dawned for residents if those courts had not taken place
going forward we will still not have full control of our destiny and as we have heard already this morning we are so dependent on the decisions made by government in Westminster
many people who lent the Conservatives their vote in this election last general election we'll be watching closely to ensure that they deliver on their promises to the north and so far I'm afraid said the signs are not looking good we've heard today the from analysis from the LGA that shows a further eight point 5 million courts could become an in 20 21 22 and the recent cabinet reshuffle removed the Northern powerhouse minister from Cabinet
if we are truly to use the 20 20 to tackle the injustices that are residents face then the government must devolve far more to local authorities so that we can go further and innovate faster at the moment we have one of the most centralised governments in Europe and whilst the government takes with one hand it also restricts our ability to change with the other
I have long been a supporter of more money being given directly to communities so that we can build resilience and compassion capacity within those communities
when communities work together and have more control over budgets we see a community activism increase and people feel that they have a greater sense of agency and direction or whether communities going one of the biggest barriers that many residents have I am therefore pleased to see 250 thousand pounds being put towards the participatory budget now I hope we are going to look at innovative ways to allocate that such as EU citizens' assemblies and go further in this area in the future Mars Dettori's hold everything centrally Labour is the one who is looking to give power to communities and a northern Labour Council is always in a better place to deliver for its residents than a Tory saw them Tory government and we must continue to work towards making that a reality
and you can see from the figures today that council tax and local business rates are increasing and this shows what a growing city can achieve I was pleased to see that the Council look into a either a modern technologies as this is going to be the future this Council is also prioritising climate change and investment in solar farms and hydro electric
but as we on this side of the Chamber know well so have significant social needs and there needs to be an honest and open conversation between government local authorities and resident about how we fund services in the future particularly around a growing older population as it is not sustainable to expect local authorities to shoulder these costs without the support general taxation
the proposals today I believe demonstrated that we are the Mayor who is listening to Labour councillors and residents many people have measured mentioned the flight of finisher in the money going into that is also the issue about Buell they'll mansion which after 20 years of being empty under this Budget we receive measures to address this House in is also an issue that we are both passionate about and over the last four years have seen the creation of deRaeve more money committed to this the sheer delivering genuine affordable homes for the people of Salford although there is far more to do taking all these matters into account this and this mass Butchart sets out a clear platform for the future and I am therefore happy to support it today
Cllr C McIntyre - 2:14:03
councillor Mrs. corridor
councillor Mrs. greeter
Cllr K Garrido - 2:14:14
thank you very much am sorry Mr. Mayor
it was great today not to listen to our City Mayor am
going and saying being negative about the government but we still we still have a bit of negativity within us we have supported Mr. Mayor most of your budget
we were all we were asking for was an amendment changes the one-point 9 percent or point 9 9 percent that you are putting on our on our residents
we wanted this amendment to go along or so that
we would be helping the people within the city you are helping the people within the city with this Budget but we are charging them again and I don't feel that we need to be with just listen to yourself and to Councillor onto us quoting figures that they were doing the Council ran to us about the the Morley's come from Greater Manchester Transport where does that money come from that come from Greater Manchester Transport is confirmed the government the government has given you my left the government has given Greater Manchester Monday DASC government monies us and all our tax is right it's not your money it's not andBerners money it is the government who is actually given it to you to actually spend
the money will go some way to help alleviate the hardship I accept all that but there are still a lot of hardship and we accept that we're not the hard party in this Council Chamber that is being said we have a heart we do care and are now some of you may not think that but we do ask as local people we care about the the suffering in Salford we care about the poverty that's going on we care about people who are not going to school right because they need taxes or parts right we understand all that and we care about it and it really infuriates me when I come into this Council Chamber and you put that label on me I have always cared I have always been a caring purse and I am sick sick to death of it and I am also sick to death or being scrutinised not be saying would not been scrutinised
we are eight of us eight of us this fifty-odd review right there's eight of us we worked very hard to bought a budget together with love to book budget together but all we can manage was an amendment and that was with the great help of
the the officers because without their help we wouldn't have been able to do it I'm glad to hear the Mayor saying that we are a growing and prosperous city every one he has to bat has to be involved in this we have to allow the people out there to grow and not to keep knocking them down you lost the election of afraid because you were telling them how negative it was how bad it was and I have to say one thing and one thing only right
it doesn't matter to me and to the rest of the Conservative Group where you live
why has she lived in and who you voted for
I have to say this right I will work with anybody I will work with Labour I will work with whoever I work with churches or do a luncheon club once them were once amounted in words like you're going to say Why do people have worseley need help they do their property rich right but have no money they weren't for enjoy this thank you they went for an engineering company but I have to say on a personal note and finally on a personal note
I am only here today because it is budget and is the most important day of the year with the Council
I wouldn't be here I wouldn't be sat in a room with a person who is here who calls me and like-minded people like me Tory pigs I'm sorry I have to say it we have got to stop this calling this name-calling this upsetting right you have to stop it we have to stop it you have to stop it but I have never in my life I've had arguments with people in this Council Council ran to us Councillor Mary knows that but I have never ever ever scooped two that low this is absolutely appalling and I will not I will not sit in a room if you don't sort it out I will not come to any meeting that that person is Sutton thank you
thank you Chair
Cllr J Collinson - 2:19:38
just once I was just make a few comments first of all really in relation to what Councillor Lewis was saying before
these are general comments before I actually asked a question as far as the Conservative government is concerned we are increasing school funding by 14 billion with those areas historically underfunded receiving the greatest increase but also and very importantly salaries for new teachers are going to be increased to 30 thousand pounds a year I 20 22 23
and we are we are funding increased contributions into the teachers' pension scheme so that school leaders can focus as much of their resources as possible on the front line we are also going to be expanding alternative provision schools for those who have been excluded and will deliver more school places for children with complex special educational needs as far as raising the families concerned a new 1 billion pond fund is going to be established to help create more high quality affordable childcare including before and after school and during school holidays
but my concern at the moment is
with relation to the dedicated School Grant allocation
because as you know it won't you may not know it split into four funding blocks one of which is the high needs block and the funding blocks are actually ring fenced but the local authority retained limited flexibility to transfer not point 5 percent of their schools block funding into another block with the approval of schools Forum local Authority I believe consulted with schools and Academies regarding the transfer of not point 5 percent funding from the schools block to the High Needs block as they did last year and the year before due to the increased demand for high needs provision but the schools Forum did not approve this transfer for 20 20 20 21
My concern is that one of our Ofsted rated one of our few Ofsted rated outstanding special schools and Salford have been commissioned to take extra pupil numbers commissioned by the local authority to take extra pupil numbers and had to employ more staff
are but it looks as if because this funding is not going to come through I want to know where the money is coming from because at the moment they are nearly a quarter from the influence time thank you
Cllr C McIntyre - 2:22:17
Councillor Lewis thank you I'm not all of these are high from doing
Cllr K Lewis - 2:22:21
this properly because I just wanted to you are just a point about the School funding so I just wanted to give a few briefly some statistics just to clarify what I said about the courts to score for no 83 percent of schools still lose out next year because of government cuts the cuts affect children in 100 47 of 150 local authorities in England 16 thousand 500 23 schools will have less money per pupil in 20 20 in real terms than they had in 20 15 and in secondary schools serving the most deprived intakes courts per pupil average 509 pounds Pierre but his second just
Jim Taylor - 2:22:58
Cllr C McIntyre - 2:23:00
don't lose to point of information
councillor Billy
Cllr C McIntyre - 2:23:06
thanks were submerged want to commend a the City Mayor Councillor
Cllr D Bailey - 2:23:13
Haynes and their team including the officers on this historic no cuts budget what you have heard from our city mergers then is no dogma no political posturing just hard economic truths and reveal pragmatism rooted in the day-to-day grind of our city's people and it is a Budget committed to the priorities of our people and over good folk of Pendlebury Agecroft and Clifton will especially welcome the fight additional 500 and 85 thousand pounds to clean streets projects on the 19 74 point
made by Heather McNaire shall my favourite conversations on the doorstep of elderly residents who won't go to roll back the clock to 19 74 and declare independence from Salford and to be honest inventories William may or may join them
but in all seriousness my visitors take great pride in where they live in the community and be sure to keep on reminding them that this Council is on their side
given the tough economic circumstances this Council is operating in a no cuts budget my opinion should be renamed a people's budget the progress made in uplifting the pay of our care workers are insourcing gender demonstrates the scale of ambition of this Council it shows whilst Councillor works and may no longer be with us his legacy of putting workers are the heart of everything we do lives on
so mad Dennett
so maddening let us say loud and clear are Salford Labour party and not the bearers of doom and gloom we are not the naysayers we are the optimists the doers that with the support of our residents we were enter this new decade committed as ever re-energise and once again delivering far people thank you
Cllr C McIntyre - 2:25:04
councillor Saunders
thank you Chair
Cllr A Saunders - 2:25:10
first of all can I say of course we do welcome
one of the aspects of the Budget subject to of course our amendment at the beginning and tickling obviously welcome the extra money for street cleaning isn't it amazing water and all-out Council election and a mayoral election can do when it comes to finding the money
but as my colleague Councillor Greedo has said and
equally you have to welcome the money that the government has put in forget what's happened the last 10 years that was given a perimeter the money now and that is allowed you to have this no cuts budget now
the man said that we were the 1 year settlements or in the actual notes it does acknowledge that in the Budget which ironically is on March the 11th of Genoa's legally the last date for setting our own Budget that aid is expected further announcements on this
I also refer to Number 7 of the recommendations which says we are after approve the delegation of authority to the Chief Finance Officer to make any necessary technical adjustments to the figures policy of further details are associated to the LEP government financial settlements could the Mayor or perhaps the officers confirmed to me that this would not include any change for example to the Council Tax in itself and not ensure that would be legal but can that be that cannot be confirmed that he would just be technical changes
on social care and much has been said about the fact that the Green Papers as not yet here well that's because
we don't want to rush it when
we want to we want to give it due thought and indeed caramandi was in the Queen's speech that the government could set up and putting a multi-party commission to tractors and in fact because social care is something that was greatly devolved to Greater Manchester this is something that Greater Manchester AGM and the Mayor agreed much this should have been in my opinion far more pro active arm are finally again Labour are making much play about the Council Tax bingo regressive form of taxation etc. i'm you seem to have forgotten that you've been you were in power for 13 years from 19 97 to 2 thousand and 10
thank you Councillor homes that on the record OK so you know I rest my case
Deputy Mayor Mary
Cllr C McIntyre - 2:28:03
you don't quite need to be so falter
Cllr J Merry CBE - 2:28:08
i'm just baffled by what I've heard from the Tory party over the last couple of hours
wrote this down that Councillor Robin Garrido actually said he said we would find better ways of managing the budget it just doesn't know what they are at the moment and he needs a whole year to work out apparently when they are in this mythical control that they're good they're talking about a whole year to work out what those better ways of managing a budget of why have you not worked them out already you being given enough information you have access to the same officers that we had you've had every opportunity to do it and all you can think of this while we might find a better way we don't know what it actually is
I'm sorry to talk about in insults arm which have been mentioned but the present prime Minister actually insulted the since this city a meme particularly years ago and some of you may remember it actually he accused me of be the Soviet commissar for banning the flying of the Sundt George's flag outside I'm sorry I didn't cackle you Councillor G river outside the Town Hall this was an absolute lie which he was forced to apologise for no OK might be an isolated incident but the toy that the Tory leader a few years later sacked him from the shadow cabinet for lying to the shadow cabinet Andrew Neil 8 storey pointed out all the projects that Mr. Johnson has been involved in which he started funding and then his walked away fall they crew Crossrail 2 they include buses which you get on and off you may remember the Garden Bridge which he funded and costs to cost all of us as tax payers a fortune and of course we had the most expensive cable car in the whole of Europe which he promoted and he paid for and it is Andrew Neil incidentally 8 storey and the fact remains you ask us why don't we believe Boris will I think there's enough evidence there to say why we can't believe Boris like he put all this money in two
to the actual coffers of Local authorities because he wanted to reverse some of the damage that a previous Tory administration has done there is no guarantee that that money will continue and whilst we have it I prepared but I prefer to spend it on the priorities of my party and the people of Salford rather now wringing our hands about the situation I think that that the actual budget has been delivered today is an impressive compilation of what people in Salford really care about it's about doing something to help the poor people and people are struggling to to make or make ends meet rather than wringing our hands at her hands as the opposition do it's also about doing something about street cleaning we're passionate about this budget we believe in this budget and we are prepared to go out and defend this on the doorstep and were also prepared to point out the what you want to do is give more resources to the better off in this city rather than an issue do because actually by holding the council tax at the level you do that is more beneficial to the people had higher ends of the Council Tax picture than lower ends of the Council Tax spectrum I prefer to spend it on giving a real living rage to the people who make this city work and who are committed to this city and delivering for the people of this city and that's why I commend this budget to this Chamber and let's go out and fight it on the doorstep and point out that the toys only care about a section of our society
Cllr C McIntyre - 2:32:19
councillor weight which I come back in your prepared
for their this part of
Cllr M Wade - 2:32:31
the question yes thank you okay Chair I was merely going to point out the benefits
that this
project would get to ordinary people living our communities are and how we would lose out of that
if the amendment was carried and also like to point out some of the
money that has been squandered on things like fares and transport systems
the rail network as also mentioned the Garden Bridget's has already been mentioned
but having said that I am
I would like to say that this budget does allow us to provide all the vital services that we provide currently
two children in terms of safeguarding and support to
the outlet input from local residents in our communities it also allows us to support unpaid carers who do so much to plug the gap in social care
this being created by this government
it keeps our libraries open helped clean asked return so much will and the extra funding for street cleaning has already been discussed but I did want to address that
particularly in the idea of Weaste and Seedley while we have what supplied to him
but I also think this budget is only possible because of why is historical
decision making good husbandry and careful management management of finances in spite of 10 years or public courts
I think looking at where we are now in Salford that were able now
to set a no cuts budget
I just think I wonder where we would be
what we could have been possible without 10 years of courts
if taxpayers' money have been delivered
directed into public services rather than being wasted on vanity projects
I think although it is not ideal that before to raise Council Tax in order to deliver this budget I think the fact that we will not be cutting services will be of great importance to people because this budget allows the continuation of provision of vital services and those services helped to mitigate the impact of 10 years of courts on the table particularly the most vulnerable residents in the city
so I wanted to congratulate the Mayor and Cabinet under the check
Jim Taylor - 2:35:17
those are like thirsty
Cllr C McIntyre - 2:35:22
Cllr D Lancaster MBE - 2:35:27
first of all before I go to the budgetary self can I just make comments and Councillor Saunders Commons attracted his comments through the raising before about frequency of income can I remind you that bin collection in this city and a weekly collection not three weekly collections and one bin the black bin is collected every three weeks the food waste is collected every week and that is something which you have to recognise as importance in society and just as I got some figures out with their expected progresses to go back to her to fortnightly black bin collection it got an extra two point 9 million I also asked for how much it would cost to go back to a weekly collection that will cost the 6 comma 9 million
I think you've got to make your mind up where you stand on their own recycling clearly because recycling if you want to encourage it which is what we ought to be doing he shouldn't be encouraged in black bin collection for everything gone back into one bin as it just would not work me one get recycling rates as you call me got in fact the Conservative there at the moment are actually on the Green paper which it published BATOD my next to bin collection as well for food waste separately from the greenway southpaw next recast as well so where is he going to Councillors on when I'm looking further debate when he is not today what she sending them they gave notice of a where are you going to find the extra money which is needed to be offered one eile collection or more importantly what you gonna do about recycling in the city because is deplorable is not deplorable 40 odd percent recycling rate isn't good enough what we ought to be doing is pressing for the maximum recycling rates and that shows in I could feel very strongly about it up my Ireland violent that's an important factor in our lives and they now children's lives and we have to make sure that we recycled Walker the flooding which has occurred in the country at the moment he can't ignore those sorts of events and we clearly are vital to meet a crucial
can I briefly talk to the proposals or about within budget of lingerie to Budget announced to absorb cleaning
wanted to start off just briefly telling you that there was one million and 72 thousand fly-tipping incidents in England alone
an 8 percent increase on the year before I've also got now provide me with the figures the Moseley figures for in 2 thousand and Salford and that they're in Salford it's a 2 percent increase that not enough was still 2 percent Ms Lo of the national average
I feel quite strongly it's nice to have increased buggy was wandering the choice I would have spent the money on but are forced into that situation fly-tipping his of scourge on the popular on the collusion and his her convert something which we should be after reactive we have to do something about what level but with parts of the body which has been available if before teams of men and law
and a labourer to actually clear look back alleyways and others fly-tipping sparks I could have found far better purposes to use that money for quite frankly I have to do it to refer to the citizens of Salford rubbing to live and next to that mess which climbed from who'd gone
I also believe it is important that we in the middle for fly-tipping we voted for a Budget for CCTV cameras 12 CCTV cameras are removed from location to location will stay static and after Leadsom prosecutions prosecutions are critical I would with other north of talking about it
what we've got to do is actually met but every prosecutions far greater than what we currently have on fly tipping
the will also have for behavioural change officers as well we're going to skills and talk to communities and debris and communities about recycling and the importance of recycling we have got to emphasise to everybody does not black bins which are crucial if made sure that you'll be near respected community where you live slot fly-tipping
the proudest if it wants a clean sheets he which we got can have and we will pop up investment we should get in today it's a real street cleaning instead of having to react to people who have not got reasonable City
Jim Taylor - 2:40:03
Cllr C McIntyre - 2:40:07
Cllr G Reynolds - 2:40:09
councillor Gina Reynolds right thank its Chair will be pretty brief and I obviously welcome this no cuts budget I think it's a marvellous achievement considering the economic climate and would like to thank the City Mayor colleagues and all the officers involved for it for achieving this and I'm particularly delighted at the improvement in our care homes over the past year and that we now have only 17 percent that requires improvement or non inadequate for the first time in the history of this City
but I'm particularly welcome the announcement from the City Mayor regarding the pay for care workers in this city and it's not as far as we would like but it is certainly a really good start to improving their quality of life it hasn't been easy to achieve this and make no mistakes this will put additional pressures on the budget next year
but we will continue to work with the unions the care workers are to achieve the real living wage for every carer in this city and I hope the Tories on the opposite side of this Chamber will join Labour members in the Steering Group that the unions will be forming
to try and tackle this issue and that they will join us in lobbying Westminster for additional adult social care funding
I am also absolutely astounded Councillor Saunders that you don't know what's going on in the health system as a GM level considering you on the health and social care scrutiny panel Andy Burnham is heavily involved in adult social care we have a GM Health and social Care Partnership which are City Mayor and C o Jim Taylor attend which looks at need priorities and developing models of care
and we also have a Joint Commissioning Committee to GM level but Councillor Mary sits on and I acts of substitutes on that boards
which make decisions on health and social care at a GM level
Cllr C McIntyre - 2:42:24
councillor Hinds you reserve your right comeback which relate to them
Cllr B Hinds - 2:42:32
first of all could I call the matter obviously I'm supporting the Budget but can I echo the Member's comments on
referring to the stuff her John Hardman in particular gently or
finance officer Debby Brown a dirty who worked tirelessly to bring about and help me and Paul are in presenting the budget
current Karen Garrido then you met the comment that you're sick and tired of you know you say you're a caring person I have no doubt I'd never said you're not the only thing I would say though is that your party and you support a party that doesn't care and has never cared and it's only cares whilst it's looked after the people the 8 represents enough the truth of the matter with every Conservative government and Councillor Saunders to let's say let's forget though that 10 years god god Councillor Saunders what planet are you live in on you know you know the words If we have had a conserve and a Labour government for the last 10 years it has only half listening to that side because it's all we've had a Labour government for the last 10 years and they've come in Boris's come in as the prime Minister and is going to change everything what are well what you're talking about this as a mandatory dyed-in-the-wool as any old Etonian as a rich man all the rest of it he hasn't got a clue about ordinary people and what people expect too early to upper and when we say about things are good or good from the Conservative and the prime Minister when we stayed up why then why at this government at the minute if it's all going to change only give us a one year budget
a one year that's all it is all the things that the mayor's have thought about is based on one year that listen to this side
it's you taught the first round the corner unbelievable unbelievable I support this Budget because this Council has always had a view of the big picture of the long term
March of this Budget nothing to do with the Conservative party body it's been Morley's that we've expended over the past often criticised from that side where we use the capital programmes to the benefits of the people of this city that's why we're in a position today to Blake bet that the benefit of that capital programme to take it forward
and therefore at the moment this is a prudent budget so budget where we've give something a lot as recouped about with the Environment and Street cleaning and by the way
I don't know we've ever employed anybody who dropped litter in this Council you know I've never knowingly employing body to do that it says Councillor Kinga said up Magic times irresponsible anti social people that dropped this letter and we have to clear it all but we are doing that
as as has been said nearly a million pound over the last number of years is gone into this way I wish I hadn't do I wish we could have used that money more productively if all the people behaved
but again getting back to this particular budget we've now looking at a three-year budget which some time ago a Conservative government said local government should be looking at the long term or fortunately the last 10 years we've not been able to look at the long term and even now even fell finish on this year even now Even now although we don't often we could not have much time rarely to talk about the three year budget already fit Elsa day but now we are going to be in a position if we manage and we are managing our finances properly to be able to try to do that I hope I hope I am wrong about Boris Johnson and the Conservatives I hope that really see that really see Damascus and the rest of it and the role to it and that they will now realise that the mistakes that they've made over the last 10 years of the problems that we're softly window thank you Chair
Cllr C McIntyre - 2:47:20
thank you Councillor and I will go back over to Mr. Versi
a few have a response
City Mayor P Dennett - 2:47:28
yes of course I have a response and
councillor Garrido thanks for your comments and we're trying to do the best we possibly can in what are really exceptionally difficult times and it was interesting to note that you actually support many of the things that were doing with this year's budget that's absolutely fantastic to note however on the issue of careworkers I didn't see any Conservative Councillors at the public meeting I didn't see any Conservative Councillors outside of the Town Hall today when we were meeting with care workers to talk about this year's budget and its implications for them their lives their children their households and I've heard an awful lot of rhetoric in what you said today and I hope I seriously hope you're going to work with us to put pressure on the government to move towards paying all of our care workers in the City of Salford and up and down this country the real living wage not George Osborne's Mickey Mouse living wage but the real living wage I've heard you loud and clear today and you know you can take to the press and the media you can talk about this if you want to I'd welcome there actually you putting pressure on your own government to find the money to pay up care workers the real living wage this is a moral and an ethical issue and I have to say I have been in this job now for four years I have not seen the Conservative opposition campaign on this issue I have not seen you right in the press and the media demanding your government give us enough money through the Local government Finance Settlement to pay care workers the Real living Wage so it's great you've said it let's continue to see what you're going to do to work with us and the trade unions to deliver on this agenda you absolutely right council tax is a regressive tax and I will always say that why do we say that we say that because we know that Council Tax and precepts disproportionately hit those at the bottom of the social hierarchy who are struggling already to make ends me but as Councillor Nelson said earlier in the debate you know you've taken 200 and 11 million out of our budget you have given this City Council no other option if were to protect services jobs and services especially to the most vulnerable in society it's daylight robbery what's been going on with local government financing since 2 thousand and 10 and my plea to you is give us the 200 11 million back you have to couples and then let's start having a conversation about council tax and precept and regressive taxation so that's the challenge
that I lay before you today
and on
top of care workers being paid the living wage let's campaign to get money that your government has taken out of this city
back since 2 thousand and 10
Councillor Andrew was thank you for reminding us that also this really important work that goes on in local government around public Safety new cited lots of different different examples and I think that's an important point also thanks for reminding us on
the air
quality issue that
actually we are doing
a lot of work in Greater Manchester on this agenda and also through your local plan that you've recently consulted on I think it's policy
8 Eleven
that specifically speaks to electric charging points and the role of the developers moving forward in how
we finance
this obviously I'm going to caveat that with the
perennial challenge we have around viability
when developments are brought forward across the city but also across Greater Manchester and the north more generally but just to reiterate Councillor Anne Travers's points this 20 sites in Salford 39
charging bays
at the moment across Greater Manchester we
have 200
and 50th and as Councillor Andrew has pointed out
percent of all those charging points across Greater Manchester are actually in Salford were doing really really well on this agenda Transport for Greater Manchester of secured to point 5 million for rapid charging points and Salford are already talking with them about where those are going to be
is financially prudent therefore
to work with Transport for Greater Manchester in their budget and the money
that they have been successful in getting from government
to actually have a conversation about where we spend this money where those charging points go rather
than moving tokenistic amendments
when we already know there's a lot of work being done on this agenda and to top it off this actually even more work being done because if you are familiar with the work that
has been going on around
air quality you'll know we've been asking the Department for Transport and for a further two amid rapid charging points across Greater Manchester as part of our week tackle cleaner so thank
you very much
Councillor Antrobus for reminding us of that
Councillor King you made a really important
point we've not really discussed it much in the Budget debate today but homelessness and the increase
the hundred
17 per cent increase homelessness and rough sleeping I'd
always maintained
is a symptom
of a failing
system it's a human right
to have
a decent home to have a roof over
your head but when we look
at what's happening
in housing at
the moment we
are in the middle of a
crisis Right to Buy Local
Housing Allowance
over 6 thousand
people on our housing waiting list
of council and social housing and cuts and on austerity
which have absolutely
hammered supported tenancies and accommodation
over many many years thank you for your kind
comments as well around street scene of it over very well made and absolutely were happy to work with you on and telling you how this money is going to be spent on sure Councillor Lancaster will be delighted to do that and I know Councillor Fletcher was also raising questions about that that can be provided we've got no problem with that Councillor
Fletcher thanks
as well for supporting today's Budget your your comments around careworkers and council tax reduction and also what would have been doing on St clans at cleansing in the city over the last few years actually not just this year and yet thank you I really appreciate that
Councillor Hesling again I'd like to just
thank you for your comments I think they were
they were well made you talked about Labour prioritising
secure employment the challenges
of an ageing population the great 8 framework that my
Executive in this Council are currently working to and what were doing to tackle climate change but you are absolutely right there is a fundamental imbalance within our economy and as a fundamental imbalance when it comes to local government financing so we need to continue to hold the government speak to the fire on this if we are to get a fair deal for our people in this city and on top
of that we have to think about how we future-proof
our economy
the future is about digital TAC
artificial intelligence modern technology and it's also about things like how draw electricity solar farms to reduce our dependency on other forms of fuel namely fossil fuels and you're also rightly pointed out deRaeve in this budget would committing another 3 million
to building Council houses in the city of Salford which is absolutely fantastic news Councillor Greedo
I don't really go over
all of
your comments
you talked about being caring people
and were also caring
on the other side of this Chamber but I guess what I'm saying is
care needs to be demonstrable
you know
at the end of the day you are politicians you hold public office and as a consequence of that it is incumbent upon you and all of us to use our agency in office to affect progressive change and this brings me back to my point that I made earlier I'd like to see your agency being used to demand back the 211 million your Government's taken off us I'd like to see your agency being used to ensure that our care workers in this city receive a real living wage politics and public office has to be demonstrable you don't need me as a City Mayor to ask you you've been elected by your people to represent your community you hold public office you can take to the media you can take to the press you can put pressure on your government you can lobby informally there's a raft of different things you can do and I just ask you please do it in the interests of the people of this city because what's happened since 2 thousand
and 10
is absolutely scandalous and then on the point of language I agree with you I think all of us have to be careful about our language this City Council has a social media Policy and off the back of complaints recently made to me I've reaffirmed the importance of that policy to every single member of the Labour Group and I know the example used specifically talk about and that's also been referred to our Chief Whip but I just like to remind you about
language and language used
by politicians because in August 2 thousand and 18 in the Telegraph
your prime Minister said It's absolutely ridiculous that people should choose to go around looking like letterboxes
in 19 98 in the Telegraph writing about the resignation of Peter Mandelson Boris Johnson said the announcement would lead to the unveiling of tank topped bumblebees in the Ministry of Sound nightclub
and then when we also look at an open editorial piece in the Tower Telegraph by Boris Johnson he writes about describing the people of Congo as having water melon smiles
language is absolutely important Councillor Gary do every single politician be they in national government local government or in our city regional councils it is incumbent upon them to be cognisant of their use of language and language use and we will do our utmost to tackle those things I've already acted on many of the points you've made so I just want to reassure you of that but let's just acknowledge that language used by politicians up and down the country is not in a great place at this point in time
I being totally to hurry up sorry
councillor Collinson I think in the interests of time Councillor Mary will talk to you about DSG and obviously the High Needs block of the very specific question you act asked Councillor Baillie thanks for your comments on economics and pragmatism in your kind words about my Budget today I really appreciate that in terms of Councillor Saunders asking a very technical question about the section 1 5 1 Officer I can confirm that those will only be technical they won't be significant amendments to the proposals before Council today Councillor Mary thank you for your comments as well on the Budget Council away the same Councillor Lancaster thank you for reminding us about the importance of recycling and house fly tapping flytip tipping so it happening is absolutely the scourge on our communities up and down this country and we do need to do better recycling in tackling fly tippers obviously we were up in more money into this but let's see how that and I hear loud and clear you don't really want to do this you'd rather spend money on other things but we have to do that at this point in time thank you Councillor Reynolds as well for your kind comments about care workers and what were doing and thank you Councillor Hinds for reminding us all that this is only a one year budget the Tories talk as though the some sort of land of milk and honey and Nutopia round the corner but absolutely we do not know what is round the corner at all and I'm really really concerned but we've heard it today in this Chamber that the Tory opposition are going to campaign with us to get our 211 million pound back and they're also going to campaign to make sure our care workers in the City get the real living wage thank you very much
Cllr R Garrido - 3:00:03
she spoke rightly chair recently re campaign on the Comber condition we did not say we become pain together to an 11 thousand back
Jim Taylor - 3:00:16
there is nothing that we move to the vote
Cllr C McIntyre - 3:00:20
and take this will be another named fooled
Jim Taylor - 3:00:29
M Carruthers-Watt - 3:00:30
if you're
F yes for or against the
City Mayor's
budget settlement Dennett
councillor Antrobus
councillor August
Councillor Baillie
councillor Barnes Councillor Bellamy
councillor Bentham
M Carruthers-Watt - 3:00:57
Council Boshall
cancer Brocklehurst
councillor Birch
Councillor Kamal
Councillor Collinson
councillor Critchley
councillor Dawson
cancer Dickman
Councillor Edwards
Councillor Fletcher
councillor Karen Garrido
councillor Robin Garrido
councillor Hamilton
councillor Hesling
councillor Hinds
councillor Humphreys Councillor Jolley
councillor Jones
Councillor Kelly
Councillor King
councillor lancaster
councillor Lewis
councillor Linden
councillor McCusker
councillor Ray Mashiter
councillor Mary
councillor Morris
councillor Nelson
councillor currencies are
councillor Gina Reynolds
Councillor Neil Reynolds councillor Ryan
councillor Saunders
councillor shop
Councillor Turner
councillor weighed
councillor Walker
councillor John Walsh
Councillor John Walsh
councillor Ward
Councillor Warmisham
councillor Warner
Councillor Ronnie Wilson
I can confirm
that motion is carried
Cllr C McIntyre - 3:03:07
the motion is carried low the next 3 agenda items are being presented by Councillor lines in the interests of time of already extended the meeting time I would like to finish at one o'clock used NI extension so Penns Lane can you dress or three issues I am then we can come back in with any questions or comments thank you Councillor Lyons
Cllr B Hinds - 3:03:40
the Treasury Management Strategy obviously it is a long a
detailed position that we're in this particular earth strategy management and project management is of the numbers that we have over the years is more detail in this one and I would have expected or hoped they tell if the opposition would let me know if there was anything in there and be pleased to have answered that would do now if you want to admit up now the points ought to make in the report are that if you look at the items there
are five set 5 is the capital expenditure plans and his great detail on bod yr number six's The Owl borrowing position attendees great detail on that and Number 7 investment because that's key towards the any surplus moneys that we have at that time we can invest all we need money for day-to-day spending for example a lick witnesses and then the number 8 it states the objectives of what would about and then does a number of appendices in there so if anybody wants roughly requested if I can't answer them now Viva technical position I'll get back to you
Cllr C McIntyre - 3:04:59
thank you Councillor Haynes do you have any questions or any comments and kitchen limit and to 3 minutes only Councillor Reeder
gorgeously Number 5
Cllr R Garrido - 3:05:10
yes very briefly we support reports
clearly it is a way of managing Ultimo professional team in terms of the way we actually manage our finances and so on we do have concerns that what you spend time talking about the now who do have concerns about the level of borrowing which is nearly up to a billion pounds of unsecured borrowing huge amounts are we do have concerns about the capital being spent on the blocks of officers and so on but this is something we'll take up as another occasion rather today
Jim Taylor - 3:05:44
can we move
Cllr C McIntyre - 3:05:46
yet Councillor had been of
Cllr B Hinds - 3:05:50
course we are not at this year's budget I made sure that we have the Capital Programme first issues with at the very end of the budget of the revenue budget this time we added so we went chapter and verse really given all the detail that we need we have come back with a cap over unsupported borrowing of the 20 million which we want to did to of course we understand that this all thoughts in the capital programme that we got keep an eye on and we do do that but again as I said in my position a speech or the capital programme are served as very very well over the years is continuing to serve as well and therefore I move this statement and recommended to the Council GF
Cllr C McIntyre - 3:06:38
an excepted Item number 6
any questions
Cllr R Garrido - 3:06:51
thank you Chair errm first of all we support so we support the year and it was a crisis
well let me rephrase that we would like to support the particular item for African abstain on its I give you the reasons are due to be spent very quickly we believe there should be a three-year programme reviews member that we moved urbana
obviously this particular at figure plans at variance with or without amendments we don't vote against it but we will abstain on that basis
staying or staying
against the grain
Jim Taylor - 3:07:42
Item number 7
Cllr C McIntyre - 3:07:44
any questions
any comments
all those in favour
all those against
all those abstentions nil extensions abstentions
the motion is passed as well
as past Councillor Haynes
I say not
can I declare the meeting is closed
thank you